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Published on October 11th, 2019

1. India Has Built Its Largest Petrochemical Refinery Under Its Lines Of Credit (LoC) Programme In Which Country?

2. Who Among The Following Is Not The Recipient Of This Nobel Prize In Physics?

3. Who Among The Following Is The Chief Executive Of Hong King Since 2017?

4. Which Country Has Topped This Year's Global Competitiveness Index?

6. This German Ship Has Begun The Biggest Scientific Expedition In Arctic Sea-Ice. Identify It From The Following Choices:

7. IFC – IOR (Information Fusion Center – Indian Ocean Region) Is Based In

8. C40 Climate Summit Will Be Held In Which Of The Following Cities?

9. What Is The Theme Of This Year's World Habitat Day (October 7)?

10. eDant Seva Has Been Launched By The

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