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What Are The Greatest And Cutest Love Quotes About Love?

The Greatest And Cutest Love Quotes About Love?

August 15th, 2018   |   Updated on February 17th, 2022

The best and the worst thing about love is that it cannot be expressed in words. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best love quotes of all time. It’s hard to find the perfect guy, so when you find him you’ll want to tell him how much you love him.

Use our Cute love quotes as inspiration for writing love messages for him.
1. “Okay, you gotta be nice to him, ” I say, coaxing the white fur-ball into my hands.”I will,” Nate says, and I smile over my shoulder. “I was actually talking to Mr. Pippi. He’s a bit of a butthole.”— Cassie Mae


2. “He drinks his coffee tentatively, glancing at me every few seconds, watching me. Every time he glances in my direction, I quickly turn away though he obviously knows I’m watching him. I know he’s wondering why I’m staring at him, but he doesn’t ask.I finally take a sip of coffee, set the mug back on the table, and voice what’s on my mind, “I want to draw you.”— Ashley Earley


3. “The first time I heard you laugh, I only wanted to say funny things so you would always be laughing.  You know what happens to chocolate when you leave it out in the sun? I’m that unfortunate chocolate and you, you are the laughing sun. For this reason, I am offering myself to you not as a martyr or some selfless  fool, but as a self-indulgent moth who actively pursues the light without much fear for the flame. The moth who revels in the heat and declares: Burn me.”— Kamand Kojouri


4. “All this waiting. Waiting for the rain to stop. Waiting in traffic. Waiting for the bill. Waiting at the airport for an old friend. Waiting to depart. Then, there’s the big waiting: waiting to grow up. Waiting for love. Waiting to show your parents that when you have kids you’ll be different. Waiting to retire. Waiting for death. Why do we think waiting is the antithesis of life when it is almost all of it?”-Kamand Kojouri


5. “Leah, wake up.” Dougal sat on the edge of her bed and patted her shoulder. “Mmm,” she moaned. “What is it,Howard?” “Howard? Are ye dreaming of Howard?” Her eyes flickered open. “Dougal?” “Aye, ’tis me, yer true love, Dougal.” She smiled drowsily at him. “Yes, that’s true.” — Kerrelyn Sparks


6. “I don’t understand why everyone loves you and feels this need to protect me against you or warn me against you.” It was insulting, to tell the truth. Everyone just assumed she’d roll over… “Everyone just automatically assumes that you’re after me and that I’m going to fall for you. It’s insulting.— Tijan


7. “I learned that there is good in this world, if you look hard enough for it. I learned that not everyone is disappointing, including me, and that a 1,257 foot bump in the ground can feel higher than a bell tower if you’re standing next to the right person.”— Jennifer Niven


8. “So if it’s so important for you to be self-sufficient, why do you call my self-sufficiency stubborn? Why can’t I be self-sufficient too?” Her voice got strangely hoarse on the last words, and it wasn’t because she wanted to cry. He lifted the hand that had been caressing her back and cupped her cheek with it instead. “Because I’m here”, he murmured. “Because I’m here, and I want to help you.”— Noelle Adams


9. “I freeze, my feet suddenly glued to the floor. It takes me a minute to gather the courage to turn around, but when I do, I immediately wish I hadn’t. The boy is standing in the doorway at the end of the hall. Why is he here again? I barely allow myself time to ask the question before I move. Panicked, I turn and run back downstairs as fast as I can. “Hey! Wait!” he calls after me. I don’t stop.”— Ashley Earley

10. “I love my local police,” Nelson said. “They keep me safe. They look cute in their unforms. I have a great relationship with all the precincts I’ve ever been in.” She said that MARCH seems to be activated in two scenarios: when a venue is in a rapidly gentirfying neighbourhood, or when it gets on some kind of “naughty list” – “sometimes for good reasons, like violence and drugs, and sometimes when, as in the case with art spaces, there’s a cultural misunderstanding.”— Emily Witt


11. “God, I love men.” She got up from the desk, walked to him, cupped his face in her hands and gave him a smacking kiss on the mouth. “You’re just so cute.”
One hard tug on her hand had her tumbling into his lap. An instant later her quick laugh was cut off, and her heart pounding. He hadn’t kissed her this way before, with impatience and heat and hunger all mixed together in a near brutal assault. He hadn’t kissed her as if he couldn’t get enough. Would never get en”
— Nora Roberts


12. “She shook off his grip. “I am what I am, and I don’t particularly care what you think of me.” “Well, I care what you think of me. I care enough that I stayed at this disgusting party for you. And I care enough that I’d attend a thousand more like it so I can spend a few hours with you when you aren’t looking at me like I’M not worth the dirt beneath your shoes.” — Sarah J. Maas


13. “Moomah,” Travis mumbled and Joker looked to the kid to see his eyes on the magazine, his fingers twiddling his lip. “Yeah, son, that’s your momma.” Travis looked to him. “Moomah.” “Yeah, boy.” Travis took his fingers from his lip and curled them around Joker’s. “Joejoekah.” “Yeah,” Joker whispered. “I’m your Joker.” The boy wobbled a second then dropped forward and landed a sloppy, open-mouthed kiss on his hand and Joker’s mouth. He wobbled back. “Love you too, kid,” Joker whispered.Travis giggled.” — Kristen Ashley


14. “I’ve learned over the past years what it really means to be able to miss someone. In order to miss someone, that means you were privileged enough to have them in your life to begin with. And while seventeen years doesn’t seem like near enough time to have spent with you over the course of a lifetime, it’s still seventeen more years than the people that never knew you at all. So if I look at it that way … I’m pretty damn lucky. I’m the luckiest brother ever in the whole wide world.”— Colleen Hoover


15. “You know the Prince song where the girl’s phone rings but she tells him, “whoever’s calling couldn’t be as cute as you?” I long to live out this moment in real life.”— Rob Sheffield


16. “I have a theory that the world is broken up into two kinds of people.” “Yeah?”
“Yep. On the one side are the people who love the Harry Pottery books and wish that they could attend Hogwarts and have Ron and Hermione for best friends and vanquish Death Eaters and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.” She’s smiling at me, and she’s just so fucking cute. I have to ask: “And the other side?” Aimee shrugs. “Douchebags.”— Autumn Doughton


17. “I told Quynn that I’m in love with you.” Her face gets real red. That damn cute red that drives me crazy. “Um, why would you do that?” I shake my head, smiling at her. “Cause its the truth, you dork.” — Becca Ann


18. “It’s not worth hiding your love away”, I added artfully. “This is why I don’t want to talk about this with you,” he said with exasperation. “You’ve got this cute view of the world” His smile was warm, but his eyes were tight. “You’re beautifully naive Emmy…I don’t want to change that.” — Julie Hockley


19. “He’s all right. His hair is cute.” Jonas froze, his lobster fork halfway to his mouth. ” Oh my God, you’re in love.” “I’m not in love.” “‘his hair is cute’? You never say anything nice about anyone. Coming from you, cute hair is a mating call.” ” I talked to the guy for thirty seconds. And then he waved at me while i was in the tank.” “Holy fuck, you’re getting married, aren’t you!” ” Will you simmer. I certainly am not.”— MaryJanice Davidson


20. “You’re the girl that I’m falling madly in love with.” I felt all the breath leave me. My mouth fell open, but no words escaped. He chuckled. “A speechless Emma. That’s really cute.”— Shelly Crane


21. “It doesn’t matter,” said Persephone. “He [Henry] wasn’t supposed to do that. While I ruled with him, we only made a few exceptions, and even then there were so many caveats that no one ever really made it back to the surface. He violated everything he’s stood for since the dawn of humanity to save your life.”— Aimee Carter


22. “What can I tell you about the alchemy of twins? Twins are two bodies that dance to each other’s joy.Two minds that drown in each other’s despair.Two spirits that fly with each other’s love. Twins are two separate beings conjoined at the heart!”— Kamand Kojouri


23. “I rolled my eyes. “For defending my honor, you dullard.”He yanked me beneath a shadowed awning. I had a moment’s panic when I thought he’d spotted trouble, but then his arms were around me and his lips were pressed to mine. When he finally drew back, my cheeks were warm and my legs had gone wobbly. “Just to be clear,” he said, “I’m not really interested in defending your honor.”
“Understood,” I managed, hoping I didn’t sound too ridiculously breathless.” — Leigh Bardugo


24. “Sky: “you’re the best, most understanding boyfriend in the whole wide world.” Holder: “No, I am not. I’m the most whipped boyfriend in the whole wide world.”— Colleen Hoover


25. “Her eyes travel down to where he’s gripping the handle of her suitcase. “What’re you doing?” she asks, blinking at him.”You looked like you needed some help.”Hadley just stares at him.”And this way it’s perfectly legal,” he adds with a grin.” — Jennifer E. Smith

26. “He lifted a hand to her face, running a fingertip across her cheekbone and down to her mouth. It lingered for a moment before he dropped his hand to his side. “I’ll be here.”— Amanda Gray
27. “Oh, please,” said Simon. “All I did was tell you the entire plot if Star Wars”
“I don’t think I remember that,” said Isabelle, taking a cookie from the plate on the table. “Oh, yeah? Who was Luke Skywalker’s best childhood friend?” “Biggs Darklighter,” Isabelle said immediately, and hit the table with the flat of her hand. “That is so cheating!” Still, she grinned at him around her cookie. “Ah,” said Magnus. “Nerd love. It is a beautiful thing…” — Cassandra Clare


28. “And you would know so much about women, locked up in your castle.””Locked up with eight wives. And sometimes I make house calls for my bargainers. There’s many a lovely woman desperate enough to bargain with me.”This idea had never occurred to me before. “You touch another woman and I’ll cut your hands off,” I snapped.He looked delighted. “I thought you were afraid of hurting me.”— Rosamund Hodge


29. “I love the sound of it,” Trina whispers, as if speaking too loudly might interrupt the drumming patter of the rain outside. “It makes me want to sleep. Snuggle my head right up in your armpit and snore for three days.”


30. “My armpit?” Mark repeats. “Good thing we all showered up in the storm this morning. My pits smell like roses. Go ahead and get comfy.”— James Dashner


31. “I think that love is like candy.” “I don’t like candy either,” I say. He smiles at me and shakes his head. “I think anyone who says they don’t like candy just hasn’t found the right flavor.” — Heather Hepler


32. “Oh, please,” said Simon. “All I did was tell you the entire plot if Star Wars”
“I don’t think I remember that,” said Isabelle, taking a cookie from the plate on the table. “Oh, yeah? Who was Luke Skywalker’s best childhood friend?” “Biggs Darklighter,” Isabelle said immediately, and hit the table with the flat of her hand. “That is so cheating!” Still, she grinned at him around her cookie. “Ah,” said Magnus. “Nerd love. It is a beautiful thing…” — Cassandra Clare


33. “Well then, those folks are judgmental assholes,” Liv spat. “You’re more than a fucking label, Z. You’re an amazing chef, a mediocre bassist, and you’ve got this dorky way of scratching the back of your head whenever you talk about anything personal, which isn’t often, but holy hell is it cute. I know you way better than any of those folks casting stones do, and I adore everything you are, Zane Parata.”
— Katherine McIntyre


34. “Okay. Then…I can talk. Ask me something.” “Okay.” He laughs shakily in my ear. “Why is your heart racing Tris?” I cringe and say, “Well, I…I barely know you. I barely know you and I’m crammed up against you in a box, Four, what do you think?”… “Maybe you were cut out for Candor,” he says, “because you’re a terrible liar.” — Veronica Roth


35. “Whatever happened to the dragon?”I mustered my primmest tone. “He has a name, you know.” Adrian pulled back and gave me a curious look. “I didn’t know, actually. What’d you decide on?” “Hopper.” When Adrian laughed, I added, “Best rabbit ever. He’d be proud to know his name is being passed on.” “Yes, I’m sure he would. Did you name the Mustang too?” “I think you mean the Ivashkinator.”


36. He stared at me in wonder. “I told you I loved you, right? “Yes,” I assured him. “Many times.” — Richelle Mead


37. “You think I’m cute?” He said thinkly, pulling on her hand. She was glad he couldn’t see her face. “I think you’re…” Beautiful. Breathtaking. Like the person in a Greek myth who makes one of the gods stop caring about being a god.” — Rainbow Rowell


38. “Day leans in toward me. He reaches up to touch my face. I can tell it still hurts him to use his fingers, and his nails are dark with dried blood. “You’re brilliant,” he says. “But you’re a fool to stay wish someone like me.”I close my eyes at the touch of his hand. “Then we’re both fools.”— Marie Lu

39. “Ricky was “L” but he’s home with the flu, Lizzie, our “O,” had some homework to do, Mitchell, “E” prob’ly got lost on the way, So I’m all of the love that could make it today.” — Shel Silverstein


40. “Cameron found himself smiling as he thought about the two tough, acerbic FBI agents. “It’s so cute. They’re in love.” “It’s like watching two kittens fight with machetes,” Julian muttered. “Julian.” “What? Its weird!” “No its not. They’re perfect for each other. Poor Zane though,” Cameron murmured. “In love with Ty Grady.” He couldn’t imagine how frustrating that would be. Then Julian inhaled, and Cameron chuckled slightly. Yeah, he could actually.”— Abigail Roux


41. “I know you may not love me, Gabrielle, but I thought you had some affection for me. Perhaps I was wrong.” His voice, gone quiet, was even scarier than his previous angry shouting. “You know better,” Gabi said quietly. “I…I don’t know if what we share is love. The word seems too mild to explain what I feel for you. It’s not cute or schmaltzy or romantic. It scares me.” Her voice had dropped to a whisper. “The thought of being without you, it’s worse than contemplating death.” — Sharon Hannaford


42. “You seem more…optimistic than usual,” I observed. “I haven’t seen you like this before.” “Isn’t it supposed to be like this?” He smiled. “The glory of first love, and all that. It’s incredible, isn’t it, the difference between reading about something, seeing it in pictures, and experiencing it?” — Stephenie Meyer


43. “Oh, God. God, isn’t that perfect? He’s Dad. He’s Dad with a layer of nerd. Solid, steady, chipping away so patiently, you don’t even know you’ve had your shields hacked down until you’re defenseless. It’s the type.” “You’re not in love with a type, you’re in love with a man,” Penny corrected. “Or you’re not.” — Nora Roberts


44. “Have I told you I love you?” he whispers. I smile. “Not since this morning.”
“Unforgivable. I will tell you every hour of every day.” — Jessica Khoury
45. “I nodded and smiled enthusiastically. “Party!” “Lend’ll whine.” “He’s cute when he whines.” “There’s something wrong with you,” she said. There were a lot of things wrong with me, but loving Lend was definitely not one of them.” — Kiersten White


46. “Also guys, it would be awesome if you could upvote the information I’ve added letting everyone know that some of these quotes are fake and aren’t real or cool things to spread around. 🙂 Thanks Hiddlestoners!! ^_^” — Tom Hiddleston


47. “[in regards to the “Asian guy”] He was so cute – in that Final Fantasy Thirty-Seven way. What I’m saying is, the Sex Fu is strong with this one.The Chronicles of Abby Normal”— Christopher Moore


48. “Her smile faded to a more serious expression. “Is everything okay? With Callum?” “Fine,” I said, taking a bite of meat and avoiding her eyes. “He’s crazy about you, you know,” she said softly, like I hadn’t just told her things were fine. “I see other girls looking at him sometimes, and he doesn’t even notice. He only sees you.”— Amy Tintera


49. “Some people you want to get to know and some people you want to know you….For whatever reason, there are people that you want to tell your weird, secret thoughts to. You want to show them your pimples and tell them about your braces. You want them to love you because of those things, not in spite of them. ‘Some people make you want to be known,'” (p. 302)”— Nicola Yoon


50. “If I can’t be your love, then let me be a simple brooch so I may rest a while against your chest. If I can’t be your love, then let me be a forgotten coin so I may rest a while against your thigh. If I can’t be your love, then let me be an unlit cigarette so I may rest a while in between your lips. If I can’t be your love, then let me at least remain in these words so I may rest a while in your thoughts.”— Kamand Kojouri


51. “Love is so much more than some random, euphoric feeling. And real love isn’t always fluffy, cute, and cuddly. More often than not, real love has its sleeves rolled up, dirt and grime smeared on its arms, and sweat dripping down its forehead. Real love asks us to do hard things—to forgive one another, to support each other’s dreams, to comfort in times of grief, or to care for family. Real love isn’t easy—and it’s nothing like the wedding day—but it’s far more meaningful and wonderful.”— Seth Adam Smith


52. “So, we’re not enemies anymore?” She said. “I never said I wanted to be, believe me. When I saw you sitting in your own, eating lunch, all I wanted to do was fool around and make you smile.” He shot her a shy glance.”— Kathryn James

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