6 Tips For Families Booking Vacation Rentals

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Published on January 17th, 2019

Whether you are looking for beachfront or mountainside accommodation, vacation rentals offer plenty of options.

Many vacationers these days choose the path less travelled, booking vacation homes rather than hotels when travelling with family, to take advantage of space, privacy and lower costs.

When going on vacation, one of the most difficult tasks is choosing a place to stay. If this is your first time renting a large vacation home, consider the following tips.


1. Book In Advance


Some people overlook the importance of booking in advance but reserving at least nine months before your intended date of stay is safe. It is also wise to look for or enquire about a couple of properties to have options in case it does not work out with your first choice.


2. Read Reviews

When going on vacation, one of the most difficult tasks is choosing a place to stay. If this is your first time renting a large vacation home, consider these 6 tips for Families Booking Vacation Rentals

It pays to read reviews before booking a property. It is safe to stay at a rental with a few verified reviews to know whether the description is true or not. Is it really just a few steps away from the beach or a particular attraction? Actual experiences can help you decide, though the owner may have addressed some issues already. You can also speak to a trusted travel agent to help you find out more about renting a property.


3. Prepare Questions

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To know more about the details of the vacation home, be prepared for the questions you want to ask or the things you want to know. This way, you will not miss anything important such as the distance of the house from the beach, how to check in or out, if it allows pets inside, the kitchen or laundry equipment and many other things that you think are important for your comfort and convenience.


4. Ask For Deals

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Discounts in any form are great to have. Do not hesitate to ask for deals, especially if you are travelling in the off-peak season. Some owners would rather offer their home at a lower cost than have no rental income at all. Some also offer discounted rates for longer or extended stays.


5. Manage Your Expectations

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If this is your first time renting a vacation home, keep in mind this is not a hotel where you can expect fancy toiletries or a formal desk to check-in. However, you can expect fresh towels and linens to be provided.


6. Know The Rules

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It is best to know the rules and be clear about the rental contract, if there is any. If you are not yet sure of your travel plans, ask about cancellation policies.

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing for every member of the family. Do not let any minor issue get in the way of your enjoyment by being careful with even the slightest detail. If your kids are of age, give them a fair share of some duties and responsibilities.

You can also get them involved by giving them the freedom to make their own choices like choosing the room they want to sleep in. Filter searches so that you won’t be overwhelmed with the choice of big houses for rent.