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Top 15 Father’s Day Gifts For Active Dads

Father’s Day Gifts For Active Dads

June 14th, 2018   |   Updated on June 28th, 2022

If your pops loves nothing more than spending time outdoors, working out, or playing sports then this guide of father’s day gifts for active dads will have just what you’re looking for.

Inside this varied guide you’ll find great gift options that range from a sleek activity and sleep tracking watch he can wear on a daily basis, to fun water products like a modular kayak and hand surfboard.

For the athletic dads you’ll find items like a useful push-up training system that can be taken virtually anywhere along with many more cool products to choose from below.

1. Push Up Training System

Build the panty dropping chest, guns, and back muscles you’ve always dreamed off by working out with the push up training system. The specially color coded wooden board helps you keep proper form as you sculpt your body like Michelangelo.

Product Review: Again, I am not some exercise buff – I’m a workaholic who sits in front of the computer and eats junk food religiously. That’s why this product is SO VALUABLE to me…

It’s one of only fitness products I’ve ever used consistently, because it’s so easy to use. It took me just a couple days to build the habit, and it’s one of the only ‘healthy habits’ I’ve ever had… Get One…Price is $49.95


2. Virtual Fighting Fitness Game


Step into the future of physical training with the virtual fighting fitness game. This high-tech game comes equipped with a central monitor in addition to five strategically placed smaller pads designed to mimic realistic situations in order to get you into top fighting shape.

Product Review: Yes4All Heavy Duty Boxing Chain and Swivel and (your choice) Wood Beam Heavy Bag Hanger. Get One…Price is $6995.00


3. The Powerbreather Snorkel

Improve your performance on the water by strapping on this Powerbreather snorkel. The unorthodox design enables you to intake air from the top while you exhale through the bottom so you breathe 100% pure oxygen, not mixed with Co2 like traditional snorkels.

Product Review: Best snorkel I’ve ever used. As a diver and snorkeler my experience using the Powerbreather Wave is that it provides easier breathing than other snorkels with the two air intakes.

Very much like breathing when using diving gear, very easy breathing. It’s relatively easy to figure out how to adjust and put on the snorkel with your mask after a couple of times.

I used it with a proper snorkel/dive mask and had no issues at all adjusting for the mask. Available Here…Price is $149.99


4. Pocket Fishing Rod

The catch of your life can come unexpectedly, so stay ready at all times by keeping the pocket fishing rod close at hand. This pen-sized rod is made from a sturdy aluminum alloy and includes forward and reverse ratchet stop and drag control.

Product Review: Researched and purchased a few of these micro or pen rods and reels. This one is superior to the rest; especially the crummy bait casters. It spools easy and holds 110 yards of 4 pound mono.

Have fished for and caught catfish, sand bass, crappie, and now rainbow trout stocked in public ponds in Texas. It is amazing how far this little guy will cast and how sensitive the rod is.

And it will hold a decent sized fish; I would not be afraid to fight a 8 or 10 pounder on this rig. The drag system works well and the rod is stouter than you might think.

If you want to have some fun and a challenge at the same time, try this one out. You will not be disappointed. Available Here…Price is $13.99


5. Portable Body Weight Training Device

Get a grueling workout without needing a gym membership by using this portable body weight training device. Made from aerospace grade aluminum and hard maple, it allows you to perform an endless array of challenging workouts just about anywhere.

Product Review: I received a pair of Electric Blue monkii bars for Christmas from my fiancée. I never knew how liberating a simple set of workout tools could be! I’m a former gym rat who’s gained some weight since we had our daughter about 2 years ago.

I know some people can do it but, with having to juggle work, school, a side business, and spending equality time with family, it doesn’t leave a whole lot of time or desire to drive over to the gym. I have rafters in my garage and I leave these set up permanently in lieu of the gym rings.

I had in there – these are infinitely easier to set up and adjust and provide the same variety of exercises as rings do. I just throw the Spectra line over and loop through the “friction” attachment. Get One…Price is $149.00


6. Crossfit Workout Gloves

Quit shredding your hands while you do fake pullups. These crossfit workout gloves will provide added grip while keeping your hands protected – which is important, because if your hands are damaged, you can’t write on Facebook about your crossfit workout.

Product Review: I think the biggest compliment I can give these is that in both workouts, which were very taxing on your hands/grip/palms, I was never thinking about my grip on the bar. I never once had to worry about friction on my palms with these, leaving me free to focus on the burning in my lungs or my core, not my hands. Available Here…Price is $39.95


7. Office Chair Workout Trainer

Keep muscles from atrophying during a long workday by outfitting your chair with this workout device. It quickly attaches to the back of your chair and allows you to perform a variety of useful resistance based upper body exercises.

Product Review: I have a desk job so I’m pretty stationary throughout the day. Although this isn’t necessarily the cardio workout I’d get from a desk treadmill, it does provide a pretty strenuous workout. I thought I’d forget to use it but I find myself doing arm stretches anytime my hands are idle (somewhat rare LOL). Get One…Price is $129.00

8. Strength Training Beginner’s Book

Learn the building blocks of how to sculpt the body of your dreams by following the tips found in the Strength Training Beginner’s book. This top ranked fitness book instructs you on the do’s and don’ts of weightlifting so you can maximize workouts and get results faster.

Product Review: I found a Starting Strength coach and started the program. I’ve been on it for about 5 months (albeit with a very irregular schedule) and have had excellent results.

I started with squatting with an 11 lbs. bar and last workout I squatted 210 (3×5) – (see the attached picture). My deadlift started around 65 lbs. and I’m now at 220 (1×5).

The other lifts are coming along well too. In real life this translates into a better overall appearance and physical stability. I’m making progress to being much healthier and stronger. Available Here…Price is $28.45


9. Transparent Longboard

Turn heads while you’re riding through the city or boardwalk by hopping on the transparent longboard. The virtually indestructible 100% recyclable polycarbonate deck provides a unique and smooth ride with the flex of a snowboard and the flow of a surfboard.

Product Review: It’s a nice board just odd how most of the reviews are the same day. I assume this is the jelly board employees and friends adding the majority of the reviews. Available Here…Price is $136.81


10. Modular Kayak

Getting out on the water will be easier than ever before thanks to the modular kayak. This top quality kayak accommodates up to two people and disassembles into three pieces for easy transportation. You’ll be able to take the kayak to virtually any destination.

Product Review: I love this thing!!! No, it’s not a $2000 sea kayak that I would take out in heavy or even moderate surf. It isn’t great for distance touring, either.

BUT…if you are looking for ONE kayak that you can make a single or tandem, depending on your (spontaneous) plans for the day, carry either configuration out to your CAR (mine is an Impala, not an SUV), and fit it in the back seat, this one is great. Get One…Price is $329.99


11. Smart Basketball

Track your stats just like the professionals do when you ball it up with the smart basketball. It works on any regulation hoop and tracks things like makes, misses, and field goal percentage so you can hone your skills and improve your game.

Product Review: Overall I am pleased. I had a little higher expectation for the app, such as a scatter-plot shooting chart, but I was more concerned with overall percentages to begin with.

I used to actual keep track of makes and misses in my head, which for anyone who’s done that knows it’s distracting in itself to try and keep track.

I love how it keeps me more engaged, and I’m less likely to throw up a half hearted shot when I know the app is tracking. Just that alone keeps me on the court longer and my head in my practice better. Available Here…Price is $199.99


12. Activity And Sleep Tracking Watch

Help achieve your fitness goals by keeping track of all your physical activity using this activity and sleep tracking watch. It features a sleek stainless steel case and monitors everything from how many steps you take to how many hours you sleep.

Product Review: First, I want to start by stating that I have owned an Apple Watch Sport for a year now. While I have had fun with it for the past year, but the novelty has worn off for me.

For starters it is bulk, heavy, not really that great looking, and just seems to constantly interrupt my life with notifications and information. Available Here…Price is $149.95


13. Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym

Get in great shape without setting foot inside a gym by working out on this Bowflex PR1000 home gym. This Bowflex provides anywhere from 5 to 210 pounds of resistance and can be used to perform over 30 different exercises for a total body workout.

Product Review: well made, and with a little warranty voiding custom work, can be made to work with the 310lb and 410 lb upgrade kits.

See my pictures in the customer uploaded pictures section for my instructions on how i did it. i dont know how safe this is, so do this at your own risk. it works fine on my bowflex though. Get One…Price is $349.00


14. Doorway Mounted Punching Bag

Enjoy a high energy boxing styled workout virtually anywhere by setting up this doorway mounted punching bag. It sets up in as little as 60 seconds and features a space-saving design that functions more like a double-end bag than a heavy bag.

Product Review: This has been the first exercise purchase I’ve made that stuck. Fun to use, easy to set up, and a company that supports you and your use of the product.

They have a ton of free videos on YouTube, but the app is where it REALLY shines. The free vids are great but the app is only $3.99 a month.

It’s like getting a personal trainer for under five bucks! I highly recommend the Quiet Punch, but even more, I recommend the Quiet Punch family! Available Here…Price is $125.99


15. Smart Connected Football

Help perfect your game by swapping out your old pigskin for this smart connected football. This high-tech football pairs with a special app that tracks stats like completed passes, spiral efficiency, and spin, so that you can improve your game with every throw.

Product Review: Ball seems good this time, its a shame i had to spend so much on postage to get a replacement for the faulty one i was sent in the first place. Available Here…Price is $44.90


16. Fitness And Activity Monitoring Watch

Track your progress while you burn calories with help from this fitness and activity monitoring watch. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable fit while providing you with helpful exercise data to guide you towards a more active and healthy lifestyle.

Product Review: loved this product until it was time to change the battery in the H7 Bluetooth Transmitter. The battery lasted 15 months, and although it appears that you should be able to change the battery yourself, the battery door absolutely will not open (tried butter knife, all sized coins, etc.).

If you look on the Amazon Questions Answered of this transmitter, you will see that this is a common problem. It really needs to be re-designed. Get One…Price is $75.00