30 Father’s Day Gifts Your Dad Will Totally Love

Father’s Day Gifts - 2017

June 17th, 2017   |   Updated on May 30th, 2018

It’s almost that time of year again so why not get partially prepared with our great Father’s Day gift ideas.

This Sunday is the time to honor everything dads’ have done for their children through the ages. Father’s Day is this weekend and shopping for dad these days means thinking outside the box.

Shares some unique ways to show your love for dad on his special day. We’ve tracked down over 20 great ridiculously awesome and inexpensive gifts for Father’s Day.

1. Soft Briefcase

fathers day ideas

The perfect work bag for dads who would really rather be out camping. Get One.


2. The Ultimate Coffee Machine

fathers day presents

This easy-to-use and fully automatic coffee machine grinds whole beans and can create any coffee drink your dad desires with the push of a button. It’s also sleek AF. Check Out Here.


3. Nice Pants

father's day gift ideas

There isn’t a dad alive who couldn’t use a style upgrade and a great pair of comfortable trousers are a great place to start. Visit Here.


4. Noise-Canceling Headphones

gifts for dad

These are, hands down, the best noise-canceling headphones on the market — perfect for dads who want to shut out the world and just relax a little. Click here.


5. Cool Glasses

gift ideas for dad

His eyesight isn’t what it used to be. His glasses shouldn’t be either. Visit Here.


6. Shearling Slippers

fathers day gift

So soft & very comfort, buy it. Visit Here.


7. Leather Jacket

father day gift ideas

He’s not a regular dad, he’s a cool dad. Get One.


8. Grown-Up Backpack

father's day gifts from daughter

For the dad whose travel style is more day-tripper than jet-setter. Click Here.

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9. Less Fancy Shaving Kit

presents for dad

Dad deserves a little travel grooming upgrade. Visit Here.


10. Hawaiian Tie

dad gifts

Is there anything more “dad” than a Hawaiian print? Even if your dad isn’t here for a full-on Hawaiian shirt, he would probably look totally cute in this tie. Visit Here.


11. The Perfect Belt

best father's day gifts

If Hawaiian prints make you wanna retch, ain’t nothin’ wrong with going the practical route. Besides, a good belt is hard to find. Click Here.


12. Digital Camera

good fathers day gifts

For the dad who still feels weird taking all his pics on his phone. Check Out Here.


13. Apple Watch

gifts for father's day

Still the best fitness tracker/watch/supercomputer around. If your dad’s an Apple guy and he doesn’t own one of these yet, the time has come. Click Here.


14. Cool Shades

ideas for father's day

You know, because he’s a cool dad. Visit Here.


15. Smythson Short & Sweet Wee Notebook

unique father's day gifts

Dad can slip this petite 2-by-3-inch notebook into his back pocket so he’ll always have a spot to jot down notes and reminders in a meeting. Click Here.


16. Golf Trunk Organizer

cool fathers day gifts

If your dad’s idea of a perfect day is one spent out on the green, get him this organizer outfitted with slots for shoes, balls, tees, spikes, and towels. Visit Here.

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17. Aha Tool Pen Mini Aplus Edition

first father's day gifts

This pen isn’t actually a pen at all, but a multi-purpose tool with 22 screwdriver bits of different sizes to tackle a variety of small household tasks. Visit Here.


18. Wilton Sweet Shooter Cookie Shot Glass Pan

first father's day gift

The secret to the ultimate happy hour: cookie shot glasses. After a stint in the oven, raw cookie dough magically turns into cute shot glasses ready to serve milk, chocolate mousse, or a splash of dessert liquor. Get One.


19. iFixit Pro Tech Toolkit

gift for father

Techie dads who are always tinkering with electronics will appreciate this complete kit of every tool they need for gadget repairs. Visit Here.


20. Cedar Clove Soap

great father's day gifts

A no-frills, essential oil-filled formula that turns the chore of shaving into a smooth experience (no more nicks or ingrown hairs). Get One.


21. Speedometer Cufflinks

father's day present ideas

Whether he’s always racing to meetings or has an affinity for sports cars, these sleek cufflinks add a fun—but still dapper—edge to formalwear. Visit Here.


22. 5-in-1 Barbeque Multi-Tool

father to be gifts

Like a pocket knife for the grilling aficionado, this cool tool has five functionalities and folds in on itself for portability or easy storage. Click Here.


23. USB Turntable

gift ideas for father's day

This small but mighty turntable makes it easy to jam out to 7- and 12-inch records, no matter where he is. Visit Here.


24. Portable Briefcase BBQ Grill

best fathers day presents

Now this is one kind of briefcase he’ll definitely want to receive this Father’s Day. The stainless steel design has a compact grill and a charcoal pit inside. Click Here.

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25. Denim Chambray Pocket Square

dad presents

Dad can get in on one of this season’s biggest trends: chambray. This denim pocket square features a contrasting neon edge that will look sharp tucked inside the breast pocket of a navy blue suit. Click Here.


26. Travel Poker Set

ideas for fathers day

Your favorite poker enthusiast can now take game night on the go with this compact travel set, which comes with 40 playing chips, a deck of cards, and assorted dice. With a sleek leather case, this find will definitely impress his playing buddies. Visit Here.


27. Wondermade Bourbon Marshmallows

dad to be gifts

Who doesn’t love sweets and spirits? Combined, they make for a most genius concoction: bourbon marshmallows. Click Here.


28. Golf Mug

what day is father's day

Your dad can improve his golf game on the clock with this unique mug. It comes with a ball and a mini putter that also works as a ballpoint pen. Click Here.


29. iPhone Case/Wallet

gift ideas for father birthday

Not only will this utility case keep his phone safe, but he can stash some credit cards, a driver’s license, and cash in it too. And over time, the durable, soft brown leather will deepen into a richer brown, giving it a sophisticated and vintage feel. Get One.


30. Closca Fuga Foldable Helmet

happy fathers day

High-end headgear for the dad who bikes to and from work. Sleek, sturdy, and space saving, this helmet is made of three mobile rings that fold flat for easy storage. Available Here.

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