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35 Inspiring Quotes About Dads For Father’s Day

Fathers Day 2017

January 15th, 2017   |   Updated on February 24th, 2024

1. “My Father Was Often Angry When I Was Most Like Him.” – Lillian Hellman


2. “It Doesn’t Matter Who My Father Was. It Matters Who I Remember He Was.” – Anne Sexton


3. “Fatherhood Is Pretending The Present You Love Most Is Soap-on-a-rope.” – Bill Cosby


4. “Dad Always Thought Laughter Was The Best Medicine, Which I Guess Is Why Several Of Us Died Of Tuberculosis.” – Jack Handey


5. “A Father Carries Pictures Where His Money Used To Be.” – Anonymous


6. “I’m So Ugly My Father Carries Around A Picture Of The Kid Who Came With His Wallet” – Rodney Dangerfield


7. “Having Children Is Like Having A Bowling Alley Installed In Your Brain.” – Martin Mull


8. “Why Are Men Reluctant To Become Fathers? They Aren’t Through Being Children.” – Cindy Garner

Inspiring Quotes About Dads For Father's Day

9. “Those Who Trust Us Educate Us.” – T.S. Eliot

T.S. Eliot


10. “The Father Is Always A Republican Toward His Son, And His Mother’s Always A Democrat.” – Robert Frost


11. “My Father Didn’t Tell Me How To Live. He Lived, And Let Me Watch Him Do It.” – Clarence Budington Kelland


12. “Love And Fear. Everything The Father Of A Family Says Must Inspire One Or The Other.” – Joseph Joubert

Inspiring Quotes About Dads For Father's Day

13. “My Mother Protected Me From The World And My Father Threatened Me With It.” – Quentin Crisp

Quentin Crisp


14. “Having Children Is Like Living In A Frat House – Nobody Sleeps, Everything’s Broken, And There’s A Lot Of Throwing Up.” – Ray Romano


15. “Fathers, Like Mothers, Are Not Born. Men Grow Into Fathers And Fathering Is A Very Important Stage In Their Development.” – David Gottesman

16. “I Have Never Been A Material Girl. My Father Always Told Me Never To Love Anything That Cannot Love You Back.” – Imelda Marcos

Inspiring Quotes About Dads For Father's Day

17. “My Father Gave Me The Greatest Gift Anyone Could Give Another Person, He Believed In Me.” – Jim Valvano

Jim Valvano


18. ”When I Was A Kid, I Said To My Father One Afternoon, ‘daddy, Will You Take Me To The Zoo?’ He Answered, ‘if The Zoo Wants You, Let Them Come And Get You.’” – Jerry Lewis


19. “Never Raise Your Hand To Your Kids. It Leaves Your Groin Unprotected.” – Red Buttons


20. “My Father Had A Profound Influence On Me. He Was A Lunatic.” – Spike Milligan


21. “Becoming A Father Is Easy Enough, But Being One Can Be Very Rough.” – Wilhelm Busch


22. “To Be A Successful Father… There’s One Absolute Rule: When You Have A Kid, Don’t Look At It For The First Two Years.” – Ernest Hemingway


23. ”It Is Admirable For A Man To Take His Son Fishing, But There Is A Special Place In Heaven For The Father Who Takes His Daughter Shopping”. – John Sinor


24. “Children Are A Great Comfort In Your Old Age. And They Help You Reach It Faster Too.” – Lionel Kauffman


25. “I Have Always Had The Feeling I Could Do Anything And My Dad Told Me I Could. I Was In College Before I Found Out He Might Be Wrong.” – Ann Richards


26. “There Should Be A Children’s Song: ‘if You’re Happy And You Know It, Keep It To Yourself And Let Your Dad Sleep.’” – Jim Gaffigan


27. “My Father Hated Radio And He Could Not Wait For Television To Be Invented So That He Could Hate That Too.” – Peter De Vries

Inspiring Quotes About Dads For Father's Day

28. “Dad Taught Me Everything I Know. Unfortunately, He Didn’t Teach Me Everything He Knows.” – Al Unser, Jr.

 Al Unser, Jr.


29. “Every Dad, If He Takes Time Out Of His Busy Life To Reflect Upon His Fatherhood, Can Learn Ways To Become An Even Better Dad.” – Jack Baker


30. “If The New American Father Feels Bewildered And Even Defeated, Let Him Take Comfort From The Fact That Whatever He Does In Any Fathering Situation Has A Fifty Percent Chance Of Being Right.” – Bill Cosby


31. “Being A Great Father Is Like Shaving. No Matter How Good You Shaved Today, You Have To Do It Again Tomorrow.” – Reed Markham


32. “There’s No Shame In Fear, My Father Told Me, What Matters Is How We Face It.” —George R. R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

Inspiring Quotes About Dads For Father's Day

33. “It Was Times Like These When I Thought My Father, Who Hated Guns And Had Never Been To Any Wars, Was The Bravest Man Who Ever Lived.” —Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

34. “Your Father, Jo. He Never Loses Patience, Never Doubts Or Complains, But Always Hopes, And Works And Waits So Cheerfully That One Is Ashamed To Do Otherwise Before Him.” —Louisa May Alcott, Little Women


35. “He Promised Us That Everything Would Be Okay. I Was A Child, But I Knew That Everything Would Not Be Okay. That Did Not Make My Father A Liar. It Made Him My Father.” —Jonathan Safra

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