9 Free Mangago Sites To Read Manga Online


Published on April 26th, 2021

A major question that most people ask is what Manga is? To clarify, Manga are Japanese comics with in-depth plots, a unique story, and exciting characters.

The Manga has a wide range of genres which include action, adventure, commerce, business, detective, comedy, horror, romance, science fiction, fantasy, sports and games, mystery, and many others.

Manga is published in serial form, and each series has 20 to 40 pages. Manga is different from American comics targeted at young people as it is primarily for people of all ages in Japan.

Although Manga originates from Japan, they are famous all around the world. People love reading manga irrespective of their age, gender, and nationality. Here we tell you nine free Manga sites that offer you the facility to read Manga free online.

1. Book Walker

Book walker is the first choice for Manga lovers in Japan. This site sells Manga books and has a wide variety for you to select from.

2. Honto.jp

One of the famous and native manga sites in Japan, this website gets 92% from Japan. You not only get eBooks from here but paper books as well.

3. Kiss Manga

The website has an active forum and does not work on mini browsers like Opera mini.

4. Comicon

Comicon is another popular website in Japan. However, to access it, you should know Japanese; else, you cannot read their Manga’s.

5. Comic Walker

Kadoka is one of the biggest Manga publishers in Japan. They have now launched their own office service for users to read online Manga. Here you will find many popular titles though not all of them.

6. Manga Reborn

This website shares Manga content all around the world.

7. Comitology

Comitology is a subsidiary of Amazon and is trying to build the largest digital comics platform for users. You can purchase the Manga books and order the unlimited subscription service they offer. There is a 30 days free trial that you can enjoy before you make the purchase.

8. Manga Box

If you want many free Manga stuff, you can go to the Japanese website Manga Box.

9. Rental

Rental sells Manga comics and also provides free chapters for the users to read.