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The 30 Most Beautiful Quotes About Friendship

Friendship Day

November 2nd, 2017   |   Updated on February 27th, 2024

A best friend is like a four-leaf clover, hard to find, lucky to have. Looking for a way to tell your best friend how much she means to you? You’ll find the perfect sentiment in this collection of friendship quotes.

1. Friendship Is Always A Sweet Responsibility, Never An Opportunity.

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2. True Friendship Is When You Walk Into Their House And Your Wifi Connects Automatically.

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3. The Language Of Friendship Is Not Words But Meanings.

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4. Friendship Is The Only Cement That Will Ever Hold The World Together.

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5. Don’t Walk Behind Me; I May Not Lead. Don’t Walk In Front Of Me; I May Not Follow. Just Walk Beside Me And Be My Friend.

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6. True Friendship Comes When The Silence Between Two People Is Comfortable.

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7. Friendship Is Born At That Moment When One Person Says To Another: ‘What! You Too? I Thought I Was The Only One.

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8. Friendship Consists In Forgetting What One Gives And Remembering What One Receives.

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9. Be Slow To Fall Into Friendship; But When Thou Art In, Continue Firm & Constant.

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10. Friendship Is Like Money, Easier Made Than Kept.

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11. Anybody Can Sympathize With The Sufferings Of A Friend, But It Requires A Very Fine Nature To Sympathise With A Friend’s Success.

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12. I Don’t Need A Friend Who Changes When I Change And Who Nods When I Nod; My Shadow Does That Much Better.

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13. Wishing To Be Friends Is Quick Work, But Friendship Is A Slow Ripening Fruit.

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14. A Good Friend Can Tell You What Is The Matter With You In A Minute. He May Not Seem Such A Good Friend After Telling.

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15. There Is Nothing Better Than A Friend, Unless It Is A Friend With Chocolate.

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16. A Friend Is Someone Who Knows All About You And Still Loves You.

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17. Do I Not Destroy My Enemies When I Make Them My Friends?

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18. Let Us Be Grateful To People Who Make Us Happy, They Are The Charming Gardeners Who Make Our Souls Blossom.

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19. It’s The Friends You Can Call Up At 4 A.m. That Matter.

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20. My Best Friend Is The One Who Brings Out The Best In Me.

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21. Love Is Blind; Friendship Closes Its Eyes.

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22. The Friend Who Holds Your Hand And Says The Wrong Thing Is Made Of Dearer Stuff Than The One Who Stays Away.

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23. Friends Are The Family You Choose.

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24. Growing Apart Doesn’t Change The Fact That For A Long Time We Grew Side By Side; Our Roots Will Always Be Tangled. I’m Glad For That.

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25. Tis The Privilege Of Friendship To Talk Nonsense, And To Have Her Nonsense Respected.

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26. A Friendship That Can End Never Really Began.

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27. No Person Is Your Friend Who Demands Your Silence, Or Denies Your Right To Grow.

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28. In Prosperity Our Friends Know Us; In Adversity We Know Our Friends.

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29. Friendship Improves Happiness, And Abates Misery, By Doubling Our Joys, And Dividing Our Grief.

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30. Some People Go To Priests, Others To Poetry, I To My Friends.

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