7 Funny Stress Buster Mobile Apps That Will Be Helpful To Reduce Your Daily Stress

funny stress buster mobile apps

June 11th, 2017   |   Updated on March 2nd, 2024

When you are tired of work in the office, traveling or being alone, there are plenty of apps that will help you managing stress and smile or laugh out loud.

They are full of hilarious content: jokes, quotes, pictures, memes, videos. All you need to do is to select a free funny stress buster mobile apps and start browsing.

Funny Stress Buster Mobile Apps are:

1. Face Changer Video

Face changer video AppFace Changer Video lets you easily change and animate faces in photos by adding funny animated objects on top of the picture.

The people in the photo can move and talk. This app is very helpful to reduce your stress.

2. Photo Wrap

Photo wrap funny app

Photo wrap is full fun, craziness, creativity and laughing with your photos. If you want to play with your photos in a funny way then it a best free app for you.

3. Imgur


This is also a comic site that offers fun material in the form of comic images in GIF. The site includes varied categories of funny images in GIFS format.

The interface is easy to use and provides ample of comic attributes to explore and enjoy favorite funny elements at one platform.

4. Pokemon Go

Pokemon go Latest Mobile GamePokémon Go is officially the biggest mobile game in history. This game is very helpful when you are under stress when you play this game, definitely, it will help you to reduce your stress.

5. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga for Stress busterCandy Crush Saga for Android is a combination of a matching game and a puzzle game. This mobile game is very interesting to play and helpful to reduce stress.

6.Happie- Jokes, Funny Jokes App

Funny Jokes Stress buster AppScroll through an unlimited selection of Hindi and English jokes, desi jokes, and jokes in nearly every language. Santa Banta jokes would seem modest in comparison to the jokes on our app.

7.Talking Parrot Couple Free

Talking Parrot stress buster funny appTalking parrot Couple free similar to Talking Tom but this game is funnier than talking tom. In this game, it repeats your voice in different funny ways.

Images: android play store