6 Things To Remember Before Getting Your First Luxury Watch

First Luxury Watch

January 26th, 2021   |   Updated on February 15th, 2021

Luxury watches are a symbol of status, power, and elegance. Wearing one on your wrist serves two purposes: to tell the time and to complete any outfit. If you want to invest in your very first luxury watch, then you must consider a few things before you dive in and spend your hard-earned money on one.

Although luxury watches are usually a good investment, there are still some things you need to keep in mind before anything else.

In this article, we’ll give you six useful tips before buying your very first luxury watch. These will surely come in handy when you’re finally sure and prepared to get one for yourself. Keep reading to find out more!

1. Go For A Trusted Brand With A Good Retention Value

When you hear “luxury watches,” you’ll immediately think of names like Rolex, Omega, or Tag Heuer. These are among the most renowned brands, after all! You won’t have to worry if you invest in a luxury watch under any of these brands because they will retain their value through the years.

For example, you decide to splurge on a Rolex Day-Date watch; even after a few decades, this particular watch will still have a good market value.

When you want to sell it someday, then you can be sure that you will still get a good amount, or even much more than what you paid for, depending on its value and condition in the future.

2. Know The History Of The Brand

It’s always good to research the brand you’re eyeing because you’ll get to know more about that particular timepiece you want.

When you have a ton of knowledge on the brand, then you’ll know if the timepiece you want is truly worth investing in.

Apart from this, you can also give a short history lesson to anyone who compliments your watch, so that’s a plus point for you!

3. Look Out For Special Collaborations

Luxury Watch

Special collaborations of luxury watches with artists and other designers add value to the timepiece.

It’s also more unique and special! When you get your first luxury watch to invest in, consider ones with a special collaboration, because not only will you look and feel unique when wearing it, but it has the highest chance to have a higher market in the future.

An example of a special collab watch is Christian Louboutin and Jaeger-LeCoultre. The strap has the signature red underlining you would find in Louboutin shoes. It looks so elegant and still covered by a lot of watch and fashion enthusiasts today!

4. Find A Discount

Who wouldn’t want to save some extra cash, anyway? When getting your first luxury watch, make sure to look for good deals and discounts before splurging.

Canvass different physical and online stores and scout for the best offers. You’ll never know when you could have saved over a hundred bucks for a watch just because you were rushing to buy it. The key here is to think and do your research before buying.

5. Make Sure You Don’t Need The Profit Immediately

Watches are meant to be worn. You can’t just expect a watch to have a higher value after you’ve bought it for only a month or two.

If you want it to have a higher value in the long run, then you must wait for a couple of years. This is because luxury watches will make a few models that will never again be released.

When a brand does this, enthusiasts and collectors will want to look for a particular model that the company isn’t selling anymore.

So, for you to up the price of the watch, make sure to wait for a bit while also maintaining it so it doesn’t lose its value.

6. Maintain The Watch

Everything needs maintenance, and this does not exclude a luxury watch. If a watch is in bad condition, then it will less likely have a good value in the future.

But even if you’re just keeping a watch for yourself, it’s good to maintain it so that it will last you for years, and sometimes, even more than a lifetime. Someday, your well-maintained watch can make a good heirloom, too!

Invest Well!

Maintain Your Luxury Watch_1

Always keep in mind not to rush your purchase and think things through first. Not giving your splurge purchase much though will most likely make you end up in regret. So, be careful.