Gift Jokes And Japes: 5 Gag Gifts That Will Make Your Friends LOL

Gift Jokes And Japes

Published on July 24th, 2023

Knock, Knock.”

“Who’s there?”


“You who?”

You-hoo, let me tell you about the funniest joke gifts around. The global Gifts, Novelty, and Souvenirs Market was worth $94,970 million in 2022. By 2029, it is estimated to be worth $114,260 million.

Everyone loves to laugh. But more than that, everyone needs a good laugh to help them manage their stressful day-to-day life. Gift jokes have come a long way since the days of joy buzzers and water-squirting flowers.

Want to know more about the best gag gifts? Then keep reading below for 5 gag gifts that will make you the life of the party.

Best Gag Gifts

1. Burrito Blanket

It has been said that gift-giving evokes a fuzzy and warm feeling within the brain of the gift-giver. This is often attributed to feel-good chemicals in the brain called oxytocin.

But for a gag gift that will truly make the recipient feel warm and fuzzy, a burrito blanket is the way to go.

For friends that enjoy their afternoon siesta, they can literally wrap themselves up like a burrito in these soft and comfy blankets.

Burrito print blankets have quickly skyrocketed up the list of the best and funniest joke gifts. Recipients are sure to get wrapped up in your thoughtfulness.

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2. Grow A Boyfriend/Girlfriend Gift Jokes

The Grow a Boyfriend/Girlfriend novelties are inexpensive gag gifts that are always fun at parties.

They’re a modern take on those old-school grow capsule sponges of yesteryear. By soaking the sponge in water over time, it miraculously expands in size from 2 inches to 12 inches.

Bring some Grow a Boyfriend joke gifts to a friend’s divorce party to lighten the mood. Gift one to your sister-in-law as a silly birthday present. Or give out Grow a Girlfriend items to the guests at a Bachelor Party as cheap gag gifts.

3. HandiSquirrel Finger Puppet Kit

Some things never change when it comes to amusing joke gifts. Finger puppets amazed us when we were children, well now that comes full circle with cheap gag gifts.

The HandiSquirrel Finger Puppet Kit lets you instantly turn your hand into a funny and interactive squirrel puppet.

Just place the head, arms, and feet on the corresponding fingers, and feel free to go nuts however you wish. It’s great fun for messing with co-workers and family members.

You can even take this little woodland creature with you wherever you go since it easily fits into a pocket, purse, or bag.

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4. Photo Face Socks

Photo face socks allow you to give customized joke gifts to friends and family emblazoned with their face on them. The best part is, there will be no questioning whose socks they are.

You can also put photos of a beloved pet, child, grandchild, or other novelty image like their favorite car. Whenever they put these socks on, they’re sure to think of you.

Photo socks are the best gag gifts that are also functional and fashionable for your friends and family members with an “out-there” fashion style.

5. Fake High School Diploma

Fake high school diplomas make terrific gift jokes for a friend’s special occasion.

You can easily customize a fake diploma with the name of your favorite TV show location like Bayside High from 90210, Rydell High from Grease, or Chilton Prep from Gilmore Girls. You can give this in conjunction with the recipient’s real-life diploma at their graduation party.

Buying a high school diploma is also a fun way to show off your education in other ways. For example, you can now have a legitimate-looking diploma from the “School of Hard Knocks” hanging up on the wall.

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Giving gift jokes is a playful and fun way to bring laughter and humor to life.

The ability to elicit a good chuckle out of your gift recipient is one of the best feelings and with these cheap gag gift ideas, you can be sure to become the king or queen of funny gift-giving.

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