21 Gifts Ideas For Mom To Be

Gifts For First Time Pregnant Moms

March 25th, 2019   |   Updated on July 9th, 2020

The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People

Moms are a bundle of confusion with more than a handful of to-do lists. Their worries and anxieties are exacerbated with having to manage their bump around.

The life gets darn uncomfortable for them. The best thing, however, is that you can chip in your bit of support to make them feel good. Yes, that’s right. You can help them unwind with the gifts before their little one arrives.

You bet she would love it. Who doesn’t need some extra pampering? It would add enormous value to her life and she would remember this sweet gesture ever.

The choice of gifts can run as long as your imagination. It can be anything from Mommy Measure to a little something for expecting moms. It can be big or small but it must be of immediate need to her.

This way you can show her how much you care for her. This little something is an honor to her. She will definitely love you for this sweet gesture.

Here are some gift suggestions. Use this list of thoughtfully curated guide to add to your imagination.

1. Mambino Organics Bun in the Oven Skincare Set

mum to be gifts

Made without parabens or sulfates, this nourishing and moisturizing skin care line will give her one less thing to worry about.

Product Review: This was a great set and everything lasted a long time, so I did not need to buy several different kinds. They all smell amazing and I felt like I was getting pampered. By Amazon Customer

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2. Leachro Pregnancy Pillow

Gifts For First Time Pregnant Moms

Help your favorite preggo get some blissful sleep… at least until she has to run to the bathroom again.

Product Review: Overall a great product, has helped me sleep better. I’m 36 weeks and can’t sleep without it now. I was using a big pile of pillows before, and this stays behind my back a lot more effectively.

When I first started using it the part that goes under my head was too thick and gave me neck pain, but after a week or so it smooshed down to a more comfortable height. By Amazon Customer

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3. Preggatinis Drink Mix Book

first time mom gifts

Just because she can’t have alcohol doesn’t mean she can’t kick back with a delicious mock-tail.

Product Review: I bought for my sister when she was pregnant with her first child. She loved this book and used it to make her nightly “Preggatinis” and still uses it. Even my brother-in-law has a few favorite recipes. By Amazon Customer

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4. The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People

maternity gifts

Does the mom-to-be depend on you to keep her laughing through the thick of it? This pregnancy activity book is not only hilarious; it will also stand out in a pile of onesies gifted at your friend’s baby shower.

Product Review: This is a must for any pregnant woman. This is the best book. it makes you laugh and smile and keeps you entertained. Seriously, this book is amazing.

It gets you. It’s like your best friend who knows exactly what youre going through and every page, you just want to shout out, “I know right!” and the games are fun and keep your mind busy! By Amazon Customer

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5. Bump Box Subscription

gifts for first time expectant moms

Give the gift that keeps on giving as that baby keeps on growing. Bump Boxes include a lot of the items featured in this article, plus coupons to other helpful services the mom-to-be might not already know about.

Product Review: My wife loved this and it got me brownie points for a week! The preggie pops worked very well! Even the elastic belt, she uses it more than the ones she bought. Highly recommend! By Amazon Customer

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6. MadeMother Pregnancy Compression Socks

gifts for mom to be

During your friend’s pregnancy, blood will be flowing at a higher volume, which can cause discomfort (especially during long car rides). These compression socks reduce swelling when your buddy’s belly gets balloon-sized.

Product Review: I am a big fan of these. I am 8 months pregnant and a little bit uncomfortable these days, However, these socks really helped the swelling in my lower legs and feet.

I really appreciated that, and they are quite comfortable. I would certainly buy these again if they were just a tad bit cheaper. By Amazon Customer

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7. Fertile Mind Belly Belt Combo Kit

gifts for expecting moms

She has already sacrificed margaritas and soft cheeses (how tragic!), but with this belly belt, she won’t have to give up her favorite jeans just yet.

Product Review: I bought this product when I was around 26 weeks pregnant and could no longer button my jeans.

I couldn’t find any maternity jeans I was happy with, so I had to look for alternatives. I’m now 38 weeks and still using it! I expect to be able to use it right up until the end.

While I see that this would be great for someone who wears dress pants with the option of the 2 slide-type bands, I haven’t used those at all. I found the pieces of fabric to cover your underwear pretty useless as well. By Amazon Customer

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8. Sea-Band Acupressure Wristbands

gifts for mum to be

Has pregnancy plagued her with morning sickness, or even worse, all-day sickness? This all-natural, drug-free solution targets special pressure points to relieve her nausea. Pair it with a pack of saltines and you’ll be her new favorite person.

Product Review: Used it for a cruise after I developed severe allergies to my go-to motion sickness tablet. This worked brilliantly.

I was on four cruises in a week and felt great. The one time that I decided I would take a break from it – I immediately got a headache so I quickly put it back on again. By Amazon Customer

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9. Dearfoam Slippers

first time mother gifts

Wrap her swollen feet in these slippers made of durable, high-density foam. These babies are the ultimate combo of comfort and style.

Product Review: Took three tries to find a slipper the right size, with sufficient sole depth to be comfortable and protective. These slippers fill the bill perfectly. Size is perfect.

I really like them and would buy again if needed, however given the sturdiness of the shoe and the excellent manufacturing, I doubt I’ll need to. Too bad! By Amazon Customer

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10. Crib Dribbler

first time mothers day gifts

There’s not actually a giant hamster feeder inside it’s just a comical box that you can fill with real baby gifts. Order one here for

Product Review: The dribbler actually holds quite a bit and it takes my wife a long time to pump enough breastmilk to fill it, so we usually just mix baby energy drink in to get it all the way filled.

It lasts for hours though, so it’s an absolute life saver when something happens that we can’t take the little one to daycare. By Amazon Customer

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11. Go the F%#K to Sleep Book

mom to be gifts

Product Review: This is the BEST BABY SHOWER GIFT EVER- If the parents-to-be have a good personality! That and a DNA test and your the hit of the baby shower! I laughed throughout this whole book, it was hysterical!! I honestly think it’s worth the money, one may beg to differ but my whole family got a kick out of it. It’s a cute book with lots of laughs. By Amazon Customer

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12. Dirty Diaper Survival Kit

gifts for expectant moms

Product Review: I made a gift bag for my brother-in-law, cause his baby and wife were getting tons of things. It was a great surprise added to his bag. He laughed really hard and I think he’ll be using it next month when his baby comes home. By Amazon Customer

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13. Bacon Teethers

gifts for mother to be

Since the baby won’t be able to experience the magical taste of bacon just quite yet, get them the next best thing.

Product Review: So so cute and her absolute favorite! This tether has seen some real action and has held up and is still going strong.

It is a perfect shape for little hands to hold and the texture is great to soothe gums or just chew on for fun. We have 2 and I recommend them a lot! By Amazon Customer

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14. Kissing Lips Pacifier

gifts for a pregnant woman

Product Review: I ordered this for my niece and it is absolutely adorable! It looks exactly like the picture. I wouldn’t recommend this as a soothing pacifier because the lips are oversized and a bit heavy.

My niece is 4 months and when she was on her stomach or laying on her side the pacifier would fall out of her mouth because it’s a bit on the larger side (as expected). But it was most definitely a great picture op.

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15. Porn for New Moms

gift ideas for first time moms

Product Review: It was THE hit at the baby shower!! For reasons I don’t understand (maybe because I’m a guy), women really get a kick out of this one.

I also purchased Porn for New Brides and found the same reaction. Maybe it’s because these books show us men as women would really like us to be, rather than the animals that we usually are: to wit, “Let’s not have sex tonight, sweetie, and I’ll just give you a foot rub.” Really!! Great fun. By Amazon Customer

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16. Pregnancy Belly Painting Kit

Gifts For First Time Pregnant Moms_6

Product Review: It was very safe and easy to use. My husband had fun drawing on my belly and I felt beautiful to see my baby through these belly pictures. Definitely worth celebrating the belly time. Recommend it for showers or general photographic memories. By Amazon Customer

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17. Banner Shaped Sticky Notes

Gifts For First Time Pregnant Moms_5

Product Review: Love this, so easy to use and sticks to everything so far. By Amazon Customer

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18. Woman’s Razor Extension Shaver Handle Woman’s Pregnant Shaver

Gifts For First Time Pregnant Moms_4

Product Review: So far, the best inexpensive shaver. The handle is a bit small for big hands. Otherwise, it holds well, flex is good, but firm so as to not squirm. By Amazon Customer

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19. TAFLY Facial Expressions Pregnancy Baby Bump Belly Stickers

Gifts For First Time Pregnant Moms_3

Product Review: Made for some great laughs. Well made. Hurt a bit when removing from belly ( like taking off a bandaid) but overall very pleased with the quality. By Amazon Customer

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20. Women’s Under Bump Maternity Panties Healthy Underwear

Gifts For First Time Pregnant Moms_2

Product Review: These panties are wonderful. I’m 23 weeks along, and my thongs and regular panties just aren’t cutting it anymore.

I have tried buying so many different underwears, and these are the only ones that have fit comfortably. They go up high enough on your back and hips to hold them in place and rest below your baby bump.

They are far more flattering than any full coverage panties I have seen. I’d highly recommend. I am 136lbs, 5’5, at 23 weeks, and bought the extra large, based on other comments.

I would not recommend this underwear for plus sized women, as they are Chinese sized. However, for a normal pregnancy, they are great! By Amazon Customer

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21. Belly Bottle Pregnancy Gifts Water Bottle Intake Tracker with Weekly Stickers Calendar

Gifts For First Time Pregnant Moms_1

Product Review: Love this bottle! I have gotten so many comments on this. The water tracker is very helpful .

The stickers hold up to the water bottle sweating and to many washes (by hand). Just make sure the bottle is dry/room temperature and clean when you apply your new sticker.

I am on week 28 and they have held up wonderfully. By Amazon Customer

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Some More Gift Ideas For Mom To Be



What makes tummydrops unique?

  • They are completely natural, unlike many products designed to help calm upset tummies
  • They were developed by doctors who specialize in nausea to ensure that they would act fast

Product Review:

I love these ginger drops as they really settle down my stomach and stop the burping. I take 1-2 a day and love the taste. I am allergic to so many foods and they just upset my stomach all the time.

I was taking Tums but the drops work so much better. I reordered and also sent a package to my daughter so she can try them.

I now combine the drops and also drink a glass of warm water with 2 teaspoon of vinegar and a tbsp. Of raw honey and I am amazed how I finally have relief after probably 5 years of suffering plus trying prescription drugs and also many over the counter products. I highly recommend them. By Amazon Customer

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‘The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People’

The Big Fat Activity Book For Pregnant People

The ultimate must-have for any mom-to-be with a sense of humor: an irreverent, laugh-out-loud activity book filled with quizzes, mazes, fill-in-the-blanks, journaling pages, and hysterical musings on what pregnancy is really like.

Product Review: This book is hilarious and super fun to fill out. In my opinion, way more fun to fill out for pregnancy memories than your traditional bleak baby book.

I purchased this late in my third tri when I learned I would need to be induced and thought I would need to bring activities with me to the hospital when it was baby time.

I didn’t actually use it in the hospital while I was in labor, but it was a nice thought. My only regret is not buying it sooner.

I would absolutely buy this for a friend upon learning she is pregnant. I would give this 10 stars if I could. By Amazon Customer

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Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Gift Set

Pamper and condition her skin with Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Gift Set. This 3 piece gift for her includes Belly Butter to gently nourish mama’s stretched skin; Leg & Foot Creme to soothe her legs and feet; and Beeswax Lip Balm to replenish dry lips. These 3 great full size products make the perfect gift for mom.

Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Gift Set products are made with the finest ingredients from nature. Indulge her skin with these natural products formulated to help retain moisture and keep her skin soft and supple.

This Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Gift Set is the perfect Mother’s Day, baby shower or anniversary gift on your list.

The giftable tin is designed to be gift ready so wrapping can be skipped. Give the gift of nourishment with Burt’s Bees skin care.

Product Review: I was a huge fan of Burt’s Bees belly butter when I was pregnant, no stretch marks for me! So I was so happy to purchase this for my friend who is pregnant and she is also loving it. By Amazon Customer

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Preggatinis: Mixology For The Mom-to-be

Mixology For The Mom-to-be

Things move quickly in the cocktail fast lane―but slow to a crawl when pregnancy kicks in. Right? Wrong! Even when sporting a “baby bump,” modern moms can stay in the social swing of things with Preggatinis, featuring lip-smacking, liquorless libations designed by master mixologist Natalie Bovis-Nelsen, aka “The Liquid Muse.”

Product Review: It was an absolutely perfect gift for my pregnant sister in-law. I made a few drinks for her and myself and loved them. She even said one of the drinks helps with nausea actually worked. I thought the drinks were so good I might buy myself a copy, even though I’m not pregnant. Overall, can’t go wrong buying this product. By Amazon Customer

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Ultimate Maternity Belt

Maternity Belt

DonnaElite Premium Maternity Support Belt has been designed to provide support, comfort and pain relief.

Suitable for all pregnancy stages and all body types, DonnaElite Maternity Belt goes up to 52″, unlike other maternity belts that stretch only to 48″.

Product Review: I am 28 weeks pregnant and have round ligament pain. I was advised to get a maternity support belt, and I chose this one.

I could not be happier! Oh, man- this thing is like a pillowy hug that gently supports my belly.

I love it! It is so comfy and supportive, and even provides some lower back support! I can’t wait to use this thing at work when I’m on my feet for 6 hours! By Amazon Customer

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Bella B Tummy Honey Butter

The Original Tummy Honey Butter, launched in 1999, is the ultimate solution for the prevention of new stretch marks by maintaining skin elasticity and moisture deep into skin layers.

Tummy Honey Butter is all-natural, hypoallergenic, contains no water, petroleum or lanolin (which comes from sheep wool) and includes anti-itch ingredients to soothe those growing tummies.

Tummy Honey Butter is ideal for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy. It has an oil-based formula that penetrates deep into the skin layers, maintaining skin moisture and elasticity for several hours without leaving the skin feeling greasy.

And unlike many other prevention products, Tummy Honey Butter contains no water–which ultimately dries out, and is not ideal for maximizing skin elasticity for extended periods.

Product Review: Best belly butter out there. I tried several different kinds and couldn’t find any that I felt like kept my skin as hydrated as this one.

I put it on after my shower at night before bed and I can still feel it throughout the next day. I used it my first pregnancy and am using now for my second.

This time I started using it much earlier so I am going through more than the first time (about 1 per month starting around 18 weeks).

I didn’t get any stretch marks the first time and am hoping for the same results this time. So far, at 33 weeks, things are still good. I recommend this belly butter to every pregnant friend I have! By Amazon Customer

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Maternity Nursing Pajama Set

Maternity Nursing Pajama Set

Versatile enough to be worn night and day, these fashionable and functional maternity pjs are essential for moms. You will feel both beautiful and comfortable in this nursing pajama set.

“I refuse to take them off. They are so comfy.” The beautiful style and luxurious fabric make the Kindred Bravely Davy Ultra Soft Maternity & Nursing Pajamas Sleepwear Set a must-have for baby shower gifts and hospital bags; they’re the ideal nursing pjs to wear when family and friends come to meet the new baby.

Product Review: I wasn’t sure what size to get but after reading reviews I opted for a large just to be on the safe side. I’m 5’4″, 36D bra, prepregnancy 148lbs and currently in my 9th month at 175lbs.

It fits great! I bought it for the hospital and post baby, but it even fits well now! So so so comfortable. I was worried that since we live in FL it would be too hot, but the fabric feels cool against my skin!  By Amazon Customer

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The Bump Pregnancy Planner & Journal

The Bump Pregnancy Planner & Journal

Website for moms-to-be, pregnancy and parenting lifestyle destination, comes a keepsake planner and journal with all the essential pregnancy tools and checklists.

Product Review: Practical help to get through this mysterious time of the bump growing inside you. Pockets to store your sonogram and other keepsakes.

Definitely, a must, especially if you are planning more children. You will have the details to compare your pregnancies that would otherwise just slip through your fingers and hound your attempts and recall.

So keep a record. This little book is meant for that and it does it very well. By Amazon Customer

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‘Bump for Joy’ Pregnancy Journal

Create a unique keepsake by recording the most memorable moments of your Pregnancy! designed for both first-time and Veteran moms-to-be, this beautifully illustrated, a 144-page journal is arranged by trimester and features a variety of writing prompts, checklists, and fill-in-the-blanks-plus plenty of space for tracking your growing Bump, displaying your ultrasound images, journaling about your feelings, and planning for baby’s arrival. It’s the perfect way to chronicle your nine-month journey and capture the memories you’ll treasure forever.

Product Review: I guess only first time parents keep a pregnancy journal? This journal is very nice if this is your first child… the questions are directly for first time parents. This is my second so this journal has been difficult to fill out/annoying at times. By Amazon Customer

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Letters to My Baby

Letters to My Baby

Your baby will always be your baby. Whether you’re pregnant or a new parent, fill these twelve envelopes with memories and hopes for your bundle of joy. Then postdate, seal, and save the letters to gift to your child at a later date.

Product Review: We asked everyone to write a letter for our daughter to be opened at her high school graduation. Then her Dad and I each used one of these books to give her even more words of encouragement that she can open at different periods of her life. By Amazon Customer

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