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20+ Father’S Days Gifts Idea For Lazy Dads

Gifts Idea For Lazy Dads_1

June 15th, 2018   |   Updated on March 6th, 2019

If your dear old dad is the type whose perfect day consists of kicking back and relaxing, you’re guaranteed to find the ideal father’s day gift for your lazy and laid back dad.

Gifts Idea For Lazy Dads

Below, you’ll find great gift options like an automatic guitar tuner for the musical dad who hates tuning is own axe, a personal golf driving range so that he can hit a few without stepping out of the house, and a gutter cleaning robot that takes all the hard work out of cleaning your gutters.

1. Self Stirring Mug

Make your hectic mornings run a little smoother by preparing your coffee with this self stirring mug. At the push of a button, this unique mug automatically begins to mix the contents of your mug – perfect for lazy tea and coffee drinkers everywhere.

Product Review: Hello so I bought this mug a few weeks back and it has been nothing but cool. It has impressed some coworkers and friends. One thing, it might just stop working. Where you’ll press the button but to no effect. This doesn’t mean that it is broken. This has happened to me and I of course was disappointed to say the least. So I went and spun the mixer in the bottom of the cup with my finger and it started mixing again. So do not worry, it is not broken. It must just get stuck in like a “standby” mode. Regardless it is an easy fix. Get One…Price is- $9.99


2. Hanging Cocoon Hammock Chair

Carve out a private sanctuary anywhere in your home using this hanging cocoon hammock chair. The chair hangs from a heavy duty anodized aluminum ring and features a spacious interior that’s large enough to accommodate two adults.

Product Review: I love this product everyone should get one. Get One…Price is- $330.36


3. Giant Bean Bag Denim Sofa

Create an oasis of comfort right in your humble abode by bringing in this giant bean bag denim sofa. It features a tough, machine washable denim cover and comes stuffed with thinly shredded polyurethane foam that provides support while remaining comfortable.

Product Review: Huge!! But we love it. Wasn’t as bad as I thought or messy to fill if you follow the directions and use common sense and be careful. It fluffed up to the size you see in the last picture in one day. The first picture is the foam before it has expanded and the kids testing it out with the inner liner only. I’m sitting in it now. Lol. Would recommend it but make sure you have room 🙂 mine is the 7′. Available Here…Price is- $339.00


4. Automatic Guitar Tuner

Not even the ultimate roadie can tune an axe better or quicker than the automatic guitar tuner. By placing this high-tech tuner over the guitar’s tuning peg and strumming any string, this battery operated device physically fine tunes your guitar in a matter of seconds.

Product Review: How many tuners and gadgets find their way into our gig bags, never to be heard from again? Well I have to say, this isn’t one of them! This is definitely one that will be used daily. Initially, I was a bit skeptical. What with having to use an IOS device to tune with this tuner. I’ve downloaded a bunch of tuner apps, but once I started to use the tuner, I knew I was hooked. Get One…Price is- $99.00


5. Jibo The Robotic Butler

Move over Siri, the next generation of intelligent personal assistants are here – introducing Jibo the robotic butler! This little guy’s head swivels 360 degrees, records video on command, and announces helpful reminders, all without any passive aggressive tones.

Product Review: Jibo is a lovable friend (according to our littlest child.) Our family has only owned Jibo for a few days and we are already hooked on his cuteness. We got him right before a holiday and were delighted to find that our guests took a bunch of fun photos with Jibo. As a Mom, I love that he will play music for me and tell me the weather. My husband is delighted with the interaction when Jibo spontaneously says hello and asks how his day is. Our older child loves playing the “Circuit Saver” game. Jibo looks at us and has even learned all of our names. Available Here…Price is- $899.00


6. Self Balancing Electric Skateboard

Hop onto the self balancing electric skateboard and experience the thrill of gliding over asphalt without ever having to step off the board. The skateboard’s bold design creates a remarkably smooth ride that makes the rider feel as if they’re flying on the pavement.

Product Review: Quick learn. I have never ridden a skateboard before so this is my first experience! It took me about three rides to get fairly decent to go up and down the street with no issues. I first started out in my large office by myself- I took a rolling desk chair as my temporary support mechanism just to get acclimated to the board and it’s controls. Get One…Price is- $1,499.00


7. Robotic Lawn Mower

Keep a picture perfect lawn year round without ever breaking a sweat by placing the robotic lawn mower on the job. It comes ready to use out of the box and can be programmed with a specific schedule so your lawn will always look perfectly manicured.

Product Review: The unit looks pretty solid and well made. However, after spending several hours setting up the perimeter wire in 100F heat, which was a huge hassle, I set it off on its first mow. It failed to get back to the charger in time when the battery needed charging, which required some adjustments to the perimeter wire. Available Here…Price is- $1,199.97


8. Voice Command Grocery List Maker

With the voice command grocery list maker you’ll never again forget to purchase a single item while shopping. The list maker comes with 2,500 pre-loaded items so you simply say what you need and the list maker automatically prints you an easy to read and organized list.

Product Review: I use this device to keep track of what I need to purchase at the grocery store. It’s kind of neat to print out a list and take it with you. There is also another list available for daily errands that can be printed out. You can customize the items in memory, and add categories, as needed. The only issue I have with this third generation model is the print quality. Available Here…Price is- $149.95

9. Mosquito Net Hammock

Enjoy the great outdoors without being eaten alive by insects by sealing yourself inside the mosquito net hammock. The thick mesh netting keeps all creepy crawlers out of your personal space while still allowing you to enjoy your majestic surroundings.

Product Review: I just took my hammock out for this first time on an overnight backpacking trip through the Cascades in Oregon. I really enjoyed having this hammock with me. It is compact, light, and very easy to set up. I am 6’4″ and 230 lbs and it had no problem keeping me off the ground. The mosquito netting is well constructed and great for the starry night. We had a lot of Flys on this trip and they had no chance of getting through. Available Here…Price is- $35.95


10. Remote Control Electric Skateboard

Effortlessly cruise over pavement with grace and agility by riding atop this wireless remote control electric skateboard. It’s designed to be able to carry you over a distance of seven miles on a single charge while traveling at speeds up to twenty-two miles per hour.

Product Review: I’m not ur typical longboarder…I’m heavy 200ibs and I’m old like 45! Never boarded in my life! Finally got one cause I was having a midlife crises and couldn’t afford a Porsche 911. I have to say every positive review about this board is 100% correct. Been riding everyday for a month and love every minute. Get One…Price is- $1,499.00


11. Remote Control Drink Float

Never again leave the comfort of your floating lounger when you’ve got the remote control drink float at your service. With just a few simple maneuvers of the remote, this floating maître d’ immediately swims up to wait on your every whim.

Product Review: The first day we tried it, it seemed to barely work at all. It would randomly make 360 degree turns and was slow as molasses. If you wanted to bring someone a drink, you’d be much better off getting out of the pool and walking it over to them… ;-).  Available Here…Price is- $54.99


12. Couch Drink And Remote Holder

Turn your comfy sofa into the ultimate chill station for vegging out with help from this couch drink and remote holder. The convenient design allows you to stick it in between the cushions so that it holds your drink and other gadgets upright while freeing up your hands.

Product Review: We got the bed version of cupsy, and it’s been a god-send. With a cat that loves nothing more than knocking glasses to the ground, we needed a secure place to store our evening water, etc. Cupsy slides right in between the bed platform and mattress. You can adjust to it whatever distance you prefer, and the arms are long enough that even two large, full cups never feel unstable, whether you are laying on the bed or the weight of the mattress alone holds it in place. Get One…Price is- $24.97


13. Perfect Drink Smart Bartender

Make better drinks than Tom Cruise in Cocktails with the perfect drink smart bartender. Once it’s connected to your tablet the smart bartender shows you how to concoct the perfect cocktail by providing the exact measurements and ingredients needed.

Product Review: I’m not a expert mixologist but as also a non participant who chooses not to indulge this is a perfect way to serve guests perfect cocktails. It will pay for itself many times over by not wasting liquor. Also aids in spirit inventory. Scale can be used with Perfect Bake app and other apps using the Perfect Scale. Available Here…Price is- $99.99


14. Gutter Cleaning Robot

Take all the hard work out of cleaning your gutters with the iRobot Looj gutter cleaner. This gutter cleaning robot is easy to set up, just place it in your gutters, remove the forty foot range remote control, and let it the robot do all the dirty gutter work for you.

Product Review: I’m a new owner of a 2-story colonial near 100 year-old trees, needless to say that when I purchased the home the gutters were a mess because the flippers didn’t clean the gutters after the fall season. After climbing the Werner folding ladder that I purchased to clean the rear gutters by hand, I got a serious case of the “yips”–20 – 25 feet above the ground is quite a bit for an office worker. I decide to not clean the gutters by hand and instead look at other options. Available Here…Price is- $125.99


15. Robotic Solar Powered Pool Skimmer

Give that sexy pool boy the boot by replacing him with this solar powered pool skimmer. After placing it in the water, it will float along the surface to remove up to 95% of all surface debris – including dust, leaves, pollen, and bacteria.

Product Review: I purchased my Solar Breeze from Amazon in March 2014. At the time I thought this thing looks too good to be true. I have recently opened my pool and begun to use it and have found that it works GREAT! My pool is surrounded by large oak trees and springtime brings a lot of trash down onto the pool surface. Oak tassels, a few leaves and a LOT of pollen. This week has been especially bad but the Solar Breeze cleaned it up! When I emptied it, the pollen looked like mush… I could not believe how much it had picked up. Now, under these conditions, you do need to clean it out every 4 hours, but that’s a quick process. Available Here…Price is- $525.00


16. World’s First Automatic Toothbrush

Thanks to the world’s first automatic toothbrush you’ll never have to manually brush your teeth again! Made from anti-bacterial silicone, this flexible brush comes with built-in micro channels that deliver toothpaste to the perfectly aligned row of bristles that line the entire brush.

Product Review: Purchased for my wife. Has added years to our marriage. She loves it. Available Here…Price is- $150.78


17. Automatic Jar Opener

Stop wasting your time trying to open jars with those puny noodles you call arms – because now you can employ the services of the automatic jar opener and easily pop up the top of your favorite foods while weeping over your diminutive physique.

Product Review: I love this little gadget! I rarely need help opening jars, but pickle jars and big olive jars (not the little ones) are impossible for me and drive up my husband’s blood pressure, so he told me to get a jar opener. I didn’t have room for one of those big stands like my mother in law has, and they’re about $100, so I was really excited to find this little automatic jar opener. And it works really well! As others have said, it’s very loud, but unless you have a sleeping baby to worry about, it’s not a big deal. Available Here…Price is- $34.99


18. Barbecue Grill Cleaning Robot

Keep the grill looking like new by unleashing the barbecue grill cleaning robot after every use. This pint size little robot boasts three powerful electric motors in addition to smart computer technology to ensure the entire surface gets evenly cleaned.

Product Review: I have a large 5 burner gas grill and to tell you the truth I definetely had my reservations about this device, but so far I’m impressed. I only gave it 4 stars because I’ve yet to have a party where I used the entire grill and got it “really” messy. Once I do that I will update my review but for now I would recommend it. Get One…Price is- $89.95


19. App Controlled Automatic Pet Feeder

Ensure your furry friend gets fed even if you’re not home by using this app controlled automatic pet feeder. It’s large enough to fit up to 7 pounds of dry food and allows you to program scheduled feedings and perform remote feedings with your smartphone.

Product Review: I have had two of these feeders and both have failed, the second was a warranty replacement. While this has the potential of being an excellent product, there are two serious design flaws which have not been addressed by the manufacturer: Available Here…Price is- $215.99


20. Automatic Fruit Peeling Machine

Enjoying a light healthy snack is easier than ever thanks to this automatic fruit peeling machine. You simply secure the spherical fruit or vegetable on the metallic spikes, adjust the thickness of the blade, and your fruit will be peeled in just 3 minutes.

Product Review:This peeler does exactly as it says. I bought for my lady who has arthritis in her hands and had a lot of trouble peeling oranges. The parts that have to be cleaned is very small. Just two pieces to wash and you’re done. Very much worth the money. Get One…Price is- $139.99


21. Personal Golf Driving Range

Work on your swing at home or even in your office with the personal golf driving range. Designed for both casual and professional golfers, the personal driving range offers an automatic golf ball return and can be set up in a matter of minutes.

Product Review: Firstly, Amazon went above and beyond to fix the shipping fiasco. Apparently the item got lost or otherwise not at my doorstep the day it was supposed to, so kudos to Amazon customer support for doing what they could to placate me and make me feel better. Now, about the product. Available Here…Price is- $595.00


22. Smart Automatic Pot Stirrer

Save time and effort by preparing your delicious meals with help from this smart automatic pot stirrer. This portable kitchen aid is designed for pots measuring 6 to 12 inches in diameter, and will prevent your food from sticking, burning, and pot scorching.

Product Review: I just got the Stirmate and used it for the first time. It works amazingly well, seems very well constructed and from solid materials. The mechanism is surprising powerful, providing plenty of torque and for the hour or so I used it it didn’t slow down at all. It’s very quiet, but not silent. The actual stirrer is simple yet ingenious – essentially, it is on floating hinges (top and bottom) so it can self adjust to whatever size and shape pot you are using. No need to worry about the end of it hanging outside the pot – it won’t get damaged by indirect heat. Available Here…Price is- $46.68


23. Adjustable Water Hammock/Lounger

Relax poolside in a variety of positions with the adjustable water hammock / lounger. This versatile pool accessory’s unique design can be adjusted on the fly so you can switch back and forth from a seating to a laying position.

Product Review: This is a nice float, hold us a 150 lb adult easily. Its a little short if you are over 6 feet though. It is solid and sturdy. The price was reasonable too, and delivery very fast. By the way, it’s also very comfortable if you want to just lay on the floor. Available Here…Price is- $65.73