21 Ways To Have A Good Relationship With Your Girlfriend

Girlfriend Duties In A Relationship

March 31st, 2018   |   Updated on February 20th, 2023

Flowers, candy, and back rubs are all great gifts to give to your partner, but if you don’t bring the compassion into play, you’re only doing half of the job!

We are going to challenge you to think that without compassion, nothing else really matters. If this seems far-fetched, read on to discover 21 relationship advice can truly change your relationship for the better.

Consider how being a little more compassionate with your partner could bring you more joy, happiness, and maybe even more mind-blowing orgasms.

1. Try a new position. No, not sexually, but from a different emotional angle. “How you feeling?” is about as exciting as Tonight for dinner we’re having Tuna Helper… again.

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2. Do research. Find others in your circle and ask them what they’re doing to up the ante on the compassion factor.

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3. Admit you’re wrong. Swallowing your pride, seeing your screw-up, and being willing to say “I’m wrong,” is one of the most compassionate things you can do.

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4. Don’t get stuck in stereotypical replay. Nothing’s worse than the standard, “So sorry for your loss,” or “Man, that sucks.” Get out of the habit of saying what you’ve heard a million times.

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5. Ask your partner what compassion means to them. Just as you communicate about sexual desires, you should communicate about compassion: “A little to the left, please!

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6. Your needs versus theirs. This is the assumptive “compassion” rule. Just because your definition of compassion is “X”, doesn’t mean it’s theirs.

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7. No emotion required: Some people emote compassion with emotions, but others don’t — so don’t feel the need to be a sobbing mess!

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8. The power of touch does wonders. Touch your partner, and let him or her feel your presence without saying a word.

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9. And on that note: Listen up and shut up. Oh, we humans have to have our voices heard, but being compassionate is about being there for someone else.

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10. Admit you’re wrong. This is a sticky icky, but it can be a big compassion moment in a relationship.

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11. Sharing your own story can bridge a gap and connect you with your partner in his time of need.

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12. Be truthful: Honesty equals compassion.

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13. Little things do matter! Simple gestures, like hand-picked flowers, say a lot.

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14. Never, ever, ever say “I understand.” Chances are, you don’t completely. Instead, say, “Tell me more about how you’re feeling.

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15. Stop prying. If your partner doesn’t want to talk, then give them space.

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16. Mind the gap. There may be a disparity in what you’d like to do to be compassionate and what they need.

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17. Examine your motives. Are you being compassionate out of expectations of return, or because you truly care

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18. Golden rule time: Are doing this because of the adage “Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you

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19. Take care of yourself, too. Being compassionate doesn’t mean putting your needs aside.

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20. Draw the line. Compassion doesn’t mean over giving, or co-dependency. Compassion simply allows you to care, without throwing yourself into the heart of someone else’s stuff

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21. Laughter can help your partner realize “It ain’t so bad as it seems

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