10 Really Good Sex Questions All Couples Know The Answers To Happy Relationship

If a couple like each other, have fun together, and basically have a good relationship, they shouldn't call it quits if everything is there but the sex.

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1. Can you have a great, long-lasting sex life with the same partner?


2. What's the latest on sex toys?


3. Do men compare us to the women in porn movies?


4. Can you be happy without sex?


5. Is there anything women still don't get about masturbation?


6. How do I buy sex products online without anyone finding out?


7. Is there a typical erotic-lit fantasy?


8. What about erotic literature?


9. Is it true that women are now selling sex aids the way they used to sell Tupperware?


10. What's the best time to raise delicate sexual issues with a new partner?

Good Sex Questions


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