The Most Ridiculous Questions Ever Asked In A Sex Education Class

Funny Sex Questions

October 27th, 2017   |   Updated on March 27th, 2024

Taking your first sex ed course in middle school is a fun mixture of awkward, embarrassing, and full-blown WTF!

Everyone knows that sex education lessons at school can leave a lot to be desired, meaning most of the time we’re hopelessly uninformed and in fits of uncontrollable laughter.

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Now a Reddit thread has been asking about the best hilarious sex questions people ever asked or overheard, and unsurprisingly it has been inundated with responses.

At this point, most kids have not experienced sex, but boy oh boy do they have a lot of strange theories.

The people over at AskReddit have even witnessed some of those wonderful questions first hand and it’s as funny as it is strange.

1. A girl in my high school sex ed class didn’t quite understand how she could get pregnant if a dude pulled out before he finished. Then her basketball player boyfriend stood up and yelled, “Before a man shoots he’s gotta dribble!

Funny Sex Questions
2. When I was in sex ed many years ago, all the guys got to write questions for the girls on paper notes and vice versa. One of the guys wrote: “What is the largest thing you could fit inside of you?” One of the girls answered: “an infant.” Preach.

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3. In grade 6 sex ed, my friend asked “Why do girls use tampons instead of pads?” and before the teacher could say anything, another kid piped up with “Because they get orgasms when they use them.”

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4. The teacher told us wearing two condoms is less effective because of the increased friction, and a top mind in my class asked: ‘If you go fast enough, could you start a fire?

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5. Teacher opened a box to let us anonymously ask embarrassing questions. Someone asked: ‘Is penis size hereditary?’ When she said no the kid who put it in, jumped up screaming: ‘Thank god!’ The look on our teacher’s face was priceless.

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6. We had a kid who openly asked in a very rural conservative small-town school whether it was possible for “the skeet to drip down from da booty hole and get a girl pregnant

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7. Can you get stuck?

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8. Does peanut butter make your boobs grow bigger?

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9. Does the hair down there go grey also? I figured you would know

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10. One of children asked: ‘Does sex feel good?’ Poor teacher had no idea how to answer that.

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11. If you have a Coca-Cola flavoured condom, do you have a Coca-Cola flavoured baby?

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12. We had a box where people could write a question they were too embarrassed to ask and someone would read them out for the teacher to answer. The best one was: ‘If I am doing a girl in the butt and she farts, will my balls explode?

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13. A few years ago I was teaching sex-ed and had a student ask me, with all sincerity: ‘If I’m fingering a girl and she sneezes, will it break my fingers?

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14. what happens if a guy is too big to use a condom?

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15. A chick asked: “If I have sex with my dad and have a kid, is the kid my brother or my son?

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16. A kid in my sex ed class once asked “why are periods blue?”

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17. A cute girl said, “I have never done this, but my boyfriend said sperm is good for the skin and can keep you looking younger if applied to the face. Is this true?”

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18. Why do people bounce up and down when they have sex? Teacher (very casually) said: ‘I don’t know, I guess they just think it feels better that way

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19. A boy asked if breast milk was the result of all the milk a woman ever drank being stored up for the baby.

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20. Some kid in my sex ed class asked if sperm floats … in the air … like a helium balloon.

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21. In grade six, my sex Ed teacher opened the class with “You girls might think I don’t know much about your bodies, but I just got my wife pregnant for the second time.” No one said anything.

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