25 Dirty Questions To Ask A Girl To Heat Things Up

Sexy Questions To Ask A Girl

July 9th, 2017   |   Updated on July 22nd, 2020

For upping the passion and heat in a bedroom, there’s almost nothing that beats dirty talk. But what if you don’t know what to say? Are you nervous or do you feel awkward and lost when it comes to what to say?

Keeping your relationship fun and exciting is crucial, if you want something everlasting. So that’s why, here is a few dirty questions to ask a girl when you want to get her in the mood for some fun sex games.

1. What’s the dirtiest thought you’ve ever had?

freaky questions


2. What’s the sexiest compliment you’ve ever gotten?

flirty questions


3. What’s the sexiest compliment you’ve ever given?

21 freaky questions


4. Do you like it rough or gentle?

freaky 21 questions


5. What’s the most sexually daring thing you’ve ever done?

freaky questions for 21 questions


6. What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever asked someone to do to you?

100 flirty questions


7. How seriously do you take your sex life?

21 questions freaky


8. What turns you on the most about the opposite sex?

seductive questions


9. What is your hottest sexual memory?

questions to ask your lover


10. What’s your biggest sexual fear?

truth or dare questions for adults


11. If you could take on any fictional character’s personality in bed, who would you be?

truth or dare questions over text


12. Have you ever had sex with two different people in one night?

funny intimate questions


13. How many different people have you had great sex with?

20 freaky questions


14. What’s the one sex act you want to try before you die?

dirty couple


15. What makes you feel comfortable when you’re naked someone?

questions to ask my boyfriend


16. What’s your favorite part of a man’s body?

seductive questions for him


17. What’s your favorite part of your own body?

freaky relationship questions


18. What’s the dirtiest dream you’ve ever had?

dirty dares over text


19. Have you ever made an erotic fantasy come true?

flirty questions to ask a girl


20. If you had one day left to live, how would you want it?

Good Sex Questions -dirty questions


21. Which is more important to you – boobs or butt?

Good Sex Questions - awkward questions to ask a girl


22. Have you ever been to a strip club? When’s the last time you went?

question to ask your boyfriend


23. Do you like me with makeup, or without?

questions to ask a boy


24. Would it make you upset if you saw me making out with a really hot woman?

Good Sex Questions -100 questions to ask a guy


25. Out of everything you’ve ever done during sex, what was your favorite?

truth questions to ask a guy - Good Sex Questions


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