150+ Good Questions To Ask A Girl That Can Kick Start A Hearty Conversation

Questions To Ask A Girl

September 2nd, 2019   |   Updated on February 18th, 2023

Are You Looking For Good Questions To Ask A Girl That Can Kick Start A Conversation With Her?

You see a pretty girl and want to talk to her but you are too nervous to do anything. Breaking the ice is not your cup of tea?

Do you want to charm the girl you have a crush on? And do not know how to make the first move?

No worries, anymore!

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A simple good question can almost spark hearty conversation. So, you just need to have a bevy of good questions to ask a girl.

Here are a bevy of good questions to ask a girl to help you strike up a conversation with the beautiful lass in a friendly, charming and confident manner.

1. What Are The Three Most Interesting Things About You?


2. What Was The Most Memorable Gift You’ve Ever Received?

3. Have You Ever Had A Crush On A Fictional Movie Character? Who?


4. What Cartoon Did You Watch Most As A Child?

5. What Age Do You Feel Right Now And Why?

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6. As The Only Human Left On Earth, What Would You Do?

7. What Is The Most Heartwarming Thing You’ve Ever Seen?

8. What Is Your Best Childhood Memory?

9. If Your Life Had A Theme Song, What Would It Be?

10. Have You Traveled To Any Different Countries? Which Was Your Favorite?


11. What Was Your Worst First (And Last) Date?

12. What Would Be On The Gag Reel Of Your Life?

13. If You Were President, What Is The First Thing You Would Do?

14. What’s Something Your Brain Tries To Make You Do And You Have To Will Yourself Not To Do It?

15. Which Fictional Character Would Be The Most Boring To Meet In Real Life?

Game Of Thrones Character - Sansa Stark

16. If You Could Bankrupt One Person Or Company Who Would It Be?

17. What Is Something That Is Considered A Luxury, But You Don’t Think You Could Live Without?

18. What’s The Worst Food Combination You Can Imagine?

19. If You Could Travel Anywhere, Where Would You Go And Why?

20. If You Won The Lottery, How Would You Quit Your Job?


21. What Is Your Lucky Number?

22. What Movie Title Best Describes Your Life?

23. What’s The Best Thing About You?

24. What Is Your Favorite Holiday?

25. What Is Your Favorite Food?

Morocco food

26. What Do You Spend The Most Time Thinking About?

27. What Were Some Of The Turning Points In Your Life?

28. What’s The Most Refreshing Thing On A Hot Summer Day?

29. What Makes A Good Life?

30. What Would Be Your Perfect Breakfast?


31. What Does A Perfect Day Look Like To You?

32. What Do You Dislike But Have No Good Reason For Disliking?

33. What Was The Weirdest Conversation You Have Overheard?

34. What Food Would Be The Best To Make A House Out Of?

35. What View Would You Most Like To Have Out Of Your Window?

Young lonely woman sitting on a window

36. Do You Work Out?

37. What Is Your Dream Car?

38. Do You Care More About Making Money Or Pursuing Happiness?

39. What Is Your Favorite Color?

40. What Is The Real Story Behind Your Last Instagram Post?


41. Would You Rather Be Rich And Famous Or Rich Without The Fame?

42. What Are The Qualities That You Are Looking For In A Man?

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43. When You Were Younger, What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?

44. Do You Think That You Would Be Happiest Living In A City Or On A Farm?

45. Do You Pay Attention To Politics Or Do You Tend To Stay Away From That?

46. What Was/is Your Favorite Subject In School?


47. Are You A Mountain Or Beach Person?

48. Would You Rather Be In Love Or Be Rich?

49. Would You Consider Yourself Spiritual Or Religious?

50. Are You An Introvert Or Extrovert?

51. What Was Your Best Phase In Life?

52. What’s Your Favorite Movie Of All Time?

53. What Is A Relationship Deal Breaker For You?

54. What Incredibly Strong Opinion Or Belief Do You Have That Is Completely Unimportant In The Grand Scheme Of Things?

55. What’s The Title Of The Current Chapter Of Your Life?

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56. What Is The First Thing That Attracts You To Someone?

57. What Single Event Has Had The Biggest Impact On Who You Are?

58. Have You Dated Multiple People At Once?

59. What Lies Do You Most Often Tell Yourself?

60. If Money Was Not An Issue, Describe Your Ideal Date.


61. Who, Besides Your Parents, Had The Biggest Impact On Your Life?

62. What’s The Best And Worst Thing About Getting Older?

63. If You Could Change One Thing About Me, What Would It Be?

64. If You Could Steal One Thing Without Consequence What Would It Be?

65. What Bends Your Mind Every Time You Think About It?

Electronic Music Production

66. What Bridges Do You Not Regret Burning?

67. What Chance Encounter Changed Your Life Forever?

68. Why Do You Think We Dream?

69. What Is Your Idea Of The Perfect Romantic Gift?

70. Which Trait Of Mine First Drew You To Me?


71. If You Saw Me Out Somewhere With Another Woman, Would You Think She Was A Relative, An Old Friend, Or A Girl I’m Seeing On The Side?

72. What Did You Think About Me When You First Saw Me?

73. Can You Share Something From You Life That You’ve Never Shared With Anyone Else?

74. What Were You Feelings When We Had Our First Kiss?

75. What Is The One Thing About Our Relationship That Makes You Most Happy?

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76. Do You Prefer A Good Conversation Or Good Sex?

77. Do You Think You’ll Ever Want To Settle Down And Have Kids?

78. Do You Prefer A Good Hug Or A Good Kiss?

79. How Do You Treat People Who Annoy You For No Reason?

80. What Are Your Secret Skills?


81. What’s The Main Reason You Get Out Of Bed Every Day?

82. Do You Say Yes Or No More Often In Life?

83. What Would You Tell Your Youngest Self If You Could Go Back In Time?

84. What Sparks Your Light And Gets You Motivated?

85. Do You Believe In Karma?

86. What’s The One Thing That’s Most Important For Someone To Improve Their Life?

87. Who Would You Sacrifice Your Life For?

88. Are You Proud To Be A Part Of The Human Race?

89. What Impression Do You Try To Give When You First Meet Someone?

90. What Motivates You To Be A Better Person?


91. What Movie Made You Cry The Most?

92. What Is The Most Horrible Date You’ve Been On?

93. What’s The Weirdest Tradition Your Family Has?

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94. What’s Something That You’ve Never Been Able To Do Well?

95. Who Is The Most Humble Person You Know?

96. Who’s The Worst Guest You’ve Had In Your House And What Did They Do?

Shocking History Of The Humble Vibrator_1

97. If You Were A Vegetable, What Would You Be And Why?

98. If Could Have One Superpower, What Would It Be?

99. Would You Do If We Were In Zero Gravity?

100. What Would Your Dream Bathroom Look Like?


101. What’s The Weirdest Conversation You’ve Ever Overheard?

102. What Is Something You Just Can’t Believe Some People Actually Enjoy?

103. What’s The Worst You’ve Seen Someone Screw Up On Social Media?

104. What’s The Strangest Gift You’ve Ever Received?

105. What Book Impacted You The Most?

106. If You Were Going To Die In One Hour, What Would You Do?

107. If You Could Send A Message To The Whole World And They Would Listen, What Message Would You Give?

108. What Are Your Worst Habits?

109. What’s Something You’re Extremely Self-conscious About?

110. What’s Your Best Trait?


111. What’s Your Worst Trait?

112. What’s The Most Challenging Thing About Your Life Right Now?

113. What’s The Worst Advice You’ve Ever Received?

114. What’s The Most Important Aspect Of Living A Good Life?

115. Are You An Adventurous Person?

116. What Chance Encounter Changed Your Life Forever?

Beautiful Life

117. If You Could Choose Anyone Living Or Dead, Who Would You Choose To Lead Our Country?

118. What App On Your Phone Do You Wish You Used More?

119. What Is Something That You Think People Are Only Pretending To Like Or Are Deluding Themselves Into Liking?

120. What Joke Went Way Too Far?


121. What Is Your Very First Memory?

122. Who Is Your Favorite Actor Or Actress?

123. What Are You Most Grateful For?

124. What Do You Wish You Could Re-live?how Decisive Or Indecisive Are You?

125. What Snack Can You Just Not Get Enough Of?


126. What’s This Time Period The Golden Age Of?

127. What Was The Worst Phase You Went Through?

128. What Weird Smell Do You Really Enjoy?

129. What’s The Best Gag Gift You’ve Ever Seen Or Gotten?

130. What’s In Your Pockets Right Now?


131. What Options Would Come Up If You Could “right-click” People?

132. What’s The Best Piece Of Advice Someone Has Given You?

133. What Do You Like To Do That Is Traditionally Considered Masculine?

134. What Was Something You Ate Regularly As A Child But Now Cringe At The Thought Of Eating?

135. What’s Something You Learned Recently That You Really Should Have Already Known?

Learn to cook something new

137. If You Were An Action Figure, What Accessories Would You Be Sold With?

138. Which Car Is So Ugly You’re Shocked It Got Made?

139. Do You Prefer Being Warmed When You’re Too Cold Or Being Cooled When You’re Too Hot?

140.What Sentence Can You Say That Makes Total Sense Now But Would Seem Insane 20 Years Ago?


141. What’s The Best Practical Joke You’ve Pulled Or Seen Pulled?

142. If You Inherited A Private Jet From A Stranger, What Would You Do With It?

143. What’s Something From Your Childhood That Used To Be Common But Now Is Pretty Rare?

144. What’s Something Weird That You Recommend Everyone Trying At Least Once?

145. What Country Can You Name But Besides The Name You Know Almost Nothing Else About It?

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146. What’s Your Favorite Way To Meet New People?

147. What Areas In Your Life Do You Have High Hopes For And What Are Those High Hopes?

148. Who Was The Most Spoiled Person You Personally Have Met?

149. What’s The Most Pleasing Accent To Hear Your Language Spoken With?

150. What Website Or App Has Completely Changed Your Life For Better Or For Worse?


151. What Makes You Feel Old?

152. Who Is Or Was Your Greatest Rival?

153. What’s Your Favorite Non-drug / Non-alcohol High?

154. What’s The Worst Thing You’ve Heard One Person Say To Another Person?

155. How Do You Feel About Books?


156. What Do You Really Want To Know?

157. How Different Is The Social Environment For Kids In School Now Versus 10 Or 20 Years Ago?

158. What Was Your Most Memorable Dream Or Nightmare?

159. What Do You Love About Yourself?

160. What Job Won’t Be Replaced By Machines Or Computers Any Time Soon?


161. What Gets Progressively Weirder The More You Think About It?

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