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6 Healthy Diet Tips To Gain Weight

Healthy Diet Tips To Gain Weight

June 28th, 2018   |   Updated on April 26th, 2023

Healthy Diet Tips To Gain Weight Everyone wants to look healthy and smart but sometime it happens that due to bad eating habits or any recent surgeries like dental, heart etc.

or genetical issues we look skinny and have low weight but whatever the case maybe we can definitely try our best to gain weight In healthy way for better life and fit body always.

Healthy Diet Tips To Gain Weight

Here we have shared some insightful tips to increase your body weight without eating junk food as it is not about eating lot of calories at once but eating smart with right amount of calories coming from right source to get our desired weight naturally and easily without any body diseases and problems.

1. Include macros in diet

Healthy Diet Tips To Gain Weight

Includes all the 3 important macro’s i.e. fats, carbs and proteins in your diet in proper quantity is very important factor for weight gain because too much of anything can make you feel bloated and obese but right amount of all 3 in your diet will lead to weigh gain in healthy manner without any issues.


2. Eat small frequently

Increase the number of times you eat food as it will increase your body appetite to eat more food and make you healthy in long term.

So increase your daily food Intake count from 3 to 6 time each day and in 3 extra times besides breakfast, lunch and dinner you need to have some healthy protein packed snacks like egg omelette, veggie bowl, quality pan cakes, dry fruits bowl, tuna sandwiches Etc.

To make yourself beefed up and increase weigh naturally as this will also increase your body capacity to digest food fast and often.

3. Eat veggies and fruits

Healthy Diet Tips To Gain Weight

Eating veggies like spinach, corns, potatoes, zucchinis, green peas, kale, and broccoli regularly is quite effective way to gain weight.

Fruits also provides you many nutrients, vitamins, mineral and fibres for easy digestions of the food and contributes to good health.

To make fruits and veggies tasty you can grill them using grill gadgets as it will make them delicious to eat every time. Consume them daily and you will start seeing some great changes in coming weeks.


4. Eat calories rich food

Healthy Diet Tips To Gain Weight

Eating food rich in calories will allow you gain weight but make sure it comes with other nutrients also and not bad trans-fat to make you obese and disease prone.

So eating food like nuts, avocados, dry fruits, cheese, peanuts, sunflower oil, and olive oil is good for your health and will result in weight gain but food items like fries, pizza, donuts are bad for the health and body.


5. Drink nutritional drinks

Healthy Diet Tips To Gain Weight

To gain weight you need to avoid any unhealthy aerated drinks and other processed sugary drinks that spike up your energy levels and bring it down rapidly.

You need to drink natural healthy drinks like fruit smoothies, milk based drinks, fruit water, protein shakes with fruits etc.

To gain weight naturally and stay hydrated always. Doing this will increase your weigh and also keep your body metabolism active.


6. Add some topping to your food

Adding toppings to your food makes it packaged with extra calories which can help your gain weight without eating extra food.

There are hundreds of combinations to put on various recipes to make your food delicious, healthy and calories rich at the same time.

You can add grilled veggies, salads, cheese, nuts, avocadoes, grilled fish, charcoal bbq chicken kababs, different sauces etc.

Besides that you can also eat small bowl of whole grain pasta, corn salad, soup bowl, beans and lentils salad, roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes salad and other side dishes to increase your calories intake count.

Hope you like our simple tips to gain weight naturally and become healthy without eating artificial supplements over time and live a happy life.

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