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Horoscope Travel Guide 2018 : The Travel Guide That Reveals The Ideal Destination For Every Star Sign

Horoscope Travel Guide 2018

Published on February 2nd, 2018

Are you struggling for ideas for your next holiday? If travelling more often is your top resolution for 2018, deciding where to actually go is no small feat. Lucky for you, we’re here to help with our first-ever set of annual travel horoscopes!

Well, never fear because globetrotting experts over at G Adventures have revealed a horoscope travel guide showing the ideal destinations for every star sign. Whatever your thoughts on the accuracy of horoscopes, they might just have an idea you approve of.

1. Aries – Portugal

If you’re an Aries, then the astrologically-minded advisers suggest you should shake off your tendency to be a ‘creature of habit’ and head to Portugal. With delicious Mediterranean food and unique architecture, it’s recommended as a top short-haul spot.

2. Taurus – Morocco

Naturally drawn to ‘bright colours’ and ‘bold flavours’, Tauruses should consider a trip to Morocco where the vibrant souks and fragrant foods will be sure to impress.

3. Gemini – Colombia

Meanwhile, with a love of shaking things up and ‘being on their toes’, Colombia is put forward for Geminis.

4. Cancer – Hawaii

With a propensity for making ‘decisions with their gut’, Cancerians should apparently head to Hawaii where the sand and surf will sweep them away to paradise.

5. Leo – Egypt

For travel-loving Leos, Egypt is suggested as a country to add to the list. The guide continues: ‘You’ll love meeting the locals and seeing the sights – and since the ancient Egyptians worshipped cats, you might just feel right at home.’

6. Virgo – Sri Lanka

Moving further through the year, analytically-minded Virgos should hit Sri Lanka, as it’s said they’ll love witnessing the rich history and bustling culture.

7. Libra – Bolivia

To satisfy a need for equilibrium, Libras are advised to book a ticket to Bolivia which has mountains, sprawling flats and a mixture of hot and cold weather.

8. Scorpio – Kyrgyzstan

Scorpios apparently have a tendency for ‘opting for well-trod locales and overlooking lesser-known places’. But they are told to change it up this year, with a trip to Kyrgyzstan, which is brimming with history, culture, architecture and stunning landscapes.

9. Sagittarius – Oman

Sagittarius is said to be top of the list. For this reason, Oman is put forward as the top choice with ‘beautiful, vast deserts, majestic palaces, canyoning-ready wadis and turtles’.

10. Capricorn – Baltics

Finding it more difficult than most to forget the office, workaholic Capricorns should book a break to the Baltics. The guide explains: ‘You’ll spend so much time learning about these seaside paradises, we’re willing to wager you might even forget about your inbox for a while.’

11. Aquarius – Uganda

Aquarians, a trip Uganda is encouraged because it will satisfy the Aquarian need for ‘wide open spaces’ and close-up encounters with gorillas will lend to their strong communication skills.

12. Pisces – Borneo

Topping things off, Pisces – who are ‘drawn towards places with complicated, complex histories, cultural traditions, weather patterns, and even landscapes’ – are told to block off some time on the calendar this year for a visit to Borneo.

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