16 Hottest Dark Blonde Hair Colours You Will See 2018

Hottest Dark Blonde Hair Colours

August 28th, 2018   |   Updated on February 17th, 2020

Dark blonde hair shades have an extended colour spectrum that ranges from dark golden tone to warm tones of dark platinum which makes it a very versatile colour choice for different skin tones and seasons.

During the summer and spring, warmer shades work their magic as do the neutral and cool tones during the autumn and winter.

The dark blonde also looks fabulous with highlights and black lowlights. If you are thinking to have a colour transition, choose dark blonde hair colour because it makes it easy to combine a variety of shades and apply different highlights.


1. Dark Blonde Hair with Dark Babylights

Cool and warm tones characterise this multidimensional dark blonde hair.  It looks great on women with natural hair as it is used to help the blonde grow out effortlessly with time without any line of demarcation. The warm and cool highlights look great on ladies with combination eyes and skin, or for those who wear a variety of shades.


2. Sun-Kissed Brown to Dark Blonde Ombre

This is a natural, sun-kissed ombre look. The colour vanishes beautifully and perfectly from the base to the tips. It is a pretty wearable look for most women no matter their hair type or age. It is low maintenance as well.

3. Ageless Dark Blonde Lob

This is a textured long bob dark blonde hair. It is a very admired look because it is an easy going and fresh hairstyle. It is straightforward to style and maintain for the women on the go. This colour combo is excellent for the women who don’t have much time to spend in the salon, but they need to look good anyway!

4. Autumn Dark Blonde Ombre

This is a great look for autumn. It complements accessories and neutral shades to cultivate the warmth and sleek golden colour. It is a great look for low maintenance fashionistas who want to boost their hair hue without entirely changing it.


5. Dark Roots with Ash Blonde

This is a Rooty dark blonde hair colour. We like a good root since it presents a little bit of mucky feel and makes the hairstyle low maintenance. It is suitable for ladies with naturally dark blonde hair.

6. Beautiful Dark Blonde with Highlights

An intentionally unintentional look! It looks so natural and fabulous. It has both the blonde and brunette look. The super melting of these two colours gives a gorgeous blonde and very modern look. These colours are ideal for a blonde transformation from summer to winter.

7. Light Brown and Dark Blonde

This is a dark blonde hair with highlights of light balayage. With the light brown, you can get a warm blonde hue without cleaning it out or needing much maintenance. It is excellent for most skin tones. It is ideal for darker hair.

8. Natural Ash Caramel Blonde

We all like the natural contrast of this root and accentuate shade. It is essential to keep the colours neutral to have a supernatural look, as well as low maintenance. This look is suitable for ladies who want the look of a blonde, but they want to keep their hair healthy. It doesn’t need much maintenance as a solid blonde and ideal for career women and students.

9. Dark Ash Blonde

This is a low maintenance dark blonde hair style. You can effortlessly style it at home for as many years as you would love to. It is a wash and wear haircut. You can also wear it with some subtle loose waves around the face.

10. Trendy Dark Blonde

The best words to describe this look is soft and fashionable. We like how the slightly dark root can come up with a thin, modern dimension. We all love how the shade matches different skin tones and transforms an entire of your look.

11. Dark Golden Blonde for An Extended Curly Hair

This is a Pina colada-inspired look. However, don’t forget one crucial thing; remember to match your blonde with your makeup. Study your skin tone, love yourself, and customise your dark blonde hair to your personality.

12. Shimmery Dark Blonde Balayage

For the ladies who want a hairstyle to add dimension and shimmer to their hair, this is the ideal one for them. The shine is too youthful and soft at the trimmings. Remember that a sombre is a great choice for ladies with diamond or long shaped face.

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13. Natural Dark Blonde

This is a natural hair. The shade and the cut are so relaxed and need minimal effort on styling. The maintenance of the hair hue is not busy due to lots of variations in the level. There are various ways in which this haircut can be worn. You can use natural texture and enhance it subtly with some sleek curls using a traditional curling iron.

14. Natural Blonde with Dark Blonde Highlights

This is a round, long and layered hairstyle with dark blonde hair colour and accents. The best thing about this hairstyle is that it looks great on all types of hair and face types and also super low maintenance. You can also recreate it effortlessly at home. To recreate it, you don’t need to use too much product. It can look beautiful either round brushed or when you just add extra movement by enhancing the curls using a curling iron.

15. Dark Platinum Blonde

This hue of dark blonde to vibrant platinum give a gorgeous ombre. To reveal this colour superbly, opt for a shoulder length to elongated straight hair.

16. Dark Roots with Honey Highlights

Achieve this face-brightening look by incorporating strategically styled highlights on a honey blonde shade. Add a smooth layer of honey accents on the top of the hair to get a natural blend into your darker blonde hair for a flattering look.