How To Find Guided Tours In Reykjavik, Iceland

the unforgettable blue lagoon is a part of the Golden Circle tour

July 3rd, 2018   |   Updated on February 13th, 2021

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or someone just starting to see the world, Iceland should definitely be on your travel bucket list.

The cold island in Northern Europe feels like a completely different, untouched planet, a breathtaking environment that people have to see at least once in their lives.

But considering Iceland’s distance from most places and relative isolation, you may think it’s hard to travel there.

The truth is, however, Iceland is making it easier for people to travel to their country, promoting itself as a prime tourist destination.

In fact, one Google Search could get you a list of different travel agencies offering guided tour packages—and you can even find agencies that are officially accredited by the Iceland Tourism Board.

While you can certainly choose a travel agency to help you out on the internet, you’d probably want to go with someone who knows Reykjavik and Iceland best, and can show you around without missing anything important.

No one knows Iceland better than Nicetravel, an Icelandic travel agency founded by three native families who only wanted to give visitors the best that the beautiful country has to offer.

Nicetravel provides travel and tour services with a personal touch—because they’re a travel agency founded by travelers.


How to get to Nicetravel?

Reykjavik is a big city you should consider the tour operator who offers pick-up service

Nicetravel is easily accessible, located in Fiskislóð 45M, 101 Reykjavik. They also provide pick-up services from different points in the city including directly from tourist accommodations and office buildings, as well as the BSI Bus Terminal for those staying outside of Reykjavik.

Those who are also visiting Iceland via cruise ship can be picked up at the harbor for tours.


What kind of tours are offered?

Whether you’re visiting Iceland only for a day or staying around for a while, Nicetravel has numerous options to suit your specific needs.


Day Tours Reyjkavik

with Nicetravel guides you can learn more about Iceland even during the road trip

Nicetravel’s packages for those staying in Iceland for a day, range from multi-stop tours to single attractions travelers can enjoy.

Single attractions include whale and puffin watching (ISK 9.900 and 6.000 respectively for adults, ISK 4.950 and 3.000 respectively for children) from the Old Harbor for those who would like to enjoy nature peacefully.

While those looking for a more exciting adventure can go on an ATV ride from the city to visit a farm in the countryside (ISK 14.900 for adults and 7.950 for children).


Iceland most known attraction

For those who would prefer to visit different places in one day, Nicetravel recommends their bestseller day tours that mix and match the various must-see destinations in Iceland: an 11-hour tour of the Golden Circle, the famous Blue Lagoon, and Kerid Volcanic Crater that’s available all year (ISK 24.900 for adults and 12.900 for children), as well as a 12-hour hike through the waterfalls, Black Beach, and glaciers of the Wild South Coast, which is only available from April to October (ISK 18.900 for adults and 15.900 for children).

the unforgettable blue lagoon is a part of the Golden Circle tour


Check what’s more you can visit during the trip

Other day tours offered include an 8-hour tour of just the Golden Cirlce and the Kerid Volcanic Crater, an 11-hour tour of the Golden Circle, Blue Lagoon, and Kerid Volcanic Crater, a 10-hour tour of the Golden Circle, Kerid Volcanic Crater, and puffin watching at the Old Harbor, and an 11-hour day tour of the Snæfellsnes National Park (considered a microcosm of Iceland, due to its diverse geology). With these packages, you’ll never miss out on the attractions that make Iceland simply amazing.


Multi-Day Tour Packages

preparing longer tours on your own can be a difficult task

If you’re staying in Iceland for more than a day, then you should consider getting these packages that are designed to make the most out of your stay. Nicetravel’s multi-day toru packages are divided into two: summer and winter tours, and range from two-day, three-day, five-day, and seven-day itineraries.

If you’re going to Iceland in the summer (that’s April to October), Nicetravel recommends their best-selling two-day tour of Jokulsarlon, a large lake in the southeast of Iceland, which includes a waterfall and glacier hike, as well as a boat trip. For only ISK 49.900 for adults and 42.900 for children, you can go around the mesmerizing glacial lake and marvel at the beauty of nature. A similar two-day tour which includes other attractions on the southern coast is also offered for ISK 44.900 and 39.900 for adults and children, respectively.

If you’d like to go longer, a three-day Jokulsarlon tour which includes the above attractions as well as the south coast and the Golden Circle is also offered for ISK 69.900 and 49.900 for adults and children, respectively. Should you want to travel around the country and see all the sights by land, the ultimate tour is the seven-day guided Ring Road tour, which takes you around the island on the Iceland Route-1, also known locally as the Ring Road. All of Iceland’s attractions you can behold are there for ISK 229.000 and 139.000 for adults and children, respectively.

unforgettable sights can be spotted in the whole of Iceland

Touring Iceland in the winter is a whole other experience as well. It’s the season of the aurora borealis, and everything is made more magical by the ice and frost. You can go on two-day tours of Jokulsarlon, the Blue Lagoon, the Blue Ice Cave, the Black Beach, Snæfellsnes National Park, and the waterfalls of the south coast, ranging from ISK 38.900 to 61.900 for adults and children alike. Should you want to visit all of them, three-day (along the south coast) and five-day tour options are available as well, ranging from ISK 76.900 to 129.900 for adults and ISK 59.800 to 99.000 for children.


Why Should You Book With Nicetravel?

you don't need to worry about lost of way, guide operator care about everything

If you want a fun, comfortable, and unforgettable experience touring Iceland, then Nicetravel’s drivers and tour guides are the best in the country. Everyone tasked to take you around the country know it like the back of their hand, able to tell beautiful tales of Iceland’s history while also discussing the science behind the volcanic environment. All of Nicetravel’s guides are well-trained, experienced, and come highly recommended by tourists from all around the world because of the expertise and personal touch they bring.

Should you be coming on short notice, Nicetravel can still also accommodate you and give you the memorable Iceland experience you deserve.

So if Iceland is on your travel bucket list and it’s the next item you’re checking off, you owe it to yourself to book your tours with Nicetravel. From Reykjavik to the whole country, they’ll make sure you definitely fall in love with Iceland even more.