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These Seven Essential Home Remedies And 10 Best Under Eye Creams Can Actually Remove Your Dark Circles

Dark Circles Removal Cream

July 25th, 2019   |   Updated on October 22nd, 2020

Tired-looking eyes is one of the most common beauty problems we face. Nobody wants to have puffiness, dark circles and fine lines because they make you look older.

There are so any natural methods you can use to tackle the problem of tired-looking eyes. No matter how busy you schedule is, you can try these natural remedies to tackle dark discoloration.

Those who want faster result can use one of the best dark circles removal creams available in the market.

1. Green Tea Bags

Green Tea_Foods

Green tea bags have plenty of caffeine and antioxidants that can be really helpful in removing dark circles.

If you place wet tea bags on your eyes for 10-15 minutes, your blood vessels will shrink and fluid retention will also be reduced. Use this method twice daily to get the desired result.

2. Coconut Oil

Cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil_Foods

Lightly massage below the eye area with extra virgin coconut oil. Do this at least two to three times daily. Dark circles will disappear within a few weeks.

3. Tomato and Lemon Juice

Tomato Crab Soup

Mix tomato juice and fresh lemon juice together and tap it below your eyes.

The mixture’s bleaching properties will lighten your skin, provided you repeat the method twice a day for a few weeks.

4. Potato

Sweet Potatoes_Foods

Do you know potato has natural bleaching properties? Place potato slices over the dark area for 10 to 15 minutes.

You will not find dark circles after trying this natural remedy for a few weeks.

5. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Watermelon Is nature's Viagra

Dehydrated skin has more fine lines than you want to. Dehydrated skins look duller around your eyes as it is thinner and more delicate than the rest of the face. Hence, it is essential to keep yourself hydrated.

You can directly target the most sensitive skin hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid will help you combat the tell-tale signs of aging by attracting water to the skin, and ensuring that it remains there for a long time.

6. Face Massage

Face Treatment. Woman in Beauty Salon Gets Marine Mask

Use your fingers to massage the skin around your eyes. Move your fingers in slow and circular motions.

Start from the inner corner and move slowly towards outer corner. If you are really serious to reduce puffiness and inflammation, then do this two to three times daily.

7. Sleep Well

Lateral Sleeping Position

Insomnia is a painful condition that impacts the overall quality of your life. Lack of sleep also affects your skin below the eyes.

Good quality of sleep has an incredible positive effect on the way you look. These 11 foods may actually help you sleep better.


10 Best Under Eye Creams

1. Ageless Derma Under Eye Cream

Ageless Derma Under Eye Cream

Ageless Derma eye firming cream is technologically advanced to target the eye area, where the first signs of aging occur. This under eye cream dark circles is effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines, under-eye circles, puffy eyes and wrinkles under eyes

This anti-ageing wrinkle eye cream works to brighten the entire eye area, enabling you to look more rested and rejuvenated. Eyeliss is made up of three peptides that reduce the appearance of eye puffiness and making the complexion glow.

Haloxyl in this anti-wrinkle eye cream targets both dark circles and dry skin. This leaves the skin under eyes looking much less tired and refreshed, in addition to leaving skin feeling smoother and softer.

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2. Baebody Eye Gel


Baebody Eye Gel fights the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, under-eye bags, fine lines and wrinkles! This lightweight, hydrating eye gel provides moisture to the delicate eye, uniquely firming and smoothing your skin.

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3. Organys SPARK

 Organys SPARK


Organys Eye Cream targets crow’s feet, eye shadows, fine lines, and puffiness that age your skin before its time.

The professional-grade formula is packed full of peptides that deliver anti-ageing benefits. It targets all 3 problem areas around the eyes – dark circles, eye bags and wrinkles. Natural ingredients keep the formula gentle enough even for the thin and sensitive skin of the eye area.

Pep up tired skin with the peptides in Organys Eye Cream

  • A powerful pro-collagen peptide supports collagen – the building block of your skin – smoothing lines & wrinkles to help your skin look and feel more firm
  • Additional botanical peptides boost blood circulation reducing the appearance of dark circles and puffy eye bags

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4. Olay Brightening Eye Cream

Olay Brightening Eye Cream

It’s a deeply enriched formula made for all skin types and is infused with Vitamins B3 and C, Caffeine and Optic Brighteners to protect skin from pollutants & hydrate to deliver a younger look.

Also, you might not realize, but the area around your eyes is thinner and more delicate, making it the first area on your face to show signs of fatigue and stress. That’s why this formula is enriched with vitamins and a light-reflecting complex to not just help minimize under-eye problems, but also brighten your look.

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5. Voibella’s Under Eye Cream


Voibella’s cool & calming botanical formula gives your eyes quick depuffing, tightening & soothing feeling, and also actively fights signs of ageing for the long term. Get your beautiful, youthful look back! The bottle contains 0.5 fl oz of product.

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6. Lusucat Black Medlar Firming Eye Cream


This firming and hydrating eye cream will refresh your eyes. This anti-aging eye cream specifically targets visible signs of aging around the eye area:

  • Moisturizing
  • Wrinkles
  • Puffiness
  • Fine Lines
  • Dark Circles
  • Crow’s Feet

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7. Mokita Naturals Anti Aging Under Eye Cream


This natural eye moisturizer contains essential nutrients and vitamins for deep hydration and skin repair so you can keep the skin around your eyes hydrated, soft and healthy. The active ingredients of the under eye cream will keep your skin moisturized for up to 24 hours. Use at least once daily for optimized results.

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8. Rapid Reduction Eye Cream

710USHrysSL._SL1500_ Dark Circles Removal Cream

Tired looking eyes that seem to last, no matter how much sleep you receive?

Wrinkles covering bright eyes? With the use of herbal ingredients, St. Mege’s Rapid Reduction Eye Cream promises to gently smoothen skin and get back youthful, bright looking skin.


1. Squeeze out pea-size eye cream, and use your fingertips to apply on the eye bags

2. Pull toward the temple. Don’t rub back and forth

3. After applying this product, do not change your facial expression for 2 minutes. You can achieve satisfactory results in smoothing eye bags and crow’s feet.

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9. Eye Cream Moisturizer

61FiBPN2qoL._SX522_ Dark Circles Removal Cream

Best Eye Cream Moisturizer (1.7 oz) Extra Strength Treatment for Dark Circles, Puffiness & Bags Under Eyes – Natural Anti Aging, Anti Wrinkle Skin Care Eye Cream Serum for Men & Women – 1.7 fl oz

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10. InstaNatural Eye Gel Cream


InstaNatural began as a small business in Florida with a mission to create natural and effective skincare products. Since the launch first product, 100% Organic Argan Oil, consumers have fueled us to continuously improve and re-imagine the skin care routine, inspiring us to develop products that truly make a difference in the skin.

And while believe that nature offers the best for safe and effective skin care, also know that beautiful skin begins with healthy skin. With that in mind, set out to discover a unique blend of ingredients that was safe for all skin types and supports the skin’s natural barrier.

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