Hungarians Around The Globe: Expat Statistics

Hungarians Around The Globe

Published on October 6th, 2022

Thousands of Hungarians migrate every year. Hungarians have set up homes all over the world, as far afield as both the USA and Australia.

Key Points:

  • Almost 70,000 Australians identify as Hungarian
  • Roughly 5% of the population of Hungary emigrate each year
  • Other countries with similar stats include Denmark, Finland, and Puerto Rico
  • In 2018, the US Census Bureau recorded 1.393 million Hungarian Americans

Hungarians Love To Travel

Looking at the statistics, it is clear to see that Hungarians love to spread their wings. With millions of Hungarian descendants living in every corner of the globe, areas like Australia and America see thousands of family visitors each year.

Expats In Australia

There are thousands of Australians who identify as Hungarian descendants. There are also thousands of Hungarians living in Australia. For this reason, Australia has social security agreements between the two countries.

This ensures those claiming certain benefits, such as pensions, in either country can still claim if they move, provided they fill in the correct paperwork.

The Australian government works hard to make their country an inviting place for Hungarians who fill in the correct visa applications. Australia is notoriously strict both with their immigration policies and with their visitations.

Hungarian expats in Australia go for the weather and stay for the free-spirited nature of the people. There are few places on earth more welcoming to the Hungarian people.

What To Do If You Need Help As A Hungarian Expat In Australia?

If you live in or are visiting Australia as a Hungarian, there are places you can turn to for help, should the need arise. If you get into trouble with the law, look up lawyers Sydney for help.

If you are facing deportation against your visa conditions, you can see the Hungarian Embassy to protect your rights. You can find a list of Hungarian consulates in Australia here.

Expats In America

Expats in America have been having a hard time recently. Those who have freshly moved to the states will soon find that their cash reserves do not stretch as far as they previously thought.

The Forint dipped against the dollar recently to its lowest point in years. The dollar has been strong recently. Other economies are dipping towards it too, such as the Euro and the GBP.

America has huge cities with huge Hungarian populations. New York is the largest population, with an estimated 0.7% of the total number of NYC residents identifying as Hungarians.

There are 57,673 Hungarians in New York. The next city with a large expat population is LA, which has 16,802 Hungarians.

What to do if you need help as a Hungarian expat living in America?

If you get into trouble in America as a Hungarian expat, you should seek out a lawyer in the city you live or stay in.

Alternatively, you can contact the Hungarian embassy if you are facing deportation issues from within the US.

The location of the embassy will change depending on your city. You can find a list of Hungarian embassies in the USA here.

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