5 Simple Tips To Improve Your Home Audio System

Home Audio System

June 29th, 2018   |   Updated on April 22nd, 2020

Listening to music is very easy these days. All you need is a phone and a speaker that can be connected by Bluetooth.

But if you are an audiophile, you would very well know the distinction between a perfect home audio system and an ad hoc setup of speakers.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to splurge a lot but you can always pay attention to thoughtful purchases to beef up your home audio system.

This can be fulfilled by paying heed to sound travel in closed spaces.

So, if you want to set up a proper sound system to have an amazing audio experience, go through the following pointers to have a wonderful time the next time you throw a party or want to spend some time alone with your music:

1. Don’t worry much about surround sound

Improve Your Home Audio System

Do not buy a lot of speakers. You need 2-3 speakers, a left, and a right channel to get stereo sound.

In addition to this, you would also need to increase the base for which you would need a subwoofer.

There is always a stereo output in the songs that we listen to and getting a lot of speakers won’t help in any way.

You can very well get the best out of 2 and 2.1 channel if you really consider music your priority.

A full surround sound set comes in a 5.1 and 7.1 channel but you really don’t need to invest in these to get the best sound experience.

2. Sound bars aren’t necessary

Improve Your Home Audio System

Soundbars are typically the ones that take multiple speakers and squeeze them into a compact space.

These are famous these days as a substitute to a conventional multiple speakers setup.

But one thing that you should note is that soundbars are optimized for music coming out of your TV set. So for listening to music, you can always skip them.

Sound bars contain a center channel that helps in generating a clear speech output. For instance, dialogue lines and definitely not vocals.

3. Extract best out of your turntable

Improve Your Home Audio System

A turntable placement will help you in getting a good audio experience with a turntable.

It should be put on a low-resonance support and should be leveled perfectly.

It should be kept at a high distance from sources that produce vibrations, for instance, your speakers.

If the flooring of your room is of hard concrete, a floorstanding support will work nicely.

Most of the decks come with some built-in isolation. It could be a completely suspended design or rubber feet.

If the isolation is better, the deck will be more fuss-free of its support.

If you want to put your turntable on a wall shelf dedicated specially for this purpose, you should make sure that you use heavy-duty fixings and mounting screws that are used properly.

If you want to know about turntables reviews, you can try home stereo system with turntable.

4. Speaker placement

Improve Your Home Audio System

Sometimes a home audio system doesn’t provide the required audio output. This may happen due to an improper speaker placement.

You should avoid setting a home audio system in a place which is a dead center and confined within walls.

Do not place your speakers in a haphazard manner. Like you should not place a subwoofer at a place where you find it easy to place because all you will get is a dull bass.

Rearrange some furniture and try to place it somewhere where you can hear the bass correctly.

You can always remember a point that speakers send oncoming waves in a particular direction.

So, as these waves are direction-oriented, you can always aim the speakers towards you. Plus, on doing this you won’t feel the audio reflections. You can also add amplifiers to your speakers.

They work in an isolation that is relative in nature. They can also be formed a part of a bigger configuration that has a pre-amp, which helps in cleaning out the signals. But, you can skip the receivers, pre-amps, arcane gears etc.

5. Room selection

Improve Your Home Audio System

Room acoustics play an important role for an audio output that is good.

Yes, you heard it right; receivers or speakers are not the only requirements for generating a great audio sound.

So, you can always focus on the layout and spacing of the room to enhance the overall quality of your home audio system.

A room that has a lot of hard surfaces, like the ones having wood, tile floors, glass windows, bare walls, etc. can lead to a number of sound reflections.

In addition to this, also make sure that you should not have vaulted ceilings. The reflections and resonances only make the base poorer, sharper sounds of highs and mids, and an imaging that is blurred.

Improve Your Home Audio System

You can always select a spot and create an equilateral triangle with your sound equipment.

Place your speakers at an equal distance from you and each of them. This will give a stereo effect that is maximized to give you a solid sound performance.

In addition to this, it will also avoid any overlap or delay in incoming sound waves.

Some other things that you can keep in mind when you want to crank up your home audio system is that you can always draw curtains while you switch your audio system on.

So, now you know how to enhance your home audio system and get the best out of it.

The components of an audio system when not properly placed will be of no good.

To extract the best out of the money you paid to buy these components and have a thrilling song listening experience you can go through the tips mentioned above.

You can select the room according to the one that gives the best sound performance out of your audio system.

Plus, you pay attention to speaker and turntable placements to get the best sound. In the end, don’t worry about soundbars and surround sound. Plus, never buy a lot of speakers.