Tips For Installing Downlights For Home Interiors

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Published on April 1st, 2019

Modern interior design elements often include recessed downlights. In the past, downlights used to be popular only in commercial and business interiors but are now a popular addition to residential lighting schemes.

Some people feel somewhat put-off by the idea of using downlights in their home, primarily because the application is incorrect.

But with correct planning and subtlety, downlights can become an essential element that ties the aesthetics of a room together.

1. Why Use LED Downlights?


The trick when installing downlights is to highlight their functionality, as well as to select the right locations for them. You need to consider the room’s function first, then take into account the amount of brightness each downlight produces.

Since downlights are recessed into the ceiling, the resulting effect is sleek and understated, yet modern. Downlights also do not take up space, unlike table lamps or pendant lights.

LED downlights are the perfect solution if you are looking for highly functional, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance lighting for any room in your house.


2. Tips For Installing Downlights In Your Home

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Strategic placement of down lights is essential so that the resulting lighting scheme does not look cluttered. Standard measurements or spacing may also look too rigid for a home. It is also vital to keep an eye out for obstructions such as a ceiling fan. As much as possible, downlights need to be installed in areas where the light can completely shine over an area.

If the space is large, one effective use of downlights is for creating ambient lighting. Do not merely scatter them across the ceiling. Instead, install them in areas such as corners and choose LED lights with features that allow for adjusting the illumination to create a different lighting mood depending on the time of day or occasion.

Downlights are also perfect for accenting specific areas in the kitchen or the bathroom. You can install them above the bathroom sink, or above the kitchen counter. Downlights are also sometimes used to show off specific design features of a home, or if you have any special artwork you want to use as the focal point in a room.

Another important tip in using LED down lights is to layer them with other lighting fixtures such as pendant lights and table lamps. A layered lighting scheme allows you to adjust how you want to illuminate a room; thus, ensuring that the space is never too bright or too dim.

When using downlights in your bedroom, install them in a way that does not cast a shadow over mirrors. One practical application of downlights is to fit them inside closets or cabinets so that you have just the right amount of illumination without having to turn on all the lights in your room to get a good look.

Regardless of the room in your house, LED downlights are a perfect addition to your lighting design. Downlights can update the look of a home as long as they are tastefully used and installed.