Is PlayStation Plus A Smart Investment

Is PlayStation Plus A Smart Investment

Published on November 28th, 2023

5 Important Takeaways:

  • Tiered Structure
  • Diverse Game Library
  • Transparent Game Rotation
  • Flexible Essential Tier
  • Competing with Game Pass

Since the introduction of Sony’s paid PlayStation Plus subscription service, users have enjoyed a range of premium features for a monthly fee.

Beyond facilitating online multiplayer access, PS Plus has consistently provided exclusive discounts on the PlayStation Store, monthly free games, and 100 gigabytes of Cloud saves.

In a significant move to integrate PlayStation Now and PS Plus, the service has undergone a notable transformation with its new three-tiered system.

This overhaul has not only broadened the gaming catalogs available to subscribers but has also enhanced online features, offering access to classic games and the opportunity to trial new releases.

It’s a direct response to the success of Xbox’s Game Pass service, widely embraced by gamers.

The question remains: does this revamped PS Plus service live up to the hype, and can it compete with one of gaming’s most outstanding value propositions?

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PlayStation Plus Review

Two experienced editors, Jade King and Eric Switzer, both long-time PlayStation Plus subscribers, have shared their insights on the service.

Sony’s recent shift to a three-tiered system prompted immediate comparisons to Xbox’s highly praised Game Pass.

PlayStation Plus has traditionally provided monthly ‘free’ games to subscribers, a feature that has been expanded in the Extra and Premium tiers, offering an extensive catalog.

However, Jade King expresses reservations, stating that the increased asking price is not justified by the additional games.

She critiques the service for feeling rushed and describes its launch as muddled and disjointed, attempting to adapt to the industry’s trend towards subscription-based ecosystems.

Both editors share the opinion that the new PS Plus appears more like a rebrand of PS Now and PS+ rather than an entirely new service.

Eric Switzer highlights the need for PS Plus to release newer titles to stay competitive, emphasizing that while there may be an audience for older PlayStation titles, it can’t compare to the demand for new games.

Jade King emphasizes that, despite offering decent value, the current content doesn’t provide hardcore players with a compelling reason to subscribe, especially when compared to Game Pass, which consistently delivers new and previously unseen games on a regular basis.

The sentiment is clear that, in order to compete effectively, PlayStation Plus needs to prioritize the inclusion of new titles in its offerings.

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Time Expenditure

While PlayStation Plus may not quite match the exceptional value provided by some competing services, it still delivers substantial value to its subscribers.

One of its standout features is the extensive library of games it offers, providing users with a diverse selection to explore. This collection spans various genres and includes gaming classics from several decades, offering a wealth of entertainment options.

PlayStation Plus caters to a broad spectrum of gamers, accommodating those seeking diverse gaming experiences.

Whether you’re into short and sweet indie gems or immersive, hundred-hour-long narrative-driven blockbusters, the service has something for everyone.

The curated selection ensures that subscribers have access to a variety of gaming’s greatest hits.

For Extra and Premium tiers, the rotating game lineup is transparently communicated to players, allowing them to anticipate when a particular game might exit the service.

This transparency enables subscribers to plan their gaming experiences and make the most of the available titles.

In the Essential tier, subscribers receive one PS5 game and two PS4 games each month, with the caveat that the quality of these games may vary.

Nevertheless, users can invest significant hours into these titles and enjoy them at their own pace, as long as their subscription remains active.

This approach provides flexibility for players to engage with the games whenever they choose, contributing to the overall appeal of PlayStation Plus.

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PlayStation Plus Cost

PlayStation Plus is divided into three tiers, each presenting a range of perks at varying costs.

Explore the details of each tier, including its inclusions and associated pricing below.

Subscription Tier Cost (1 Month) Cost (3 Months) Cost (12 Months) Perks
PS Plus Essential $9.99 USD $24.99 USD $79.99 USD
PS Plus Extra $14.99 USD $39.99 USD $134.99 USD Games Catalog including up to 400 PS4 and PS5 games
PS Plus Premium $17.99 USD $49.99 USD $159.99 USD Games Catalog including up to 400 PS4 and PS5 games


Classics Catalog including access to PlayStation, PS2, PS3, and PSP titles Cloud Streaming


Time-limited Game Trials

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