5 Islands Near Crete That You Must Visit

Islands near Crete

Published on June 22nd, 2022

The legendary and mythical Crete is the largest and one of the beautiful Greek Islands. Bathed by the generous Aegean Sea and the Libyan Sea, this wonderful land offers to the visiting tourists culture, traditions, history and more than 960 kilometres of heterogeneous and picturesque coastline where to spend your vacations by the sea.

Wonderful views, cliffs, trendy restaurants and clubs and, of course, the nightlife you can’t resist. The island of Crete is perhaps the most sought-after vacation destination in Greece, and no wonder: there is an atmosphere that is both ancient and magical, and even the sunlight seems to kiss the rocks and lush vegetation in a unique and unmistakable way.

Here, life proliferates everywhere: Crete is famous for its biodiversity, the best olive trees in the world and the mountainous landscapes that will conquer you.

In Crete, hospitality is also an art. Food, music and hospitality are part of the daily life of the locals, who mingle with tourists and show talent and enthusiasm to share the beauty that surrounds them every day.

It is the ideal place for history lovers. Come and visit Heraklion, the largest archaeological museum in Crete. Stop by Frangokastello, where Venetian villas dominate the rocks and nature.

Thanks to its extraordinary extension, Crete offers tourists some of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. There are more touristy and organized beaches, where you can rent an umbrella and listen to music in the background.

However, those who prefer a quieter type of vacation can opt for small hidden beaches, dreamy coves and mountain villages with irresistible charm. It all depends on the time you spend in Crete, with the guarantee that every activity will be truly unforgettable.

The weather here is extremely pleasant at almost any time of the year, and although the charm of a beach in summer is simply irresistible, there is no bad time to visit Crete. Crete is one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, and its fame is due to its impressive architecture, its cultural variety and of course, the good treatment of the inhabitants of the island, making it one of the most demanded destinations by tourists.

However, Crete is not the only island in Greece, there are others that are around it that we may find equally beautiful and interesting, and then we will know some of them.

Among The Most Famous Islands That We Can Find In The Surroundings Of Crete We Have:

1. Elafonisi

This island is located southwest of Crete, and is one of the most visited islands in Greece, thanks to its beautiful waters, perfect for activities such as snorkeling or just sunbathing on a quiet day.

The most famous beach of the island has the same name, although it is also known as “the beach of pink sand” and this is because its main feature is that its soft sand is pink, which accompanied by the lovely crystal clear waters, we see a paradise full of color.

One of the most fun ways to know and enjoy the island, is through excursions, where, through highly trained tour guides, we can walk through all the important locations while we learn a little of them, and, to finish the day we will do it with a well-deserved swim in the Elafonisi beach.

2. Gavdos

Located south of Crete, and considered the southernmost island of Greece, for many Gavdos is a hidden gem, because, despite not being as famous as other islands, it is a place that hides a myriad of treasures.

One of these is its most famous beach, which has the name of Sarakiniko Beach, formed by a long sandy path that is accompanied by turquoise waters that make it one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece.

Gavdos is a very interesting island, and it has a lot of cultural value, this is because it has a mythological history which tells us that it was the home of Calypso.

Among the other features that we can highlight of the island are the large mountainous structures that can be found throughout the island, because of this hiking is one of the most fun activities of Gavdos, where we can also appreciate the impressive flora of the environment that surrounds us.

3. Santorini

Who has not heard of Santorini? it is a beautiful and extravagant island, this last characteristic is due to the fact that the great majority of the houses that are one on top of the other, are decorated in white and blue colors that are perfectly related to the sea, being a spectacle for the sight.

The island has a steep surface product of a large volcanic eruption, and because of this, the island offers one of the best views in the world.

There are many activities that can be done on this island, among them are boat rides to inactive craters, visits to art museums or simply take a swim in the peculiar volcanic beaches. Most romantic places and hotels at Santorini can be booked at

For many, it is the perfect island for art and color lovers, and every aspect of Santorini can immediately catch your attention.

4. Spinalonga

This is quite an interesting island, since in ancient times it was the place where terminally ill leprosy patients were found, however, nowadays it is a tourist place in high demand. This is thanks to the fact that it is a very pretty and striking location because of the beautiful crystal clear waters that surround it.

Since most of the activities are related to exploration, it is recommended to wear comfortable shoes due to the various buildings through which we have to pass.

5. Khrysí

Being one of the islands in the Libyan Sea, Khrysi has a particularity, and that is that it is almost entirely flat, which gives it a unique aspect compared to the other islands near Crete.

One of the easiest and most comfortable ways to visit this island is through tours and excursions from nearby cities such as Heraklion or Agios Nikolaos.