Ivanka Trump’s Journey From Filthy Rich Kid To Blonde Bombshell To White House

Ivanka Trump

December 8th, 2018   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

“Don’t you think my daughter’s hot? She’s hot, right?” asked Donald Trump to the then-Miss Universe while watching his 16-year-old daughter Ivanka host the 1997 Miss Teen USA pageant.

There is a lot much to know about Ivanka. Ivanka Trump has displayed a remarkable transformation from filthy rich kid to blonde bombshell model, businesswoman, wife, and mother and two-time published author to the special adviser to the President.

Let’s take a look at Ivanka Trump’s phenomenal journey from filthy rich kid to blonde bombshell to White House:

1. October 30, 1981: Ivanka Trump was born on this day in Manhattan


2. Her mother, Ivana born in Czechoslovakia was Donald’s first wife. She’s Ivana’s middle child.


3. The mom and her daughter

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4. Ivanka admits to loving Marla and her half-sister Tiffany but she could never really forgive her for breaking up her parents’ marriage. Once tabloid journalists accosted her, shouting “Is it true that Marla said that your father was the best sex she’d ever had?”

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5. She studied in the exclusive all-girls Chapin School in Manhattan , the same school of which Jackie Kennedy is an alumna. Later, she went to boarding school at Choate Rosemary Hall in Connecticut, the same school where John F. Kennedy went.


6. Just as her mother did, Ivanka began modeling as a teen.

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7. She and her father share their alma mater Georgetown and the University of Pennsylvania. She graduated in economics with summa cum laude in 2004.


8. Ivanka began dating Jared Kushner off and on after meeting him in 2005. Jared comes from a fellow real-estate mogul family.


9. Ivanka is pretty tall. She is almost 6 feet or 5’11” precisely. She has modeled for Versace. In an interview to Harper’s Bazaar in 2007 she said that 60-year-old bankers “have nothing on a group of catty 16-year-old female models without parental supervision.”


10. Her family business is probably her true passion. She has taken interest in the family business since her childhood but began working officially for her father since 2005, once she graduated.


11. Her father’s popular show, “The Apprentice,” fascinated her enough to join cast as a boardroom judge beginning the sixth season up until the end of the final episode in 2015, where Trump was at the helm.


12. She has an excellent deal making skills inherited from her father. While negotiating on the Trump National Doral Miami, she scooped up this $1 billion property for $150 million.


13. Her first NYT bestselling book “The Trump Card,” was released in 2009. It is an inspirational how-to get ahead in business book based on her experiences followed by her second book in May 2, 2017.


14. Ivanka and Kushner married on October 25, 2009. She converted to Orthodox Judaism for him, and the couple keep kosher and observe the Sabbath, shutting off their electronics to spend time with family.


15. While helping run the Trump Organization, in 2007, Ivanka launched a jewelry collection named The Ivanka Trump Collection which was her own fashion and lifestyle brand.


16. Ivanka rises early and begins work by 6:30 a.m. She is described as eloquent and friendly, polished and capable but also a bit intimidating. She admittedly like her father has “a big ego”.


17. As a Manhattan socialite she has willingly lent her name to charitable causes including Kid’s cancer and the New York City Foundation.


18. She held the title of executive vice president of development and acquisition at the Trump Organization. Her brothers Eric and Donald Jr. from Trump’s first wife also held the same position. Their offices are located in Trump Tower.


19. Donald Trump, her father used to brag about how smart she was to high powered executives since she was a child. She is extremely close to her father and the father never ignores her calls.


20. She has received numerous accolades for her business achievements. She was named a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum. In the Fortune magazine’s 2014 ’40 under 40′ list, she was at position 33.


21. Their first two children are Arabella and Joseph, while the third child baby Theo was born on March 27, 2016. In a political ad for her father, her statement became controversial: “The most important job any woman can have is being a mother, and it shouldn’t mean taking a pay cut.”

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22. Ivanka delivered a keynote address at the Republican National Convention when her father clinched the party’s official presidential nomination. She acclaimed her father’s record support of women and minorities within his company.


23. She has accompanied her father on the campaign trail. In 2005, Trump’s lewd tape making crude sexual remarks about women came into limelight. Denouncing her father’s comments, Ivanka said, his comments were “clearly inappropriate and offensive.” She also expressed her happiness over the apology made by her father.


24. Ivanka has been ever supportive of her father. On the election night, after he won, she said, “Thank you, America, for the trust that you placed in my father. He will never let you down!”


25. Ivanka has always been Donald’s favorite child. He used to call her “Daddy’s little girl!”


26. Ivanka moved to DC along with Jared after the election. Both of them gave up several of their business interests. She entrusted her interests in fashion line and the Trump Organization with her brothers.


27. After customer protests and weak sales, Burlington, Gilt, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom dropped her fashion line. Her father’s many critics actively attempted to derail her brands.


28. She took an active interest in business and politics since she was a kid and sat on many of Donald Trump’s meetings with global business and political leaders. She is counted among her father’s closest confidantes.


29. Showering maternal love on her kid

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Source: Businessinsider

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