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Luxury Watches That Were Featured In Blockbuster Movies

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Published on December 15th, 2022

From Sean Connery to Tom Cruise: most top actors have been spotted wearing luxurious brand watches in their movies.

Actors need sturdy watches that last during their stunts, or elegant watches to show off their characters’ class and welfare. Brands such as Rolex, Omega, and Porsche are very suitable for these goals.

In this article you’ll find numerous watches that have been featured in the most iconic Hollywood movies of the era.

James Bond

James Bond is certainly a big name on the list of movies that featured lots of luxury watches.

In all of the James Bond movies so far, several watches appear on the wrist of the main character: agent 007. Some of the iconic watches that were featured in the movies are as follows.

From Russia With Love – Rolex Submariner

In this movie featuring Sean Connery as James Bond, the popular Rolex Submariner can be seen on the wrist of our hero.

This watch takes the top when it comes to expensive watches featured in movies, as the estimated value of this watch is approximately 70.000 USD.

Casino Royale – Omega Seamaster Diver

In Casino Royale, James Bond is portrayed by Daniel Craig. In this movie, he is proudly showing off his Omega Seamaster Diver: a watch that is still popular today and has only grown in popularity since the release of the movie in 2006. Estimated value: 4500 USD.

Spectre – Omega Seamaster Diver James Bond Spectre Special Edition

For the movie Spectre, Omega designed a watch especially to celebrate this movie. James Bond Daniel Craig wears this Omega Seamaster Diver James Bond Spectre Special Edition with its elegant black steel wristband and buckle closure.

This watch can be purchased, just like all the other James Bond Watches on Chrono24.co.uk. The value of this specific watch is estimated to be around 6200 USD.

Top Gun – Porsche Design Orfina Chronograph

Top Gun is an action movie starring Tom Cruise as the main character Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.

He plays a daredevil test pilot who trains a group of graduates for a special assignment. During the movie, the Porsche Design Orfina Chronograph is shown several times.

This watch is especially interesting because it was the first ever made Porsche Design watch. The watch was not only featured in Top Gun, but was also worn by Dustin Hoffman in Kramer vs. Kramer and by Martin Shaw in The Professionals.

The Porsche Design Orfina Chronograph has an estimated value of 6000 USD.

Scarface – Omega La Magique

Scarface is a typical gangster movie, where main character Tony Montana, played by Al Pacino, makes the world an unsafe place by terrorizing Miami as the most notorious drug lord of the city.

This tough character loves to show off his wealth by flashing his golden Omega La Magique.

The Omega La Magique was made so popular by the Scarface movie that it is one of the most sought after watches from movies ever. There are only 261 watches made of this 18k gold piece.

The watch is so hard to come by that it was dubbed “The Phantom Watch”.

Apollo 13 – Omega Speedmaster

A watch that is more easy to come by is the Omega Speedmaster that Tom Hanks wears in his movie Apollo 13. The watch is often called “Moonwatch” as it is one of the only NASA approved watches for space travel.

It was even worn by astronaut Buzz Aldrin during the 1969 moon landing. Tom Hanks was not the only actor wearing this watch in Apollo 13. Kevin Bacon and Bill Paxton are also seen wearing this important timepiece.

Image Source: pixabay.com

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