How To Maintain Positivity In A Relationship After Couple Of Years ?

Maintain Positivity In A Relationship

December 28th, 2017   |   Updated on October 16th, 2018

Being in a romantic relationship are vital if you want to be happy and have a healthy living. Although, it is estimated that at least 40 percent of new marriages end in divorce. It is evident that relationships are hard to maintain, they need much commitment. On the other hand, experts believe that a happy relationship is not hard to maintain. This was supported by a study conducted from 1986 following 373 couples who are married.

In this study, it was claimed that if you are in any partnership that makes you happy, you can maintain it in this state or make it more interesting by the introduction of small changes and new behaviors. Also according to some other experts small routines can build a strong connection and lasting bond.

It is also important for you to have a healthy sexual relationship. Although, erectile dysfunction may mess up your love life. There are several ways that Erectile Dysfunction may affect your love relationship and ways to control them.

Steps one can take to keep a romantic relationship:

Talk openly

Communication is the primary key to a healthy relationship. It is essential for couples to find time to keep on checking on one another regularly. Your talks should be inclusive of personal topics that will help you to stay in touch with your partner for a long-term relationship. Although it should not restrict you from discussing hard subjects. If you decide to keep problems as personal, it can lead to displeasure and may affect your love life.

In case you discuss difficult topics with your partner, you should maintain being kind. Researchers reveal that the form of communication you adapt with your partner is vital than the level of your commitment, personal characters or stressful events in your life. This is in regard to prediction as to whether happily married partners will seek for divorce. Ineffective communication pattern like contempt and anger increase the probability of a divorce.

Communication is vital in a love relationship. Though it is essential to find an angle to approach and raise out burning issues. For example how you will tell your life partner you are suffering from an erectile dysfunction. Supplements like virectin can help you with the problem and checking the Virectin reviews can help you find out if the supplement will help you correct the ailment. It provides an in-depth research on the best supplement in the market today.

Conflicts are a healthy part of any relationship, although the fighting styles you choose may build or break your relationship. Couples who yell at each other, avoid taking part in a discussion or choose to personally criticize their partners. Are likely to end the relationship as compared to couples who engage in constructive fights.

An effective strategy to solve a disagreement is to try and find the feeling your partner is going through and try and to listen to their perspective and later, make an effort to make them feel better.

Make your relationship interesting

Researchers suggest that couples that reported boredom after seven years in a marriage were more likely not to be satisfied with the relationship after nine years. It can be a hard task to keep in touch with your partner due to the numerous activities we have to go through which include; our careers, commitments and taking care of kids. Although there are good acumens as to why you need to put an effort to do it.

To keep the relationship flame on, some couples use date nights to find time for themselves. However, dates, movies and visiting the same restaurant can get boring. Experts suggest that you stay away from the normal routine and try new things. For instance, you can choose to go to a dancing lesson.

Love making is also an important component of the relationship. The busy couple may find it good for scheduling sex on their calendars. This will ensure your partner’s both emotional and physical needs are fulfilled.

Be supportive

If you want a happy relationship, there is need to provide support. Happy couples in some studied found out a relationship with partners who are ready to give support acted as an important pillar of the relationship.

The studies showed that men are good at offering instrumental support (support to solve and fix problems). Whereas women are more likely to offer emotional support. It is important to figure out what type of emotional support your partner can provide. Know your partner’s family and friends

Also it was found out that men who their life partner is in a good relationship with their families tend to be happier. Furthermore, couples who decide to let in each other’s pals and try to know them are even happier than couples who separate family and friends lives.

There are some wrong beliefs that couples get bored with their sex’s life and the media sometimes promotes that when women gets older men doesn’t prefer to have sex with them. The image of old married men trying to have sex with younger women is promoted in many films so people think this is a fact.

Here Are Reasons Below Why Men Choose to Have Sex with Older Women

1. They have much experience

Older women tend to have been in marriages and long relationships that have provided them with years of sexual encounters. The memories get attached to the old woman’s brain which shapes her new sexual expertise.

2. They are aware of their sexual needs

Since they have experience of communicating with their sexual partners, they have self-awareness. They have had time to try different techniques, positions and fetishes. They have had a chance to self-pleasure themselves thus they are courageous to communicate in what they want.

In case a girl is not aware of what she needs, it may be hard for the man to find out. The older women are fully cognizant of all this, and she can even direct you to the buttons to press for her to reach orgasm.

3. They are fully aware of the importance of sex in a relationship

The older woman may have heard a chance to be in a marriage where sex was held back. At this stage, she is not into using sex to get material support or bargain chip.Instead, they are fully aware of the psychological benefits of sex.

4. They enjoy sex just like the young male partner

They lack misbelief that they are going to get married and start a family with the young mating partner. This makes her young sex partner to be relaxed because he just wants to have fun. This is the primary reason sex with older women is great and less demanding.

5. They know what men want

They tend to be curious about what their young and current boyfriend wants. This is because they have had many sex lesson on positions and techniques that help to turn on their sexual partners. They tend to ask questions and find out what keeps their man turned on. In case they do not know they research in movies, books, and internet.

6. They enjoy being teachers to the younger sex partner

Older women tend to be fully aware as to when to be submissive and dominant. If a man is aware of this power and knowledge, it helps in their stimulating process. The older woman is in a position to but sex toys, lingerie, wine, and candles to bring the mood of romance.

Final Thoughts

For a relationship to work, communication is key. In our lives today, there is a high divorce rate than ever seen before. All this can be linked to lack of communication between couples. Some of them may resort to cheating which may even mess up the relationship. The only thing the person could have done at the moment is to find a way the best way to communicate with their partners, come to an agreement and resolve the situation.