How To Make Your Own Lapel Pins At Home

Make Your Own Lapel Pins At Home

Published on September 15th, 2022

Everyone needs to have a little bit of uniqueness to their daily ensemble. One of the best ways to do this is by rocking vintage pins on your wardrobe.

Also known as lapel pins, wearing this little accessory has become a global phenomenon, with even the fashion icons at Vogue taking notice.

Not only is this fashion statement fun to take part in, but it also offers a whimsical way to wear basic clothes that you may be a bit bored of. It also offers the chance to add your personality to any outfit in the most subtle ways.

From luxury brand perfume brand bottles to spaceships, you can rock any lapel fin that strikes your fancy.

But what to do if you can’t find the lapel pin of your dreams? Not to fret, as there are multiple ways to still ensure you get exactly the type of lapel pin you are dreaming of.

The first option is to design your own lapel pin by creating and ordering it online. Doing so has actually never been easier. You can design a high-quality, durable and versatile lapel pin with just a few clicks of a button, and customize it any way you want.

To get started, all you have to do is select the type of pin, describe your design and get a quote from a lapel pin expert who will help you every step of the way.

The other option is to actually create your own custom lapel pins at home. While we always suggest going through a verified expert to help you create your dream lapel pins, you can channel your inner craft vibes and give it a try at home too. Here are our top tips on how to do so.

Materials You Need

First, you will need to source the materials to make your lapel pin. This means that you need to find sheet metal, vinyl with adhesive backings, metal shapers, enamel pains, solder or torch and polish.

You should be able to find most of these at your local hardware or craft store. It is important that you make sure you have all the material before you get started with the rest.

Create Your Design

This is probably the best part of the process. You can have so much fun designing your own lapel pin. A great way to bring your vision to life is by sketching your vision on a whiteboard or piece of paper. Give it multiple attempts until you get a design that you really like.

Some key things to remember in the design process is to keep the lines bold and spaced out and also not make anything too intricate. The simpler the better when it comes to getting a great end result.

Transfer To Vinyl

Next, you will want to transfer your design to actual vinyl. You can do this by cutting out the design with a scalpel, making sure you leave yourself some extra space to work with.

The vinyl should be a blank canvas in terms of color, so white vinyl is usually best. It’s okay if you need to give this part a few attempts as it is challenging the first few times you do it.

Get The Steel Ready

This may be the part of the process where you decide you want to have an expert company help you instead, as there is some serious tool work required for this component.

You will want to measure out your steel and then use a cutting wheel to cut out the shape. Definitely make sure you are wearing safety glasses for this part.

Add The Vinyl

Now, you are going to add the vinyl cutout of your design to the steel. This part is a delicate process, as you want to apply really precisely and ensure that there are no air bubbles or wrinkles when you apply to the steel. From here you will add a wire to the back of the pin, securing it with a hot glue gun.

Etch It Out

This step requires quite a bit of caution, so if you do not feel comfortable or confident perhaps also consider getting a lapel pin company to make your custom design instead.

For the part where you etch it out, place the metal sheet in a plastic pan and fill it with enough water to cover the metal. Clip the wire that you put to the back of the metal sheet to the power source and then a large piece of scrap metal to the negative terminal.

When you turn on the power source, the heat and power will make the vinyl design get etched into the metal sheet. The final step is to then turn off the power, remove the vinyl and wire and trim down until you get the shape you want.


Making your own lapel pin can be very rewarding. But if you do not have the skill, time or tools, get a professional custom lapel pin company to bring your lapel pin dreams to life for you.

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