How To Generate More Leads: Think Beyond Search Engine Ranking

How To Generate More Leads

May 23rd, 2019   |   Updated on July 3rd, 2023

You built a website and opened a few social media accounts, yet the traffic’s just not coming.

Why aren’t people clicking on your links and following your pages? As a web marketer, how many times have your clients say they wanted to be at the top of the search engine results?

No matter how you have tried you have failed to be on top of the search engine ranking. You simply don’t know how to generate more leads for your business without SEO.

As we all know that lead generation is a very important aspect of online marketing. If you are not converting as much as of your random website visitors into highly qualified leads, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Don’t worry, there are many alternatives to SEO in getting more leads for your website. There are potential online customers practically on several sources like:

  • Online and printed ads on targeted websites and printed materials
  • Recommendations from previously satisfied clients
  • Social connections and acquaintances
  • Referrals from other websites of the same field
  • Links from ezines and other websites

There are still other sources from which potential leads to your website can be acquired. One method is to go to Quora and other forums to see what types of questions users ask and discussions they have relating to your industry.

Then seek to offer solutions and answers. You can share insightful answers and then link to the content on your site for further information.

The idea is to get your content published on sites with a high domain authority (DA). There are tools you can use to determine this, such as Moz’s free browser plugin.

  1. Search Engines Are Not Wish Masters
  2. Can’t Get Out Of The “SEO Top Position” Thought?

Search Engines Are Not Wish Masters

Webmasters should not expect too much from the search engines. There are several ways to reach a potential customer. Although the search engines could help, don’t put all your eggs on it. If your website is under the shadow of million other websites, how can the search engines give your site traffic?

The secret to reaching your website’s potential market is to get a clearer understanding of them. Know who your target market is, what they want and what their common activities are. These will give you ideas on how to reach them.

Can’t Get Out Of The “SEO Top Position” Thought?

Search Engine Ranking

And regarding the search engines, you can still aim higher position on them. You can do this by targeting your website’s keywords and key phrases.

If your website offers web marketing, use terms like “web marketing services” instead of a general term like “marketing”. Getting high on targeted keywords and phrases will eventually bring more targeted traffic to your website.

Optimizing your website in such a way that it becomes more focused and targeted will drastically bring more marketing opportunities for you as a webmaster or as a web marketer. Your website will soon lead you to more quality visitors, leads and sales.

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