Making A Checklist Of Mold-Free Homes Maintained By Owners

Mold-Free Homes

July 24th, 2018   |   Updated on June 6th, 2020

It is imperative that as a homeowner, you maintain a checklist regarding the cleaning of the home. You must also mention the areas and their problems that require special care and attention. It is clear that the house also needs repairing from time to time should be done and checked.

Mold-Free Homes

Below Are Some Of The Checklist Points:

  • If you doubt that your duct has mold, ask a mold removal service expert and seek their help. They will seal the area and test it. They might take a sample of the mold for assessment in labs. And after that they will help you with prevention ways of how to get rid of mold in air ducts. Only after getting confirm test result, start mold removal operation. Many house owners get confused when they see piles of dust and spider webs inside the duct and presume it as mold. Don’t raise false alarms until you are sure.
  • Understand the complete functioning of HVAC. Read the manual and according to that go and shop the duct material. It could be a glass fiber sheet, a metallic sheet or flex sheet. The methods of mold removal and cleaning may cost differently as per the material used. The material plays a vital role because the means selected for removing the mold and then cleaning area depends on the material and the use of chemicals and other required preparation is done accordingly.
  • There are some rules and regulation which deals with the process of removing the mold. There is an association that regulates the cleaning process. And make sure that there is no breaching of Association of standard rules. It is advisable only for the safety of family living the house. Using the chemicals of high quality for removing mold might not be good for the people. So, use only approved chemicals and methods for effectively removing the mold.
  • Always hire a reliable and genuine service expert team who understand the concept of mold in HVAC ducts and has worked on them before. Before contacting anyone near you, check with people around about the service providers and based on reviews and suggestion from neighbors, friends and other locals, talk to those experts about your mold problem. Only those who have experience and always work under the Association standard rules are best suited for this job.
  • Schedule a regular visit of service providers who can check your ducts from time to time and provide you the status of inside region of duct area. The mold growth recurrence can happen from time to time, so ask the expert to throw some light on the cause of the problem and how to prevent it. Ask the expert of HVAC system about the methods of cleaning the air inside the house. It is essential that timely checkup of moisture content can help you keep a record of it.

You can contact any service provider and consult them about the mold problem. By maintaining a checklist, you will stay ahead of the mold problem and can prevent it easily.

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