Top 5 Movies About University To Watch In Order To Be Prepared To Student Life

Everybody Wants Some

July 24th, 2019   |   Updated on February 14th, 2022

The thought of going to university very soon can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Like most things in life, you can stop yourself from fearing campus life by preparing yourself early enough. One of the best ways to prepare yourself is by choosing the right TV shows and movies to watch.

For campus students, there is nothing more relieving more than entertainment that is related to university life. Such movies help students transition easily and quickly from high school life to university life. There are thousands of TV shows about university life in the market right now.

It will definitely be frustrating and time consuming for you to start looking for the best show to watch for a couple of nights before going to university. That’s why we wrote this guide. We have sampled the best movies about the university to help you get prepared physically and mentally. Let’s get started!

1. Gilmore Girls

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This is an interesting series that you should watch before going to university if you’ve got enough time. Season four starts off with Rory’s first day at Yale. According to reviews on essay writing services, there are several things you can learn from Rory’s experience on her first day at college such as sharing your space with other housemates might mean compromise, you may have to take too many classes and coffee is something you should always bow down to when you are having a busy day in university.

You should keep in mind that Rory went to Yale anyway although her dream was to go to Harvard. Also, she ends up dropping out before getting back to graduate. The most important lesson is things might not go as you originally planned but they will work out in the end.

2. Ronny Chieng: International Student

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You will definitely be interested to watch Ronny Chieng: International Student through the seven-part series where Chieng (a senior comedian) plays like a 19-year old who is starting out at Melbourne university. The campus life Ronnie encounters is one hundred percent Australian culture. The relevant content will be worth your time and money.

As reports, his series covers most university life-related culture such as boring lectures, communal living, drinking, the normal request to receive a deadline extension and clashes to name a few. You will learn a lot from this hilarious series.

3. Everybody Wants Some

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The greatest lessons one can learn from this movie is the free and fun life of university before classes start. That’s the moment when everything feels so fresh and alive. Things usually have great potential at this time.

Everybody wants some is all about enjoying the good times when they come. It takes place during the last weekend before the semester begins at Texas college. All the new students are doing pretty well and enjoying themselves in the institution.

4. Legally Blonde

Legally Blonde

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You can find everything you need to do to succeed in and the montage where Elle makes friends, studies, buys a wonderful MacBook and nails her class participation. She also writes her resume on a perfumed pink paper as a winning strategy.

Elle had a rocky start but this did not stop her from dominating at university. She also had a positive attitude and showed good vibes all the way. Professor Stromwell was a powerful professor who helped her along the way. The one thing you can learn from Elle is backing yourself at all times. Succeeding in university requires this.

5. Monsters University

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Who isn’t a fan of the essay writer for hire and Pixar movies? Monsters University is packed with relevant, adorable and entertaining content. Most university students will be amazed by how this movie relates to them in a deeper way. The main character, Mike and Sully take the college experience to a whole new level.

They try a variety of things to prove themselves to the monsters’ community and it pays off in the end. The first lesson we learn from this movie is the people we live with on campus will be around us much longer than we imagined and teamwork will help you perform better than doing things alone.

This Pixar movie is full of wonderful lessons. I’ve watched three times and I never get tired of it. You should too.

Additional Movie For Students With Terminal Diseases

A Beautiful Mind

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According to superior paper, it’s important to remember the students who are struggling to study with terminal diseases. It’s not easy as most healthy students think. That’s why I decided to throw in an additional movie called Beautiful Mind. This movie is about a mathematician called John who gives viewers an insight into his battle with paranoid schizophrenia.

The movie shows how delusional episodes almost destroyed his life and career. Despite his mental condition, he ended up making major positive contributions to his field of study and even received a Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences. John proves to us that everything is possible for a person who has a willing heart.

In fact, he did quite well when compared to most healthy students at that time. If you are a student with a physical or mental condition, you should not give up. You too can do much more than John.


Going to university can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. It means freedom to do what you want but also the responsibility to manage yourself, your time and money. You should be prepared for the life ahead of you because it is completely different.

You’ll need to sacrifice a lot to achieve your goals and objectives. By watching the movies we’ve discussed above, you’ll be better placed because you’ll have a clear idea of what is ahead of you and how to solve complex problems that arise regularly.

These movies will help you learn important life lessons that you’ll carry on to your career life. Look for these movies and start watching them right now. Be courageous throughout your university life. Happy learning and living!