50 Best Movies On Amazon Prime Video

Best Movies On Amazon Prime Video

August 28th, 2017   |   Updated on February 14th, 2022

We know, we knowthere’s too much choice these days. You can’t just sit down and watch a movie because there are too many to choose from, so you just spend hours scrolling through potential films and then go to bed. Amazon Video seems to have downplayed its movie selection since we compiled the 50 best movies streaming on Amazon Prime.

Not now, you don’t – everything on this list is worth watching. And we know, because we’ve watched them all. The lengths we go to keep you guys happy, Of course to watch the films here you’ll need an Amazon Prime Instant Video subscription. Come on, you didn’t think it was going to be free, did you? Here are the 50 best movies available to stream for free with Amazon Prime:

1. The Running Man

The Running Man

While The Running Man lacks the sophistication and dynamic pacing of a certain other Schwarzenegger-starring/dystopian sci-fi/satire film, its entertainment value is nothing to sneer at. Adapted loosely from a Stephen King novel of the same name, The Running Man depicts a future where everyone dresses like they’re at an ’80s-themed Halloween party and citizens regularly tune into a show where convicted criminals must fight to survive against both their fellow contestants and professional killers.

Movie Review

I wouldn’t say that this is Arnold’s best action film, because let’s face it, he doesn’t really have one, does he?. I also wouldn’t say it is his most violent, because that honor goes to SABOTAGE in my book. I said this is like the HUNGER GAMES because the film takes place in an apocalyptic future, with food shortages and the gap between the rich and the poor widening. Both this and the HUNGER GAMES series reflect on our culture practically worshipping violence and gore as entertainment. Watch Now


2. Spring


One part philosophizing travelogue, one part visceral Body Horror, it’s tempting (and easy) to call Spring a case of Richard Linklater meeting David Cronenberg. Fine company to be associated with, sure, but the comparison points only to fairly superficial components. Tonally and spiritually, the film has much more in common with Spike Jonze, which is a damn sight more difficult trick to pull off.

Movie Review

I was really surprised just how much I enjoyed this movie. It wasn’t perfect but most movies rarely are. I found the story to be intriguing as well as, original in its concept. Spring kept my interest from beginning to end. The acting was superb and it didn’t take long for me to sincerely care about the two main characters. Watch Now


3. The Hunger GamesMockingjay


By now, the economic practicality behind the film adaptation “two-fer”—making two films out of a single book of source material—seems both obvious and inescapable. Overall shooting costs are lowered, release schedules become yearly instead of “every two-to-three years,” and a whole host of variables (actors’ age and availability not least among them) become less disruptive.

Movie Review

I thought the movie closely followed the book with very little deviations. Perhaps the most glaringthe person who gave the Mockingjay pin to Katniss and Katniss’s prep team, who have very minor roles here. I won’t summarize the movie since there are some really good ones here but would like to address the actors who portrayed the characters. Jennifer Lawrence is perfect as Katniss, as is Liam Hemsworth as Gale. At first, I wasn’t sure Woody Harrelson fit the part of Haymitch but he won me over. As did Josh Hutcherson, who seemed too small for Peeta, but he does a great job in this role. Watch Now


4. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

One of the most brutal mainstream horror films, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is all the scarier for its art-house verité and the grainy physicality of its flat Texas setting. Plus, it introduced the superlatively sinister Leatherface, whose freakish sadism is upstaged only by the introduction of his severely dysfunctional family who reside in a dilapidated house in the middle of the Texas wilderness.

Movie Review

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is jaw droppingly incredible. It blows the original away in my opinion (which is already incredible). Everything about it is perfection. The performances and direction are top notch which is the key. This movie is so intense and terrifying with absolutely no let up that it will stay with you for days. Unfortunately this movie started a chain of remakes that pretty much all suck. If you’re going to do a remake this is how its done. Some remakes have surpassed the originals. Watch Now


5. Sicario


Denis Villeneuve’s considerable strengths and severe limitations are both present in Sicario, a Traffic-by-way-of-Zero Dark Thirty look at American drug policy along the Mexican border. This propulsive action thriller boasts a series of strong performances and is punctuated by some ace suspense sequences. As a piece of sleek, grown-up entertainment, it most assuredly succeeds.

Movie Review

With 17,497 reviews, my thoughts on the movie are unlikely to ever be read. So I’ll just say that this is far and away the best movie I’ve seen in several years. Excellent acting. Believable telling of the story (No ‘McGyver’ qualities here). Incredible cinematography. Hold your breath and clench your muscles scenes. Shocking outcomes. And genuinely moving moments, with few words, that drive home the cost of all of it. Watch Now


6. Swiss Army Man

Swiss Army Man

It should be ridiculous, this. A buddy comedy built atop the premise of a man (Paul Dano) lugging around, and bonding with, a flatulent talking corpse (Daniel Radcliffe)—but cinema is a medium in which miracles are possible, and one such miracle occurs in Swiss Army Man.

Movie Review

I never thought in a million years I’d give five stars to a movie with this many fart references…but here I am. Seriously, I was unsure through the first few minutes, but I held on, and I’m so glad that I did. This movie is weird, but beautiful. Bizarre and thought-provoking. As a medical professional, I deal with people who are on their way out all the time, and truly, the aging and decomposition of a body is a strange and powerful thing, and this movie touches on that, but so much more. Watch Now


7. Gangs Of New York

Gangs of New York

This one split critics and audiences, but for all the times that the story about Leo and Cameron Diaz’s characters drains momentum from the movie, Daniel Day Lewis’ star turn as William Cutter, also known as the meat cleaver-wielding Billy the Butcher, really ratchets everything up to 11. Every villain deserves a grand entrance.

Movie Review

The comparison to Shakespeare may seem to be a contradiction in terms, and yet it is possible to achieve with the collaborative efforts of a stellar cast, director and writers. It is technically flawless accompanied by a riveting soundtrack; and one would expect nothing less than a Martin Scorsese production wherein every detail is given it’s due in minutiae. Watch Now


8. Blue Ruin

Blue Ruin

Occasionally, the national news will carry stories about a horrific local murder that took place in some part of the country where we don’t live. And because it happened somewhere else, possibly far away from any major cities, maybe we make assumptions about the sorts of people who live there—negative assumptions. We stop seeing these individuals as being like us—instead, we view them as some kind of weird other.

Movie Review

This is one of the best films I’ve seen in the past few years, it’s especially impressive as it was made on such a low budget yet it’s better than most big budget movies these days. I’m guessing all the one star reviews are from people who have no idea what quality filmmaking is.The movie is slow paced and understated so if you want aloud action packed movie than look elsewhere.  Watch Now


9. Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl’s premise should have been cringe-worthyRyan Gosling dates a life-size sex doll, and the entire town goes to great lengths to protect the fairy tale. But Nancy Oliver’s Oscar-nominated script is so gentle, and so melancholic, that it becomes a quietly powerful story of a stunted man who finally comes of age.

Movie Review

To say that this movie is a little off center is an understatement. I laugh and I cried. This is not so much a story not about a man with a doll, but one of caring. The detractors of this film are quick to point out that this caring would never happen in the real world. I believe that many of the violent films generate some of the evil we find in the world. I am hoping that the reverse can be true and positive media can make a difference. Watch Now


10. A Most Violent Year

A Most Violent Year marks writer/director J.C. Chandor’s third feature film in four years. Aside from demonstrating Chandor’s remarkably prolific nature, the film also further establishes the New Jersey-bred filmmaker as one of the most versatile on the market. Indeed, A Most Violent Year may be his most conventional outing to date, but that’s only because his debut film centered on the complex machinations of the recent financial crash while his follow-up was basically a one-man show with little to no dialogue

Movie Review

New York CIty, 1981, is a blasted moral hellscape against which a very primal struggle for survival unfolds in a very tense thirty days, all for the right to supply homes with heating oil. Watch Now


11. Dear White People

Dear White People

While Dear White People anchors its perspective in the struggles of its black leads, it argues that racism is a universal issue—or that, at least, dealing with the implications of racism, rooting it out at its source, is a personal task for every single human being to undertake.

Movie Review

I loved this movie. I know a lot of people had a huge fit over the subject matter, completely unaware that it was written “as a love letter to my white boyfriend. The characters are real, their experiences and stories are compelling, and it held up a mirror to black and white culture in America. Watch Now


12. Song One

song one

In her first major role since winning the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for_ Les Misérables_, Anne Hathaway gets back in touch with her indie side for Song One, a modest but affecting drama that finds her delivering a gentle performance that contains none of the melodramatic fireworks of Fantine.

Movie Review

This movie would be an excellent choice if you are hosting a DVD & wine party with friends. Mostly, because the ending will allow you to debate the age old question of will their relationship continue or not. Watch Now


13. The Fits

the fits

It’s not difficult to imagine a different cut of Anna Rose Holmer’s The Fits that hews closer to the arc of a traditional sports story. Hers has the makings of a familiar one, of a misfit who wants more than anything to compete—but unlike most stories of inspirational audacity, The Fits is as much about discomfort as the catharsis that comes with achievement.

Movie Review

A must see. This is not trying to be a big flashy Hollywood blockbuster. This is about art. This is about childhood. Fear of change. Individuality and being part of a group. It is beautiful and tender and just strange enough to put you in a different mindset. An excellent watch for those with kids who are not sure about the big teenage world around them. They can be strong, and beautiful, and unique, and part of something. And scary things can be okay. Watch Now


14. Son Of Rambow

Son of Rambow

Son of Rambow was an audience favorite at Sundance in 2007, managing to upstage Stallone with a funny little movie that uses his action franchise as a springboard for something far more rewarding.

Movie Review

Highly recommended as a commentary at many levels! Well written, acted and shot. Especially good for boys, teens and British film lovers. Can be enjoyed by both pacifists (as a commentary on the negatives of war) and wart mongers alike. You are definitely going to enjoy this film, unless you are looking for a normal genre film. Watch Now


15. Behind The Candelabra

Behind the Candelabra

At first blush, the main draw of Behind the Candelabra would seem to be its camp appeala true-life love story between a humble aspiring veterinarian and Liberace, that icon of kitsch and knowing excess. And while that element exists in director Steven Soderbergh’s film, what resonates more strongly is the difficulty in falling in love with someone famous.

Movie Review

This movie is great with Matt Damon and Michael Douglas playing Liberace. They both did terrific jobs and amazingly the setting for the movie had so much of Liberace’s types of Clothing, they used one his original pianos from the museum and they remade the actual look of his home wherever possible. The whole cast is wonderful as is the film maker and crew. If you like movies about all the lives of Musicians, you’ll like this. Watch Now


16. Anomalisa


Preciousness and misanthropy have always been the twin hallmarks of Charlie Kaufman’s work, his characters’ misery heightened and sometimes enlivened by the writer-director’s ability to craft clever sci-fi/fantastical scenarios around them. In Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind or his 2008 directorial debut, Synecdoche, New York, he has managed to make everyday loneliness and the gnawing sense of futility resonate with an almost ineffable sting.

Movie Review

Charlie Kaufman, responsible for writing blindingly original and strange movies like Being John Malkovich, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and Adaptation, has reappeared after a 7-year absence by writing and co-directing this odd and beautiful allegory. Watch Now


17. While We’re Young

While We’re Young

While We’re Young stars Ben Stiller and Naomi Watts as Josh and Cornelia, a 40-something married couple living in New York City. Cornelia produces her revered father’s documentaries—the father is played by the stellar Charles Grodin—while Josh is a once-promising documentarian who has spent a decade on his latest project, which might finally get done in about a decade from now.

Movie Review

If you’re looking for a light hearted comedy that is big on laughs and small on substance, this isn’t the film for you. This film offers a chance for introspective analysis; to reflect on how we feel when we discover that someone we admire and trust has deceived us. Watch Now


18. The Witch

The Witch

From its first moments, The Witch strands us in a hostile land. We watch as puritan patriarch William (Ralph Ineson) argues stubbornly with a small council, thereby causing his family’s banishment from their “New England” community. We watch, and writer-director Robert Eggers holds our gaze while a score of strings and assorted prickly detritus.

Movie Review

The tagline for “The Witch” says “A New England Folktale”. This is not just another throw away tag. That is the entire concept of this movie. It’s a Puritan horror story. One that puts ambiguity (a la “the crucible”) to rest by immediately welcoming the audience to a revised Puritan world where, yes, witches DO exist. Watch Now


19. I’ll See You In My Dreams

I’ll See You in My Dreams

You’ve been on your own for decades following the death of your spouse, your friends are all mostly enshrined in retirement community living and you’ve just been told that you have to put your pooch to sleep. In a less thoughtful movie, you’d be expected to fall into a traditional romance with a perfect stranger and validate your existence anew through wholesome late-stage monogamy.

Movie Review

I have watched it twice on the big screen. Yes, Blythe Danner is outstanding in the role of Carol. Yes, this ensemble cast that surrounds her is the dream group of actors. This is a film that is profound in its message. It is a view of love from so many directions. Love of life, friends, lovers, children, and in the end, of self. I laughed and I shed a tear or two.  Watch Now


20. Monster

If you haven’t watched the difficult but terrific Monster, it would be easy to dismiss Charlize Theron’s Oscar-winning performance as a gimmickpretty actress made to look plain or ugly. We’ve seen that many times, on screens big and small, and we’re usually left wondering why the producers just didn’t get a non-starlet to play the role.

Movie Review

Masterful piece. Theron is the spitting image of Wuornos and lends believability to the character. I’ve seen an interview of Wuornos done the day before her execution and Charlize’s depiction is point on. Watch Now


21. Krisha


You’ve seen the plot of Krisha beforeself-destructive woman with a drinking problem goes to a family gathering supposedly having made strides in putting her life back together, but finds the tensions that arise testing her resolve to not go back to the bottle. Jonathan Demme explored similar territory in his 2008 film Rachel Getting Married, and Trey Edward Shults’ debut film does have a similar looseness to it, a feeling that anything can happen at any time.

Movie Review

I am not a big film critic or very educated about films. That said, I am impressed by the filming technique and acting in this film. It’s not a feel-good movie, but it’s definitely a “feel-something!”. Lots of tension and suspense, and captures the difficulty for anyone to come back “into the fold” after being away to deal with personal demons. I was surprised when looking online that some sites seemed to classify it as a comedy. Watch Now


22. Ten


Like with Kiarostami’s best films, the rigorous conceit behind Ten is more unwieldy to describe than it is to experience. Over the course of 10 conversations—each demarcated by a sort of old-timey film stock count-down, each chronologically spaced but lacking a clear sense of how much time has passed between segments—we experience the fears, quirks, travails and typical day of a woman living, working and attempting to carve out some room for her own in modern Tehran.

Movie Review

Nevertheless the spontaneity has inherent limits. The director is not there, but he chooses each new personage and before each sequence he gives general instructions about what is to be discussed. The flow of discussion is subtly controlled by the woman who is driving. Watch Now


23. The Reader

The Reader

Stephen Daldry’s adaptation of Bernhard Schlink’s The Reader is a somber, desolate and profound film that does not shy away from the story’s thematic complexities. David Kross superbly plays Michael Berg, a teenager in post-World War II Germany who embarks on an affair with a stern, serious older woman named Hanna Schmitz.

Movie Review

This is an outstanding movie! It easily makes my top 10 best-movie list. Kate Winslet is stunning. She deserved the academy award she got. Having seen her in other movies, I was amazed by her performance this time. She really is an extraordinary actress. This is a complex movie with many facets. I’ve watched it three times, and each time I see more depth to it. Highly recommended. Watch Now


24. Song Of The Sea

Song of the Sea

Tomm Moore’s Song of the Sea might have made a better videogame than a motion picture. That’s saying something, because as motion pictures go, it’s an absolutely visceral stunneryou may find yourself wishing you could interact with its characters, live in its vividly realized world, participate in its defining ancestral conflicts.

Movie Review

My husband and I found the film visually and thematically exquisite and one doesn’t need an understanding or appreciation of Celtic mythology to love it. The music is dreamy and the pace is a refreshing change from the overstimulating fare that abounds in our culture. While we were watching the movie, all of us were swept away by it. And, entertaining as it was, it also sparked meaningful discussions. A remarkable film. Watch Now


25. Top Five

Top Five

The chief thing to know about the film is that it’s hilarious, as a comedy made by Rock should be. Almost as important is that it’s heartfelt. Rock uses the opportunity to reflect on his own personal and professional travails; he leans on his biting wit, offering few pleasantries in Allen’s quest for respectability.

Movie Review

This movie is ripe for great “dinner after” conversation, and for those who missed the “makes you think” part, please at least pretend to read this Playboy for the articles. Watch Now


26. The Secret Life Of Pets

"The Secret Life Of Pets" New York Premiere

The Secret Life of Pets is one of the best animated films in recent memory and one of the most commercially successful animated films ever. This movie is the highest grossing animated film not produced by Disney or Pixar, two giants in the animated movie industry, so this is quite an achievement and a testament to the success of movie.

Movie Review

i have a son who can’t talk, but communicates well. He bought a toy dog Max before the movie came out. Now he’s not a huge movie watcher, but if it has a fish or a dog in it he’ll watch it. I took him to the theater, and he saw the picture of Max the dog. He pointed at it and I told him that’s the movie we’re going to see. He smiled big. My six year old boy along with every other kid in the theater laughed so hard throughout the whole movie. My son rarely laughs at funny parts of movies, bc he doesn’t understand it, but this movie he understood and laughed, and he made me laugh Watch Now.


27. Sausage Party

New York Special Screening of Columbia Pictures' "Sausage Party

If you like goofy, zany and downright silly animated films, then you’re going to love Sausage Party. The movie stars Seth Rogen and many of the actors who appear in his films, including Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Bill Hader, James Franco, Danny McBride, Craig Robinson and a special appearance from Kristen Wiig.

Movie Review

Yikes. Don’t watch with kids under 18!! Totally hilarious. Will have to watch again to catch all the innuendos we missed. Laughed hard. Totally outrageous. Watch Now.


28. Manchester By The Sea

89th Annual Academy Awards - Show

Nominated for six Oscars, Manchester by the Sea is a gripping tale that will leave you in tears and stick in your mind for weeks after watching the movie. Casey Affleck plays Lee Chandler who learns his brother has suddenly died and he is awarded custody of his teenage nephew. It was a stunning performance from Affleck who was a star on the awards circuit, picking up a Golden Globe and an Oscar for his performance. Not a bad substitute for Matt Damon who was originally supposed to play the part.

Movie Review

I’m a movie lover but I usually try to avoid heart-wrenching stories, unless they had been previously acclaimed by many serious sources. Even then I’m very picky. I do not write reviews, though, there are experts for that that I rather read. So why I’m writing a review for Manchester by the Sea? Because it was a tragic story that I didn’t plan on watching and now is one of my all-time favorites. Watch Now.


29. Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is the latest movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is easily one of the most fascinating portrayals of a Marvel character yet. Benedict Cumberbatch plays Doctor Stephen Strange who is a former neurosurgeon who is schooled in the ways of magic and mysticism. It’s a really trippy and far out movie that is a far cry from the standard cookie-cutter superhero movie that Marvel has produced in recent years.

Movie Review

The plot is fairly straight forward, but I liked the subtle references to Biblical afterlife in the dialogue. Stick around past the first credits for a ‘short’ on Mordo and Benjamin Bratt, then again after full credits for a short conversation between Strange and Thor, leading intro to the next Doctor Strange movie. This seems to be a nice ‘stay for the credits and there’s an easter egg for you’ thing Marvel is doing now. Watch Now.


30. Jason Bourne

The Bourne franchise continues and thankfully, with Matt Damon, back in the role as Jason Bourne. This is the fifth installment of the Bourne franchise and is a sequel to the 2007 movie The Bourne Ultimatum.

Movie Review

Since I had only days before purchased the Jason Bourne dvd set in a storage case, I was thrilled to find that they gave you an empty slot, with a place holder in it, for this dvd as well. It is nice to have them all stored on one convenient, well designed, storage case. Takes up less room than each one separately in it’s own hard case. Watch Now.


31. Honorable Mention: Julia

amazon prime

In a movie landscape where being grounded in reality is so pivotal, many crime action-dramas miss that mark. When you look at the antagonists in these films, their motivations are fuzzy. Essentially, you don’t understand why the crimes happening are being committed. However, being the antithesis of that is arguably the biggest strengths of Erick Zonca’s Julia.

Movie Review

Just wonderful. Tilda Swinton is one of the few actors who can hold riveting interest on her own – not that the supporting cast in this drama isn’t wonderful, but Tilda (as Julia) totally pulls it off. She can take you into the most manic, insane situations and make it plausible in a way that takes you with her on this madcap journey. Watch Now


32. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

amazon prime movies

Tina Fey plays Kim Barker, the real-life journalist who left her job as a news copywriter and the comforts and security of the newsdesk for an assignment as a reporter who will give live reports from war-torn Afghanistan. When she lands in Afghanistan and begins her new job, she is in a culture shock and unsure of herself and her new surroundings.

Movie Review

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite flicks. It is both funny and poignant at the same time. Tina Fey’s best performance yet if you ask me. Watch Now


33. The Others (2001)

amazon instant video

Set just after World War I in the British state of Jersey, Grace (Kidman) lives in a secluded, rural home. She lives there with her three children, the servants of the house, and no one else. Or at least she thinks there’s no one else. However, she becomes increasingly suspicious that there are others among them.

Movie Review

Nicole Kidman gives an exceptionally nuanced performance as a frightened and over-protective mother. The film keeps you on the edge of your seat right up to the final revelation. I am not normally fond of ghost stories but this one had me totally hooked right up to the very end. Watch Now


34. The American President (1995)

amazon prime video

Searching the genre of “political romantic comedy dramas” isn’t going to return many results, to say the least. Moreover, it’s fair to say that many of the results that do come back aren’t going to be the greatest movies ever made. However, the Rob Reiner directed The American President is clearly the best of the bunch.

Movie Review

I’ve always been a fan of films from the 90s, and this film is a gem among the seabed. The predecessor to “The West Wing” (seriously, see how many plot points are later repeated in that show), this film stars Michael Douglas as a father, widower, resident of Wisconsin, card-carrying member of the ACLU, member of the Democractic Party, and…oh yeah, President of the United States. Watch Now


35. The Hunt For Red October

amazon video

There is a wide variety of ways that a war or spy movie can ultimately turn out. While a good war movie can go down as a classic if it’s done properly, it can also be absolutely panned if it’s not given the proper time and even not cast properly. However, The Hunt for Red October definitely falls into the former category.

Movie Review

This is an exceptional movie and you should see it. I own the Bluray version but we just watched the film using Amazon Prime to stream to my digital projector. The streaming worked perfectly and the video and audio quality were perfect. Watch Now


36. Ex Machina (2015)

amazon prime instant video

Ex Machina was one of the best movies of 2015, and I don’t think it necessarily received the respect, in terms of box office numbers and total viewers, that it deserved. It’s a great science fiction movie, and it was still a huge success.

Movie Review

Very creative movie with a vision of the future. I was very entertained throughout the movie. I have to say it is one of the better shows I have watched in a long time. I have seen in China they are creating robots and are even selling models that people can buy to have in their home to use as a companion to talk to. Technology has really advanced in my life time and look forward to see what is on the horizon. Watch Now


37. Gleason (2016)

amazon movies

Steve Gleason is a former NFL player for the New Orleans Saints but he’s fighting a much bigger battle than anything he faced in his football career. Gleason was diagnosed with ALS at 34 but like he did during his playing career, never backed away from a battle and has committed the rest of his life toward ALS research and raising money for patients fighting the deadly disease.

Movie Review

I think this ranks as one of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen and is probably the best sports-related movie I’ve ever seen as well. I think that Steve and his wife Michel are probably the two bravest people on the planet, because they gave the filmmakers permission to really show them in an unvarnished way. This movie is no-hold-barred honest. Steve documented the progression of his ALS from the day of his diagnosis through the gradual loss of abilities. He would show when he would lose the ability to run, the ability to walk without a cane, the ability to speak etc. Watch Now


38. Chasing Amy

amazon tv

Holden (Ben Affleck) and Banky (Lee) are two best friends in Chasing Amy that co-write and illustrate a comic book entitled Bluntman and Chronic. The two men are living happily together and their lives couldn’t be going any better. And that’s when Alyssa came into the picture.

Movie Review

thank you! great seller! I ordered this dvd after watching just a short bit of it on TV and it soon became one of my favorite movies! the dvd and the cover were as though they were completely brand new… so happy with this… and have no problem with it even though i have watched it over and over! Watch Here


39. Wayne’s World

amazon prime tv

There aren’t many comedy movies that can stand the test of time and remain every bit as funny decades later as they were the day that they were released. However, Wayne’s World is without question one of those movies. Even after 24 years since it’s release, you’ll still be in stitches.

Movie Review

We own the DVD of this, but recently ordered the digital version as well, so we could have a Wayne’s World movie party with the movie going in two rooms, since we don’t have a huge area to fit everyone who wanted to join us. We watched it on it’s 25th birthday, after which we served up some donuts, listened to “Stairway to Heaven,” and sang “Bohemian Rhapsody” together. Watch Now


40. 99 Homes

When you think about contemporary films that deal with the housing bubble and the financial crisis in the United States around 2008, the first movie that comes to mind is probably The Big Short. However, another recent release that approaches the subject in a vastly different manner is Ramin Bahrani’s 99 Homes.

Movie Review

I watched with stomach turning as Dennis Nash turned from victim to helping remove people from their homes. Due to following the housing issue closely, I was aware of the fact that people were foreclosed on without proper documentation and that many suffered. But in knowledge there is power and the knowledge has produced watch dog organizations and some programs to give relief to the victims of the crisis. Watch Now


41. Hacksaw Ridge

"Hacksaw Ridge" Screening - VIP Arrivals

Hacksaw Ridge was nominated for six Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director and came away with wins for Sound Mixing and Film Editing. Andrew Garfield stars as Army Medic Desmond T. Doss who has a personal code not to kill anyone, which is a pretty stark contrast to the soldiers he’s beside during World War II. Despite his code not to kill, Doss makes history as the first American to win the Medal of Honor and he didn’t even use his gun.

Movie Review

My grandfather was at Okinawa. He spoke of it to no one, until one summer day we were sitting together in 1997, just 2 years before he died, and he heard a slurry bomber going overhead (fire season). He stood up and scanned the skies. When the plane came into view, he said, “it’s ours.” Then he sat down and began to weep. Watch Now.


42. Captain AmericaCivil War

"Captain AmericaCivil War" - European Film Premiere - VIP Arrivals

One of the biggest blockbuster releases from the summer is now on Blu-ray and DVD. Captain AmericaCivil War had fans declaring if they were “Team Cap” or “Team Iron Man” but you can be on both sides and buy the movie today. Why pick sides when you can have both, right?

Movie Review

The most perfect superhero movie made to date. It not only balanced its huge cast but gave every character a satisfying arc, with the main characters hitting some surprisingly moving, honest-feeling emotional highs that I would not have expected in a superhero film. It also introduced the MCU’s first African leading man superhero, Black Panther, in an absolutely glorious way–can’t wait for his standalone film as a result of this fantastic intro the Russo Brothers’ gave him in this film, and Chadwick Boseman’s arresting performance. Watch Now.


43. Moonlight


Moonlight is a coming of age story that’s told across three different time periods. The story follows our main character through adolescence, teenage years and young adulthood as he grows up in Miami during the height of the War on Drugs and without any parental guidance. All the while, he’s coming to terms with his budding sexuality.

Movie Review

The first time I saw Moonlight, I was too busy watching the movie to appreciate it. I was following plot, thinking ahead, wondering what was going to happen. I was angry at Chiron’s mom, frustrated by teen bullies and worried about Chiron’s day-to-day life. I thought the ending was abrupt and not exceedingly hopeful. Watch Now.


44. War Dogs

Award Ceremony Arrivals - 42nd Deauville American Film Festival

War Dogs is inspired by and loosely based on the lives and experiences of Efraim Diveroli and David Packouz, who were the subject the Rolling Stone article Arms and The Dudes written by Guy Lawson.

Movie Review

One of the most underrated movies of 2016. Jonah Hill is fast becoming one of the most versatile of American actors. This is not your ordinary predictable action movie or redundant & boring chick flick, but a fictional account of a disturbing time in American arms trading, when almost anyone in this country could sell & trade arms with foreign governments. Pretty scary & very entertaining. Watch Now.


45. Finding Dory

"Finding Dory" - UK Premiere - Red Carpet

Finding Dory is the sequel to Finding Nemo. We just had to wait for 13 years for it! In the film, Dory (Ellen DeGeneres) tries to reunite with her parents, but she is capturues and taken to an aquarium. Marlin (Albert Brooks) and Nemo (Hayden Rolance) try to save her.

Movie Review

Lovely movie with lots of bright colors.My toddler loves Dory and wants to watch it over and over and over. I absolutely love Ellen DeGeneres and her quirky humor. Although I must say that the Finding Nemo movie was much cuter and funnier than this one. Its still a great movie. Recommend it! Watch Now.

46. Sully


Sully is based on the true story of Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, the pilot who landed a plane in the Hudson River after a mechanical problem. Sullenberger also wrote an autobiography called Highest Duty with Jeffrey Zaslow. Tom Hanks stars as Sully in the film.

Movie Review

Anyone who has ever worn a seat belt in the back of the high-speed aluminum tube, entrusting their entire lives to the professionalism of other people will watch this movie differently than someone who has not flown. But, everyone will find it realistic and without the Hollywood BS often seen in airline movies like the movie “Flight” and “Snakes on A Plane”. Jeeze. Watch Now.


47. Star Trek Beyond

new movies

The latest movie in the Star Trek movie franchise is one of the biggest summer blockbusters of the year. Star Trek Beyond is the 13th movie overall and the third in the J.J. Abrams reboot that stars Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk and Zachary Quinto as Commandeer Spock.

Movie Review

All three Star Trek reboot movies have been excellent. However, “Into a Darkness” really played it safe by retelling a past Star Trek plot. “Beyond” tells a totally original story, full of action, humor, suspense and a great plot twist. The character development is great, and the actors really do well embodying the original characters, while also providing a fresh perspective. The new characters are likeable. Special effects are gorgeous. Very enjoyable for new fans, but it also had many nods and Easter eggs for old fans, particularly of the original series and “Enterprise.” Watch Now.


48. Neighbors 2Sorority Rising

movies 2016

The sequel to Neighbors promises more of the same sophomoric humor as the first. Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne play Mac and Kelly who are looking to sell their house with the arrival of their new daughter. The first movie saw the couple have problems with the frat house next door that hosted parties that lasted into the early morning and loud music that blasted through the neighborhood. In the sequel, it’s the same premise but instead of a frat house, it’s a sorority house led by Chloë Grace Moretz.

Movie Review

Very funny. In some ways better than the first. I love how ridiculous it it. Great comic performances by Rogen, Byrne and the other leads as well as the realtor. . Efron was good in a role similar to his in Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Watch Now.


49. The Girl On The Train

movies 2016

Emily Blunt stars as Rachel, a woman who is recently divorced and has troubles with alcohol. You could say it’s more than troubling when she is prone to blackouts and can’t remember things as a result. Her marriage fell apart because she caught believed her husband Tom (Theroux) having an affair with their real estate agent. She also believes he couldn’t deal with her alcoholism and because she was unable to have children.

Movie Review

The first hour was kind of slow, but the last 45 minutes was awesome! So many twists I didn’t see coming, but put the whole movie together. Very good performances. The characters made me dislike them and then feel sorry for them once the truth was told. amazing performances. The storyline was very good. I liked how the movie told the story of each character and how they were connected and how it all came together in the last half hour. I love a movie that can surprise me. This one did big time. If you like mysteries with complex characters, this movie is for you. Watch Now.


50. Arrival

One of the best movies of 2016, Arrival received eight Oscar nominations, including Best Picture and Best Actress for Amy Adams. This has to be the best movie for Adams in her career who plays a linguist named Louise Banks. She is dealing with the cancer diagnosis that is going to claim her young daughter’s life. While speaking at a college, alien spaceships come to Earth and the U.S. Army asks Louise and physicist Ian Donnelly (Jeremy Renner) to decipher the alien language and try to figure out what they want and why there are here.

Movie Review

A story about time … really. How we perceive time, and if it were not linear – which direction we might choose to go. The aliens are incidental. Amy Adams is compelling to watch in this film, (which really is a sci-fi/philosophical film), and the viewer sort of lives in her head. This particular sci-fi is along the lines of “Contact”, and (even more so) Interstellar. Watch Now.