7 Things You Should Never Forget To Thank Your Mom For On Mother’s Day

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April 26th, 2018   |   Updated on May 21st, 2018

There will be many times in the world when we tend to become busy in this concrete world and forget things that which make what we are! You might have thought of ourselves, as one of the most selfless persons in the world and yet you might have forgotten to thank your mother for everything she is.

Given that the Mother’s Day is coming soon, you might want to use this occasion in order to let her know that you’re nothing without her.

By this, not doing the routine things like picking the laundry up or buying new underwear for her in discount.

This occasion is about thanking her in real so that she will feel how special she is, to you. While it would have definitely been a while since you have thanked her last time, don’t you think that it is necessary to do it now.

Therefore, buckle up, tell her that you are still alive, that you love her and that you are blessed to be born from her without any trace of guilt.

Irrespective of how busy you are, how many errands you have to run and whatever lame excuse you have, you need to realize that they will be waiting forever to listen to our voices.

Therefore, here’s a list of seven beautiful things that you should thank her, on this Mother’s Day. Have a look!

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1. Thank You For Having Me

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Carrying a baby for nine months is not a small thing given what you have gone through them. The discomfort, the mood swings, the hunger and the anger and there might be a truckload of days that you haven’t slept properly, because of me.

After being born, you might have woken up innumerable times at 3 AM so that I can fall asleep at least for 10 minutes before I cry again.

While this is definitely nothing less than hell on earth, you have endured everything just out of love and adoration by holding me close.

I think it is perfectly beautiful and it is only after getting a baby, I have realized the effort behind that. After everything till today, you strive a lot just to have a smile on my face and I think no one can ever go beyond this.


2. Thank You For Teaching Me

Everything I have learnt today is because of you. You have taught me to speak, run, walk and even ride a bike. You have taught me to share, care and love people unconditionally without any limit.

You have taught me that heartbreaks will heal, things will get alright and that it is perfectly okay to be silly and laugh until one can cry.

You have taught me it is okay to make mistakes and learn through them and that it is completely okay to be the weird person I’m.

3. Thank You For Feeling

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When I fell, you are the one to feel the scrape. When I lost a tooth, you felt the pain and also the excitement of me putting it under the pillow.

When I had heartbreak, you felt my chest pain. When I won, you felt m success and when I failed, you felt my tears.

You were not only my toughest love, crying shoulder but also my cuddle buddy. Whatever I feel, you have always felt them twice and you said that its okay to feel what you really feel.

You have put my heart in line and people admire me for that because of the amazing person I’m.


4. Thank You For Grounding Me

Though I hated you more than a couple of times, thanks for doing this. It’s only after growing into a complete adult and getting my own child, I have understood why you had to do that.

I now completely understand why you have taken my phone away, locked me in my room at times.

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Eventually, it has taught that all my actions will have consequences and that I might not always like them. It has taught me to think that little things matter and you can’t get away with doing something wrong.

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5. Thank You For Letting Me Be Me

I admit that I’m not always your favorite child, given my rebellion phase, Thanks for letting me cut the hair and dye it even when you know that I would regret it.

Thanks for letting me have those tattoos and piercings even when you actually hate them.

Thanks for letting me dress in all those punk clothes just because I wanted to, even when you know they are not exactly nice to me.

If only you haven’t let me figure out what I want and what I don’t, I wouldn’t be a person who now can make bold decisions despite everything.

6. Thank You For Letting Me Go

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Now, I understand how you did it even. I did not understand that it was a big deal but letting me go at that time is not easy. Even after dedicating your entire life to me, I could not stay.

I went, I moved out and I got a job which barely has let me be at my home. I have spent days away from you and then eventually moved out away from you.

It’s been years since I have left home and I never once have come running home. I don’t know how to put it, but this overwhelming. I know that I have to let you go, one day as well but as I’m older now, I realized that I always want you in my life.

7. Thank You For Being You

Lastly, you should know that you are beautiful inside and outside. You have gone above and also beyond me and have always put yourself last.

You have created memories both for me and as well as yourself and have taught me that it is important to survive.


You have shown me how a mother should be and also set a bar for how a parent should be. You have shown me how to be a good wife, a good friend, a good coach, a good teacher and lastly, a good mother. Sorry, the best mother.

In the end, I know that few thankyous will never account for the number of times that you have dealt with me, patiently. Thanks for always being the best mom you could be. I love you.