7 Custom Official Attire Ideas For 2019

Official Attire Ideas

Published on February 6th, 2019

Office! The place where you spend most of your time and around what your life LITERALLY revolves around.

This is where you want to be the best of yourself and look the best version of you. Just like your quality of work is a testament to your personality and ethics, the way you dress leaves a mark far more crucial that you’d give it credit for.

Sure, the “follow the dress-code” and “maintaining the integrity of workplace” talk is fine, but there’s no harm in tweaking a bit, right? Especially it’s more stylish than the good-ol’ clothes that people have been wearing for gazillion of years.

In this post, we are going to look at some of the best options for customized attire that you must try in 2019. Among these options, some we can do it even at home. So, without any further ado, let’s have a look at them!


1. Turning A Loose Shirt Into A Stylish Sleeveless One

This one can be a great idea to turn a boring shirt into crisp sleeveless one. Wanna know how to do it? Isn’t this exactly why we are doing this post!

Well, snip those baggy sleeves from shoulders first of all. Add a little bit of finishing border at the hole for your arm to get out with a cloth that somewhat matches the color of the shirt. Now, wanna notch it up a level? Let’s use those sleeves now to make a bow-tie or something similar. Have a look at this example.

Official Attire Ideas


2. Draped Skirt

This one’s amazing too, and probably one of the simplest one to do. All you need to make one is a skirt block or a similar cloth and voila! You got yourself a pretty amazing draped skirt, ready to walk-in with elegance at your workplace.

Some of the variants that you can go for are CJ Draped skirt, Dior draped skirt, tucked drape skirt and skirt twist. Making one with African fabric can give you a total unique look. And you know the best part about all these variants? All of them are suitable for office wear.

Official Attire Ideas


3. Flutter Flower Shirt

Did anyone ever tell you how elegant those flowery parts in the shirts? Well, they are. And you should definitely try them once in a while. For one, it gives you the chance to customize your boring formal shirts. Second of all, they just look amazing.

All you have to do is get some clothes of the right color and do simple cuts. This will get you a really nice flower which you can sew on the shirt.


4. DIY Belts

You can even try different belts that can look amazing with various office get-ups. You can go for either a chic braided or a wide corset belt. Both will do the trick.

You can go for clothes and thin ropes of vibrant colors, with a few glittering jewels on top of it. Not only this, there’s a combination of lovely accessories that can be tried when you think of trying DIY Belts. Although, you’ll have to get your way with scissors and rivets really well for this.


5. Making Shirts A Bit More Glamorous

Making a shirt more glamorous is not that tough. All you need to do is buy yourself a simple artificial necklace and put it on the shirt. You might need to do some stitching for this one though.

You’ll need to find the right combination that really captures the attention, and not be too much at the same time.

Even choosing the accessories for putting on the shirt is going to be tricky. And if things go south, losing the shirt might be an outcome for this. But in any case, what’s wrong about giving it a try?


6. Making Plain T-shirts More Attractive

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to create a beautiful t-shirt out of a plain one? And totally customized as per your liking and fit on top of it.

I guess this is something that might definitely intrigue almost everyone reading this post. Isn’t it? So, take any of your plain t-shirts and cut them from right above the belly.

Following this, you can put the design of your liking on it. Not only this, you can even put a great design by just folding the tee laterally and stitching.


7. Stickers On The Shirt

Superman Compression Shirt

We saved the best one for last! Just take cut-outs of plain cloth and then stitch them on your shirts. It looks bold and elegant at the same time.

So, these were the 7 ideas for customized formal attire in 2019. Have any questions about any of these? Or maybe have any suggestions? We’d love to hear it. Comment down!