Why Should You Plan Your Visit To Panama City Beach During The Fall?

Panama City Beach

January 12th, 2019   |   Updated on May 3rd, 2019

When we say “winter,” do you start thinking about the dreadful cold winds and snow? Then it is time for you to plan a vacation to Panama City Beach. It is also time you forgot everything you have ever heard about the place.

It is no longer the small town with the scattered souvenir shops, t-shirt stores, and photo booths. It has evolved into a picturesque vacation spot.

The beach is a heaven for Instagrammers, with the turquoise waters caressing the white sand on the one hand and the splendid high-rises kissing the sky on the other. No matter which direction you look, it is a beautiful blend of nature and man’s creativity.

Why Should You Plan Your Visit To Panama City Beach During The Fall?

Panama City Beach

The weather is perfect all year round. It tends to get a little hot during the summer months, but visitors hardly feel the surge in temperature and humidity due to the cool sea breeze that blows relentlessly.

During the early fall, you can expect the temperatures to reach around the mid-80s making the waters warm and comfortable for swimming, yet pleasant enough for sunbathing. In fact, budget vacationers are shunning the Caribbean’s and Miami beaches to spend their sun-soaking days on Panama City Beach.

Fall is the best time to visit this beach spot because the humidity is low, it gives the blue waters and skies an extra dazzle, and it is the perfect excuse to get away from your cold town for some winter sunshine!

There is a secret you must know about your destination Panama City – autumn is the official festive season of the place. The Chasin’ the Sun music festival in September, Lobster Festival and Tournament in September, Pirates of the High Seas festival in October and Walk into the Wild celebrations in October are the must-visit on the city’s beach.

Plan your vacation according to the announced date of each festival if you are interested in having the best time of your life!


What Can You Do On Panama City Beach?

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You would not believe it now, but the outdoors in Panama City are virtually free of bugs! All travelers and tourists know how big of a deal that when you are visiting a tropical climate during the warm months is! You can dine outdoors while dipping your feet in the cool and calm waves as you break into the fresh catch of the day.

Panama City beach is teeming with fantastic seafood restaurants that offer a taste of the delicious and fresh lobsters, crabs and fish from the salty waters. Autumn on the Panama City Beach, Florida is the best destination for a fall holiday. If you don’t believe us, visit the St. Andrew’s neighborhood.

Check out their funky local art and the best fish tacos you will ever taste in this lifetime! You can think of a romantic dinner for just the two of you or a fun family lunch with your kids. Panama City Beach gives you innumerable opportunities to create treasurable memories.

If you love to try something different, do not miss your chance to visit Eat My Pasty. This small and cozy place offers up to 19 different varieties of hearty pasties that the owners make fresh every day! You might not think that Cornish and potato cheese and onion pasties are anything worth falling in love with, but your experience here at Eat My Pasty at Panama City Beach might change your opinion. It is a pleasant break from the traditional beach fare that you will experience throughout your stay.


How Close To Nature Can You Get In Panama City?

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After eating so much seafood and pasties you might want to burn the calories or just move it a little. Autumn is the perfect time to go on a hike with your friends or your family. If you are an outdoorsy person, you will love every bit of St. Andrews State Park.

It is a gorgeous repose in the laps of nature that is as far as it gets from the noise and clamor of the city and the high rises. St. Andrews State Park offers a picturesque walk along the mile and a half of the sugary white shoreline that “squeaks” as you walk on it. Heron Pond and Gator Lake are the two trails in the park that take you closer to wildlife and nature than you have ever been in your life.

Both of them will offer you a close-up of coastal wildlife and plant life. Children will enjoy spotting the deer, alligators, coyotes, egrets, herons, and seagulls along the trail.

Once you feel tired and are ready for doing something different, you should take the Shell Island Shuttle. It will take you to a virgin island that isn’t far from the Panama City beach shoreline.

It is a treasure trove for all shell seekers from around the world. Shell picking is obviously bountiful after a storm, but if you are unsatisfied with your collection, do not forget to check out the “kiddie pool” beach on Shell Island for the secret stash. You will find beautiful colors and designs that no one could create except Mother Nature!

After spending a day hiking through St. Andrews State Park and strolling on Shell Island, you might want to spend the next day at the Conservation Park. If you love secluded spots, the Conservation Park is going to be your favorite part of Panama City. It has 12 trails covering over 24 miles.

Hike or bike along the boardwalk; search for turtles and gators in the undergrowth; click thousands of pictures with your family. The Conservation Park is a unique experience for every nature lover and thrill seeker ever thinking about visiting Panama City in the fall.

During the pre-winter months, the humidity is low enough for people to reach the end of the trail comfortably, spot numerous wildlife and have enough energy left to go back for another round at Eat My Pasty.