Parents Talk To Their Kids About Sex Not The Birds And The Bees

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Published on July 14th, 2017

Usually, the parents are very shy about talking to their children about Sex or any of such topic and even whenever some intimate scene is on TV there is a sense of awkwardness in the room and we cannot even discuss or tell them how they were actually born.

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There are no substitute words to this as it all goes straight nowadays. Even if the parents feel their children don’t know all of this they are highly mistaken they know it all and they use words such as vagina and penis even.

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It is a secret we keep it from our children even though with the current technology it should not be considered as one yet we keep it as a secret. But guess what we are not the only ones.

Parents Talk To Their Kids About Sex

Usually, around the world parents makeup or come up with different stories when they are asked by their children that how were they born or the questions like where do we come from? Following this, and hopefully many years later parents decided to open up with their children from making the stories of birds and the bees they decided that they would talk to there children about vagina and penis and even how they were born.


Even this thing is every important as children sometimes in school have sex which is not the right age of doing so yet they do and after that, the circumstances are not good, so to prevent that the parents need to take a wise step and talk to them and guide them about the sexual education.

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Parents Talk to Their Kids About The Birds and the Bees for the First Time

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