30 Perfect Housewarming Gifts That Will Make You The Best Guest Ever

Perfect Housewarming Gifts

September 18th, 2017   |   Updated on April 18th, 2023

Find the perfect housewarming gift for anyone from the newly weds to the college freshmen to the retired couple, we’ve got you covered with all kinds of great housewarming and awesome gift ideas from Amazon.

1. Self Sustaining Ecosphere

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Customer Review : Ordered this for my son’s 11th birthday because he likes the one his grandfather has  My son loves animals of all kinds. This arrived packaged perfectly with four little shrimp darting around in it. They’re fun to watch. Comes with instructions and other useful information. Looks and feels like a quality product. Plus, it’s educational. Would recommend to others! Get it from Amazon for $60.99

2. Arcade Light Switch

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Customer Review : My garbage disposal switch is near the switch for the light over the sink. I was looking for a switch that would end the confusion. This did it. I mounted it over a 20 amp rocker switch, for the disposal. The push buttons are easy to use with wet, dirty hands. Get it from Amazon for $7.95

3. Floating Bookshelves

Umbra Conceal Floating Bookshelf

Customer Review : If you are not a handy man, like me, then this will be quite a chore. I have never installed something like this and the description makes it sounds 10 million times simpler than it is. This comes with one shelf and the mounting hardware. The mounting hardware is inside the packaging in a very tricky spot (Pic attached). I say this because I always drive to the hardware store and had thrown out the original packaging. Get it from Amazon for $14.99

4. DIY Ice Cream Maker

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Customer Review : Love our ice cream maker. DO NOT purchase soft serve mixes to use with this maker. It comes with a recipe booklet containing very simple and delicious recipes using minimal ingredients. Get it from Amazon for $77.68

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5. Avocado Tree Growing Kit

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Customer Review : I was a Kickstarter backer and I couldn’t be happier! I have tried unsuccessfully for years (since I was a preteen and I am now 32!) to get an avocado seed to sprout using the toothpick method. My very first try with the Avoseedo and I have two baby trees to call my own. The picture I attached is about 2 months after I put the seed in the little boat. Get it from Amazon for $9.95

6. Coiled Wax Candle

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Customer Review : OMG, this candle is huge! Not a bad deal for the size and price. I can’t wait until I use it, but I don’t want to mess it up, I want to enjoy looking at it for a while before I light a match to it. Get it from Amazon for $46.19

7. Water Temperature LED Faucet

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Customer Review : Bought this product Dec 2011 to install in the kids bathroom. They couldn’t wait to brush their teeth…in the dark. We have a large bathroom and the blue, green and red colors light things up very well. I did notice that the water doesn’t drain all the way (like others pointed out), but I actually don’t mind that as the light stays on almost like a night light if you don’t tap on it or turn it on and off quickly to make it drain. Despite being used like a night light, the batteries have not needed replaced. Get it from Amazon for $46.99

8. LED Temperature Faucet Nozzle

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Customer Review : We love our LED faucet. It looks super cool. It becomes a conversation peice when we have people over. We purchased it in 2012 and it has lasted 4 years and some months. The light has recently began flickering every so often even when the water pressure is at full but it happens very rarely. I have purchased another just like this from the same seller because the last one lasted so long with no problems. The only caveat we noticed is the red light only illuminates at extremely hot temps. Get it from Amazon for $4.18

9. Mini Cotton Candy Machine

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Customer Review : Cool device, easy to setup. I gave a 4 because it could use a bit of a bitter housing as you cant let much cotton candy build up else it gets pulled around. If you want to make a lot this device will take awhile, so good for small amounts if you wanted to make 10-12 for a party it would take quite a long time as you can only put 1 scoop of sugar per usage which seems to make 1-2. Get it from Amazon for $39.98

10. Your Ex Knife Holder Set

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Customer Review : Yup. This is amazing and makes quite the conversation starter on my counter. My ex. saw it and he even laughed. Much higher quality than I was anticipating as I sort of bought it as a gag and instead regularly use it in my kitchen. Nice knives and the base is actually sturdy and heavy, as is the guy. Pretty tall and noticable, well worth the money and the laughs. Get it from Amazon for $149.99

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11. Portable Nightlight Globes

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Customer Review : God send. Helps my munchkin sleep and chill to the lights. Heck, I want one for my room as a night light. Fits in with our decor without being obtrusive and great for nice soft light if you need to go into their room late. Get it from Amazon for $69.99

12. Melting Clock

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Customer Review : While working in New York City, my dad met Salvador Dali and has been a fan of the quirky artists style ever since. He was also a huge Hitchcock fan and enjoyed when the director used Dali for the dream sequence in “Spellbound”. This is a terrific gift. Looks a little “plastic-y” but the effect is just fine. Get it from Amazon for $20.99

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13. Dragon Skull Incense Burner

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Customer Review : So the first one I ordered, while being packaged VERY VERY well, arrived with some broken teeth. I told the seller and they 2 day shipped me a brand new one at no charge and said I can just toss the first. Second arrived with no damage. I guess they’re packaged at the factory and the seller never opens them. I will note the second one had bubble wrap in the mouth, protecting the teeth, while the first one didn’t. Get it from Amazon for $27.90

14. Ice Cream Lock

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Customer Review : I bought this product for my wife. I want to control my weight and she doesn’t want to budge on buying herself ice cream and I have a willpower weakness for ice cream. So far it has done the job. It has kept me out of her ice cream and helped me a little in my struggle to control my weight. Get it from Amazon for $50.76

15. Pizza Cone Maker

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Customer Review : This set appears to be well made. One of my cone holders was off and the cone kept tipping over so I adjusted the spring a little and it appears to be okay now but I would hate for it to tip over when I fill and bake. The video I watched before buying is great! Be sure and follow directions for a great cone. Get it from Amazon for $14.37

16. Water Slide Bounce House

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Customer Review : One use in, this bouncy house has delivered in spades! Friends of ours bought this 4 years ago and theirs was still going strong so we decided to go ahead and pull the trigger this summer. We had a good 10 kids (mostly ~5 years old) using it at once for my daughter’s birthday party and it handled it very well. It was extremely easy to put up, took about 2 minutes to inflate. Get it from Amazon for $749.99

17. Fire Coloring Kit

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Customer Review : We do a lot of bon fires at my cousin-in-law’s house, and he flipped when he opened this. (He is about 23 years old) This gift will please any age group! AND it works, well. You use it like a salt shaker, so it’s simple. I love it. Get it from Amazon for $99

18. Light Up Planters

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Customer Review : Fun and excellent! I am not sure why everyone says they go through batteries, I have had my pot 1 year and just replaced the batteries for the first time. I turn it in almost every evening through the summer/fall while out on my porch. I added clear aquarium glass rocks to the bottom of my pot to give the base weight in the breeze and it has never tipped nor does it interfere with the color, actually it gives some pretty dynamics to the colors. I love this pot and would definitely recommend it for some fun lighting. Get it from Amazon for $12.99

19. Outdoor Light Up Cubes

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Customer Review : These are fantastic. Note: charge them the day you plan to use them because the batteries seem inconsistent. One of ours held a charge for weeks before being used, another wouldn’t turn on even though it was fully charged 3 days previous. However, they work really well and work for *hours* so five stars is appropriate. Get it from Amazon for $122

20. Earth Shaped Fire Pit

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Customer Review : I bought one many years back. It is one of my prized posessions. I plumbed it for natural gas after a year and filled it w/ glass. It is a hit! It sits on the slate deck outside the picture window. Get it from Amazon for $1490

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21. Makeup Organizer Station

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Customer Review : Great piece. Got it for my girlfriend and she loves it. Only wish the iPad slot was longer for landscape viewing of videos. Other than that everything about it was phenomenal. Get it from Amazon for $49.95

22. Modern Flip Down Clock

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Customer Review : even though this took longer to get here than most things (its from japan) it still got here earlier than predicted so that’s a plus. To set there is a dial just to the side of the minutes and only goes one way so there’s no way to mess this up unless you go past the desired time by a minute or so … then you have to go all the way through again. the clock is fairly quiet excluding the sound of the cards flipping over but after a while you won’t hear it anymore. Get it from Amazon for $33.29

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23. Snuggle Pillow

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Customer Review : Got this for my wife when we were dating. Comfortable enough to sleep on. The shirt had a mild odor to it, maybe from the plastic bag, but was able to take it off and wash with the laundry. Sprayed cologne on it, still smells like me. Get it from Amazon for $34.99

24. OCD Cutting Board

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Customer Review : Good quality wood and graphics. I was hesitant after some bad reviews of the board breaking after several uses and the graphics wearing off. The company must have redesigned the product. I have used my cutting board nearly everyday since purchase and it’s as good as new. The lines are burnished in, not printed so they won’t wear off. It’s a good size for a small kitchen. It is a quirky addition to any nerd’s kitchen, my boyfriend and I love it! Get it from Amazon for $20.54

25. Darth Maul Lightsaber Lamp

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Customer Review : It’s a nice decorative piece for my collection. It’s a little disappointing that it shuts off automatically after 15 minutes though. Would be better if the automatic shut off was just an option instead of the rule. It’d also be nice if it was a plug-in instead of using batteries, because it was kind of a pain to unscrew the battery compartment. However, I think the size is perfect for hanging on the wall, and I love that you can hang it vertically or horizontally. Get it from Amazon for $38.98

26. Modern Boxed Wine Dispenser

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Customer Review : It says 3-liter. Bigger box wines will not fit….because they are larger than the capacity! Just because you can’t read is not reflective on the product. With that being said, the bag fits best after filling one to two wine glasses. Love this product. It looks nicer on the counter than a box of wine. Get it from Amazon for $73.88

27. Oldies Style Snow Cone Machine

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Customer Review : LOVE IT!! Here’s an easy tip: Make your own syrup. Mix 2 cups of water and 2 cups of sugar, bring to a boil. Cool. Add one packet of any flavor of Kool-Aid. Shake and it’s ready to go. I’ve bought squeeze bottles and make about 6 different flavors for parties. Easy and very yummy! Get it from Amazon for $33.98

28. Human Key Holders

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Customer Review : These are so cute and very well made. Since our house has more oil rubbed bronze items in our home we sprayed these to match. They turned out great. We have had so many of our friends rave on how cute they were. We are very pleased with quality and look of these. Definitely worth it! Get it from Amazon for $39.98

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29. Foosball Coffee Table

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Customer Review : Santa brought this foozball table to our house this year. It is absolutely the best thing Santa has done in years. Everyone plays and it is the center of attention. It matched our furniture perfectly. Santa said it took about 2 hours to put together! GRAND TABLE! Get it from Amazon for $597.86

30. Tree Man Incense Burner

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Customer Review : Looks great. Stick incense worked for me, however the hole in the holder was too small so I had to widdle the stick to make it fit (lol). The item itself is fairly large, and in my opinion is very well made. It has some nice weight on it, does not look cheap and made of plastic. The smoke looks really great coming out of the mouth and the top. Get it from Amazon for $18.98

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