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9 Water Toys And Swimming Pool Toys For The Kids

Jousting Inflatable Wooden Logs

June 18th, 2018   |   Updated on January 18th, 2019

Keep your little tadpoles entertained for hours on end during your next pool day with help from this pool toys themed guide.

Pool Toys For The Kids

We’ve packed this entertaining gift guide full of goodies that range from a cool robotic fish toy to awesome inflatables like a see-saw pool rocker float and even motorized bumper boats equipped with water blasters!


1. Jousting Inflatable Wooden Logs

Jousting Inflatable Wooden Logs

Turn your pool into a watery arena where you can showcase your skill and valor with the jousting inflatable wooden logs. Each aquatic gladiator gets their own inflatable log to float on and log boppers to knock their opponent down into their watery grave.

Product Review:  Often times through the summer I’ll have parties or at the very least a few people over at all hours of the day. The pool is constantly utilized, but I wanted a game that people could play when they were in there and I settled on this one. I thought it would be funny to watch any inebriated folks try to stay on an inflated log and smack people around with the batons. It would end up being more entertaining from a 3rd party perspective than as a participant as I will explain in a moment. Available Here…Price is- $20.19


2. Seasaw Pool Rocker Toy

The seasaw pool rocker toy will have the young ones hanging on while they hang out and cool off in the pool. Once aboard the rocker, the kids can either use it as a boat to float around or grab onto the handles and begin rocking away.

Product Review:  This pool see saw is a flop for all the reasons everyone has already written about in other reviews. BUT….we for some reason flipped it over one day and it becomes a slide (bring an end to the edge of the pool for a slide) and something to bounce off of that my grandchildren and their friends have had the best time with……I’ve ordered a new one this season. They also can go under it and it makes a fort so to speak. If you’ve kept yours…..flip it over and see how much fun they’ll have… Available Here…Price is- $47.55


3. Spinning Torpedo Pool Toy


It’ll become impossible to get your kids out of the water once you introduce them to the spinning torpedo pool toy. At 10 inches long, the torpedo features a clear aerodynamic frame that travels up to 40 feet underwater while creating a glittering effect when launched.

Product Review:  As far as bright red wiggly & sparkly rubber pool toys go, this toypedo is the bomb. (See what I did there). It’s dimensions and weight assures that is sails through the water smoothly and straight. It’s only flaw is that it’s not very useful when cooking a pot roast.9 people found this helpful. Available Here…Price is- $15.99


4. Lightsaber Pool Noodles

Turn a day on the water into an intergalactic battle for the fate of the galaxy using these lightsaber pool noodles. They’re available in either a geeky blue, green, or red “blade” and come with a specially designed lightsaber hilt.

Product Review:  I order these for my 4 year old grandson, he is crazy about star wars and I have bought him several if the Swimways starwars items, this order was supposed tow have 3 of the lightsaber noodles and when my grandson open the box there was only one in the box, which was the red one, I would like for Swimways Corp. to send the rest of my order,which would be the blue and green lightsaber noodles. I’m not asking for anything that was not charged to my account but I would like to have ALL THE MERCHANDISE that I am due. Available Here…Price is- $20.02

5. Finding Nemo Pool Toys

Finding Nemo Pool Toys

Relieve the fun and excitement of your favorite underwater 3D adventure with the Finding Nemo pool toys. Nemo and his radical little turtle buddy have journeyed from the land down under to hang out and splash around in your pool.

Product Review:  The kids love Nemo, and this little toy is no exception. He looks and swims better than i had expected. Just have extra batteries ready because the kids will wear them out rapidly. He gets played with every time the kids hit the pool. I Highly recommend Nemo. Get One…Price is- $27.95


6. Swimming Robot Fish Toy

Swimming Robot Fish Toy

The swimming robot fish toy is the pet goldfish you’ve always dreamed of having. Unlike it’s living counterpart, the robot fish loves to be placed in chlorinated pool water and will play with you for hours on end. Best of all, it won’t die when you forget about it for weeks on end.

Product Review:  It was fun while the batteries lasted. But after a day of swimming around it becomes just another floating pool toy. And as the battery compartment saws shut, with a very small Philips head screw, it’s a bit of a pain (and costly) to keep replacing dead batteries. Get One…Price is- $24.76


7. Inflatable Water Slide

Turn your backyard pool into a mini water park the kids will never want to leave with the inflatable water slide. The slide can be placed almost anywhere along the edge of your pool in order to provide a new and fun way of cooling off.

Product Review:  We purchased this slide for our 8 year old’s birthday party. Half the price of a bounce house rental and we get to keep it. I was concerned whether it could take the abuse, but it held up well. Thick material and looks well constructed. Available Here…Price is- $85.99


8. Motorized Water Blaster Bumper Boats

Turn a regular trip to the pool into an action-packed day using these motorized water blaster bumper boats. Each boat is propelled by an electric 12-volt motor and comes with a front-mounted blaster that shoots pressurized water up to 20 feet in distance.

Product Review:  I bought 2 bumper boats and my 5 and 8 year old granddaughters loved them. They especially liked being able to shoot water at each other. The boats moved around the pool with ease. I exchanged one because it didn’t work after 2 weeks but Amazon made the whole process seamless. I am extremely happy with this purchase and in particular Amazon’s customer service. Available Here…Price is- $49.99


9. Inflatable Pirate Ship

Turn your little hell raiser into the scourge of the pool by making him captain of this inflatable pirate ship. This one-person vessel features a fun nautical theme and comes with a small pirate sail and squirt gun to annoy everyone at the local watering hole.

Product Review:  This float is made of thick vinyl and very sturdy. I bought it for my 4 year old grandson and he fits in it just fine He love the squirt gun. The gun can be taken out and used in the pool by it’s self. It is rated for 8+, but I can’t imagine an 8 year old would fit in it.  Available Here…Price is- $30.69


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