Can You Guess The Films From These 19 Provocative Sex Scenes That Actually Went Too Far?

Henry & June

Published on July 9th, 2019

These were considered cinema’s most controversial and provocative sex scenes that actually went too far.

Some films are considered classic. Some actually won academy Awards.

Some films were watched just for their sex scenes. How many sex scenes from movies have you watched? Take the quiz:


1. Jennifer love Hewitt in Purple Panties

2. Jennifer Aniston bares it all

3. Eva Mendes' Banging Beach Body in this comedy movie:

4. Beautiful Daylight Romance Between Angelina And Antonio:

5. Sharon Stone uncrossed her legs while being interrogated:

6. Nathalie Emmanuel seems like heaven on earth:

7. This famous sex scene pushed Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise To Their Limits

8. Kissing-in-the-rain scenes are nothing new to film, but the wet smooch in this film is too hot:

9. James Spader spanks Maggie Gyllenhaal in this very hot scene:

10. The film has several lengthy sex scenes, but this scene in a brothel was most controversial:

11. Tom Cruise and Rebecca De Mornay made sex on a moving train a very delicious cake:

12. Michael Douglas and Demi Moore set the box office alight

13. A divorced mother takes up the life a of a professional stripper as a means to raise money to fight her child custody battle:

14. This film made Bo Derek an instant sex symbol:

15. Jessica Lange and Jack Nicholson declared that kitchen isn't just for cooking anymore:

16. This film had set audiences aflame with the seductive pairing of Kathleen Turner and William Hurt:

17. Pottery is sexier than we ever thought possible:

18. In this raw and passionate sex scene Halle Berry and Billy Bob Thornton are tearing each other's clothes off.

19. The tension between two male best friends leads to a sensual encounter with a woman older than them: