R. Kelly’s Accuser Reveals The Singer’s Threats. What We Know So Far

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February 5th, 2019   |   Updated on February 8th, 2019

New details emerge in the cases surrounding R’n’B singer R. Kelly, with the victims coming forward with further information and accusations. While Kelly has been in the spotlight for almost two decades, after the first accusations of sexual misconduct emerged, he has yet to be accused in any of the cases and hasn’t served any day of sentence.


Threatening Letter Allegedly Sent by R. Kelly to One of His Accuser’s Lawyer

R. Kelly’s Accuser Reveals

Faith Rodgers, one of the women who recently filed a lawsuit against the singer for sexual misconduct and wrongful treatment, is claiming that Kelly sent her lawyer a letter in which he makes threats, telling her that if she doesn’t drop the lawsuit, he will publish details of her sexual history.

After a one year relationship with the R&B singer, Faith Rodgers has accused him of demeaning her, keeping her locked and forcing her to have intercourse. She is also accusing Kelly of knowingly “and maliciously” infecting her with herpes.

In October, weeks after she filed a lawsuit against him, her lawyer allegedly received a letter in New York in which Kelly asks that the suit is dropped. Otherwise, he will publish details of Rodger’s sexual history, demand medical evidence of her STD and bring ten personal male witnesses to testify against her.

One of the excerpts from the letter says that if Ms. Rodgers cares about her reputation she should drop the case.

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The letter is presented as new evidence in the case by the accuser, but R. Kelly’s attorney in Chicago, Steve Greenberg, claims that the letter is, without doubt, a fake. The defense attorney categorically denied the authenticity of the letter, saying that it looks fake and that his client “doesn’t send letters.”

Faith Rodgers and one of her lawyers, Gloria Allred, held a press conference in New York, following the emerging letter. Ms. Rodgers was emotional but firm as she read her statement to the reporters, with Allred by her side, giving support. Rodgers declared that no woman should be stigmatized because she is seeking justice after being sexually abused and harassed.

Her lawyer, Gloria Allred also made a strong statement, making it clear that her client won’t be intimidated by the singer’s threats and won’t keep her silence.

R. Kelly’s representatives categorically deny the authenticity of the letter


R. Kelly Fails to Show up at Jackson Lawsuit Hearings for Over One Year and a Half


Meanwhile, in another one of the lawsuits against the singer, a Jackson lawyer is claiming that R. Kelly’s behavior proves that he thinks he is above the law, after he missed a scheduled deposition, despite being in the city and having free time.

Julie Noone is the complaint attorney in a case filed against Kelly by Kenny Bryant, a Hinds County Sheriff’s Department Deputy who is accusing the vocalist of having an affair with his then-wife, Asia Childress. Julie Noone has tried to depose the singer while he was visiting Jackson for a concert at the Mississippi Coliseum and stayed in the city for a few days, even being seen attending nightclubs during that time.

This is not the first time Noone’s law office is trying to depose R . Kelly. It has been a year and a half of failed attempts, according to her motion, so she is asking the court to hold him in contempt.

R. Kelly has a decades-long history of lawsuits related to sexual misconduct, the most famous being the 2002 lawsuit in which he was acquitted for child pornography. He has yet to be found guilty of any sexually related charges, despite the hard work of good criminal lawyer and a large number of women who keep fighting him in court and participating in documentaries such as “Surviving R. Kelly,“ aired on Lifetime.