18 Stunning And Very Rare Bonsai Trees That Are Out Of This World

Published on March 24th, 2017

Bonsai trees are awesome.  They look beautiful, they fit in your house, they encourage patience and dedication, they relieve stress, and they help to purify the air.

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The bonsai tree is more than just a gardening experiment. It’s even more than just a Japanese art form that uses living things. The incredible patience it takes to grow a bonsai tree and the millions of ways one can design and encourage it to grow, open a world of philosophy and beautiful ideas expressed through the physical form of these amazing living creations.

Look below at some of the most stunning bonsai trees out there, they might inspire you to kickstart a new hobby in your life.

1. A bonsai hobbit hole inspired from Lord of the Rings.



2. A tiny bonsai growing gorgeous sakura cherry blossom flowers out of its few branches.


3. A bonsai tree that is over 800 years old.



4. A tree with wisteria flowing down from the branches.


5. A bonsai tree that has turned into a bonsai Forrest.


6. A tree covered in stunning azalea flowers.



7. A 390 year old tree that survived Hiroshima.



8. A small bonsai tree that’s developed a full grown apple.



9. An unexpected beautiful bonsai in the middle of a lake.


10. Here again we have wisteria, but a minimal amount.



11. A bonsai tree grown out of coastal redwood.



12. A bonsai tree growing colorful chile peppers.


13. A Japanese maple bonsai tree filled with beautiful autumn colors.


14. Another bonsai forrest, but in autumn gradient colors.


15. A small bonsai growing scrumptious bite size pomegranate.


16. A gorgeous big bosai sprouting bundles of pyracantha with a unique trunk.



17. And here we have a teeny bosai sprouting teeny bright red pyracantha.


18. A tree that’s grown out unique branches that resemble the shape of a boat.



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Video: YouTube: Vườn Hồng Vân Loan

Source: lifebuzz.com

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