6 Romantic DIY Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

Romantic DIY Gift Ideas

May 6th, 2018   |   Updated on March 6th, 2019

Has your love been extra sweet of late? Then maybe it is your time to reciprocate. Not that you have to, but it leaves the both of you feeling great about each other. If you are crafty, even better.

It does not matter whether you have done it before or you are new to this. Roll up your sleeves and read along for some easy and crafty gift ideas.

1. Gift bags

Putting together a gift basket is a classic way of gifting a loved one. The traditional gift basket is a homey idea that has stood the test of time. A specially made gift basket for your boyfriend should ideally have:

  • His favorite bottle of wine or alcohol (maybe two or more for good measure)
  • If he has a sweet tooth, throw in a favorite candy or a homemade dessert that he enjoys
  • Some flowers would be nice (Men rarely get flowers or expect any. It will melt his heart)
  • A special hand-written love not will be the cherry on top. Tuck one in there so that it is the first thing he sees

2. Photo Album

Nowadays, hardly a day goes by without us documenting our daily lives with photos. Whether you compile photos from your camera at home or you pull some from his social networks does not matter.

Reliving intimate days or escapades with a photo album is as romantic as it gets. Put together an album with pictures of adventure you have had together, dates, and create photo collages as well. Customization can be simple or as artsy as you are comfortable with. A photo album gift is an awesome way of preserving memories.

3. Fight jar

I know what you are thinking. Why would I want a fight jar? Well, I do not mean a literal fight. For this, you will need a jar and some notepapers. Record romantic getaways on the notepapers and put them in the jar.

I also like including memories of things we have overcome together and the reasons I love him. These items are sentimental and cherished parts of your relationship.

Print out some photos and include them in the fight jar. The point is, every time you have a disagreement, fight or he is moody, he can pluck something out of the fight jar as a reminder of your shared love. A fight jar is one of the most efficient monthsary DIY gifts ideas, as it is a continuous undertaking.

4. His/her Mug, T-shirt or Hoodies

The great thing about these identical items is that you can have a message on them. Moreover, because they are everyday items, it is a brilliant way of reminding him of your shared love.

They are also practical. The messages on his/her items can be romantic, a message of love, or complementing quotes. A personal and relevant message is also great on a coffee mug. If he is witty and funny, a joke on any of the items you choose will brighten up his days.

5. A gratitude Journal

Journaling the reasons you are grateful to your boyfriend will be cherished and will bring you closer together. Even though men are macho, they do not mind being spoiled some times. Besides, everybody loves it when their loved ones are grateful for their being there.

It might take some time to remember all the things you are grateful for in your relationship. If you miss some, do not worry, start writing them down moving forward then you can create the journal a few months from now.

6. Treasure Hunt

Who does not love mystery? A treasure hunt is a great way to spark conversation and excitement. Write a few cards with clues strategically placed all over the house.

Include a clue to the next card on each one, and then have the last lead to a gift. A creative way of doing this is by using short poems or riddles. Nonetheless, do not get too crazy and complicated. Be simple and fun.

DIY gifts are the best and least expensive way to show your love. Even though you do not perfectly put together at times, the effort and thought that goes into a DIY gift is what matters. Other than stick to the traditional mass market gifts, dare to be different.