7 Ways To Save Water While Doing A Car Wash

Published on February 7th, 2019

In this day and age, environmental concerns are of top priority for everyone. The environment is in grave danger, and we all need to take appropriate steps to make sure that the earth remains as beautiful as it is right now for the foreseeable future.

Saving water is a crucial step in the process. Water, water everywhere, not a drop to drink, eh? Us humans must make this water last for the future generations. Freshwater content is declining, and we must make it last.

One of the most wasteful activities in our routines that involve water usage is car washing. People often use an excessively large amount of water, which is much higher than what is needed to clean your car effectively.

Fret not, folks! We have a great list of ways that you can adopt to save water while washing your car. Read on to find out what they are!

1. If You Use A Hose, You Must Get A Nozzle!

Car Cleaning

If you use the water hose to clean your car, seriously consider getting a nozzle to fit on the hose. It saves a lot of water, as turn-off nozzles stop the water supply while you clean and scrub the car.

The average hose wastes around 100 gallons of water for every 10 minute car wash, which is a huge number! Get yourself a nozzle, and do yourself and the environment a favor by consuming less water.

Nozzles are easily available in any departmental store, or you may order one online.

2. Sometimes, Going To A Car Wash May Be Better

Instead of wasting so much water at home, it may make sense occasionally to visit a commercial car wash to get your ride cleaned. Car wash products and practices offer great benefits as opposed to washing your car at home, in addition to the obvious convenience factor.

Car washes usually drain into sanitation plants or purifying plants, which purify the water used to wash the car and then use it for some other purposes. Professional car washes also use considerably less water than what you would have used to wash your car.

3. Use A Single Bucket Of Water Instead Of A Hose

Fancy saving yourself a great deal of water? Simple, get yourself a bucket, a scrubber, and a cleaner, and get to work! Using a single bucket of water instead of a hose will save you an infinite amount of water over time.

It may arguably make more sense to clean with a bucket and scrubber since you would be able to remove stubborn stains much more easily by scrubbing rather than spraying them with the hose.

4. Use Waterless Car Cleaner Products

Car Cleaning

Yes, they are a real thing! Waterless car cleaner products are the next big thing when it comes to cleaning cars, and they do a whole lot for the environment. The market is flooded with various brands of waterless car cleaners.

You simply spray the cleaner onto a microfiber cloth, and get scrubbing! Concentrate on one small section of the car at one time, and do not spray the cleaner on the car beforehand. It may dry out by the time you get to actually cleaning that part of the car.

5. Wipe Your Car With A Dry Cloth Instead Of Watering It

When you are done cleaning the car, instead of spraying more water to remove dirt, wipe it with a dry microfiber cloth. This gives the best results when done after spraying the car with the waterless car cleaner that we mentioned in the previous point.

6. Wash Your Car Less

It’s obvious if you don’t wash your car that often, you’ll surely end up saving more water! Try and wash your car only when absolutely necessary, and don’t make a habit or ritual out of it.

Cars aren’t something that need to be washed every day. Instead, wipe off the dirt from your car with a dry cloth every day, and get the car washed once every week or two.

7. Just Use Your Brain!

Keep all the things above in mind, and use your own brain when washing your car! If you think the hose is running needlessly, then shut it off! Follow everything that we just told you, and you’ll become a superhero for the environment!

A Final Word

Car Cleaning

Environmental problems are real, there’s no denying that fact. When we wash our cars, we waste a lot of water. Following the steps that we just gave you is just the beginning, why not incorporate this attitude into other aspects of your life?

Don’t limit water saving to car washes, do it wherever you can!