See Through Bikini With A Censor Bar To Maintain A Silver Of Modesty

See Through Bikini By Cult Gaia

July 4th, 2019   |   Updated on September 8th, 2020

Underboob  has been a hot clothing trend on Instragram. We have also seen the duct tape bikini

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Tiny buckle bikini and the naked bikini. It seems we have not seen enough of outrageous bikinis. More needs to be done to push the boundaries.

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Los Angeles-based brand Cult Gaia has created a tow-piece swimsuit which allows women to bare almost everything. Called ‘Shalese Bikini’, this bikini has a ‘censor bar’ that could be put across the nipples to maintain a silver of modesty.

Shalese Bikini’, described as ‘an ode to tropical surrealism’, is a collaboration between the fashion brand Cult Gaia and Brazilian designer Adriana Degreas.

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It leaves nothing to imagination, with the bikini top featuring just a small brown strip.

Some Instagram bloggers and influencers, including Brazilian influencer Camila Guper have made it popular.

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Adriana is known for her unusual bikinis. She created a bikini that creates the illusion that a woman’s bust was being supported by a pair of hands.

Adriana also created a bikini bottom with a giant lips on it.

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Happy Valentines ❤️

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