Five Ways To Self Motivate Today

Self Motivate Today

Published on October 24th, 2017

Motivation ebbs and flows. Some days climbing that mountain, what ever mountain you person have decided to climb, is easy and you fly up the rocks and trail. Some days just reaching the front door is too much of a climb.

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What can you do when your motivation has taken a vacation? Quite a lot. Here are five useful tips to recharge your motivation and get you climbing that mountain again.

1. Find your “why”

You picked your goal for some reason. Why did you pick this goal? Is it meaningful to you? Try doing the Five Why’s exercise. Originally used at Toyota to fix manufacturing problems, this exercise can also have a powerful effect on personal motivation. Simply ask yourself, “why did I choose this goal?” Take some time to answer it thoughtfully, then ask yourself, “why is that important to me?” For each answer, ask yourself “why” again. Keep doing that, at least, five times. Eventually, you will not be able to answer any further. That is your “why”.

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2. Change your view

We change from day to day. Actually, we change minute to minute. You are not the exact same person you were from when you started reading this article just moments ago. As a different person, you may be motivated differently and you may be challenged by different obstacles. Some days the grand vision of what you are trying to achieve will be powerfully motivating. Some days the grand vision will be frightening and all you can see are the obstacles and challenges. Align your motivation today with the you that you are today. If your future goals seems frightening, focus on small goals you can accomplish today. If your daily goals seem mundane and trite, focus on your grand future goal.


3. Remind yourself of the power of small

The average American adult gains one pound a year. With a pound being equivalent to 3,500 calories, that means the average American only took in less than ten extra calories. Want to guess how many calories in a peanut? Five. So if the average American eliminated two peanuts a day worth of calories from their diet, they go from gaining ten pounds every ten years to maintaining their weight. Or put another way, two peanuts a day is what separates going to your twenty year reunion at the same weight you weighed in high school vs. being twenty pounds heavier.

Small actions plus time add up to significant progress. So when you are feeling unmotivated, focus on something small you can do that moves you in the right direction. Even if all you can do today is that small thing, be assured that you made a difference in your life.


4. Celebrate

You have made progress. You have done positive things. Think about those things and how they made you feel. Give yourself a mental high five. Go for it and give yourself a physical high five. For every step in the right direction, celebrate! Do not focus on those steps sideways or away from your goal. They needed to happen. They are done now. Move forward.

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5. Positive huddle

Get together with the most positive and motivated people you know. Don’t focus on your lack of motivation but talk about their positive motivation. Jim Rohn said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” There is a lot of truth and power in that statement. Choose who you spend your time with and choose wisely. Want to try for extra credit on this step? Then strive to be a person that others seek out because of the positive effect you have on them. You don’t necessarily need to feel positive and motivated but act in a way that is positive for them. Not only will you have a great effect on their lives, act this way long enough and you will start to feel positive and motivated too.


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