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10 Best Shopping Cart Software For Your Business

Shopping Cart Software

May 12th, 2020   |   Updated on August 5th, 2021

E-commerce has spread its wings all over. The multitude of websites which have sprung up reveals the enormity of the situation. More and more people are dabbling in the same field as it is becoming one of the most profitable fields to put your money in.

However, setting up an e-commerce website and letting it operate is not an easy task. There are software which you need to ensure that the entire process gets completed swiftly.

One among them is the shopping cart software which if not chosen carefully can lead to errors during the checkout process. This leads to many customers leaving the shopping cart and moving away.

We have brought together a list of the 10 best shopping cart software which is safe and secure. They are going to ensure that the entire sale process completes smoothly and the customer keeps coming back for more.




MONEI makes everything easy. A payment gateway that allows you to accept payments either online and offline. MONEI can be integrated directly into your website or online store with just one simple line of code. It’s the simplest and cheapest way to start making money on your site.

Integrate MONEI anywhere. With just a few simple lines of code, you’ll be ready to start selling. No more hiring expensive developers, maintaining servers and all that nonsense.

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Review: Capterra

Pros: Money is received in 24 hours, in comparison to Stripe where it takes more than a week

Cons: Nothing, everything worked smoothly from day 1. It would be great, however, to have Apple Pay.

Overall: We started to use MONEI because Stripe takes more than a week to send you the money that your customers are paying, while MONEI takes only 24 hours. We are very satisfied with the service and will keep supporting it. Good work guys!

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2. Vue Storefront

Ultrafast, offline-ready and platform-agnostic Progressive Web App. Always free and open source under the MIT license.

Take advantage of push notifications, home-screen access, and full-screen mode. Make sure the store works in offline mode, with a poor connection, on any device.

Deliver a 100% responsive and smooth shopping experience without developing apps for different web browsers and platforms like iOS and Android.

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Review: FinancesOnline

Vue Storefront is an open-source Progressive Web App technology purpose-built for e-commerce businesses to raise their level of customer experience. In line with that, it is readily integrated with Magento, one of the leading e-commerce platforms in the industry. Apart from that, the solution has a boilerplate available for connecting it with third-party apps and services. With these features, it is easier for businesses to expand their reach and innovate.

Moreover, Vue Storefront has scalable and flexible components that work with outstanding extensions to offer remarkable results. One of these is its ready-to-use PayPal extension that enables businesses to process online payments securely out-of-the-box. Additionally, the solution has a chatbot assistant to optimize customer support.

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3. ShippingEasy


ShippingEasy provides the simplest online shipping app for online sellers. Its cloud-based shipping solution offers the cheapest USPS postage rates and the ability to plug in existing UPS/FedEx accounts. ShippingEasy integrates with leading marketplaces, shopping carts, and ecommerce platforms to allow order fulfillment and tracking data to populate in real time across all systems.

The ShippingEasy software downloads orders from all selling channels and automatically maps custom shipping preferences, rates and delivery options across all 3 carriers.  A genuine multi-carrier shipping program via a single login on a single screen.

Users can print shipping labels and branded packing slips without having to export data or cut-and-paste information into other applications. Tracking numbers and delivery status are auto-populated in both ShippingEasy and back to the merchant’s stores enabling easy buyer communication.

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Review: G2

What Do You Like Best?

I looked at a ton of shipping solutions for my company which does quite a bit of shipping. ShippingEasy had commercial plus pricing, a programmable API, and an inventory feature. Only one that checked all the boxes!

What Do You Dislike?

Would love alerts for when items are shipped back to us!

Recommendations To Others Considering The Product

Would definitely recommend this. I looked at this, PirateShip, and ShipStation and this was the only one that had all the features I needed AND had the best shipping rates. Win-win!

What Business Problems Are You Solving With The Product? What Benefits Have You Realized?

Our company is based around shipping, and it is vital to our business that we have a firm handle on it. By having a good shipping solution, we are able to handle more volume with fewer people.

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4. ShipStation



ShipStation automation rules give you second-to-none order and shipping automation options. Complete any multi-step shipping task in seconds. Automate product lists, attributes, filters, presets, tags, rules, auto-routing for fulfillment and more. If your brain can think of it, our brain can automate it.

Compare real-time rates and delivery times for all carriers and automatically select the best carrier for each shipment based on cost and delivery time. Thanks to our tremendous volume, we’ve negotiated rates usually reserved for Fortune 500 companies. Of course, if you have better-negotiated rates, you can use those, too.

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ShipStation had a lot of promise – great app, easy to use dashboard, good integration, great discount shipping rates for FedEx….BUT once I started using it I’ve encountered many problems and bugs within their app. I’ve even tried their new V3 upgrade, and it still had the same bugs and errors as the previous version. Mainly their FedEx by Parcelcast does not work properly and is full of bugs. FedEx is their main/best carrier. I cannot ship 50% of my packages thru their FedEx Parcelcast, because I receive errors trying to print labels. All my packages are compliant and under the FedEx weight/size shipping guidelines. So I have to ship 50% of my packages outside of Shipstation. Also their FedEx by Parcelcast package tracking does NOT WORK. You cannot get updates or notifications of ANY FedEx shipments thru Shipstation. Therefore, their “Branded Tracking Pages” do not work. Then you cannot use other features like tracking when your shipments are “In Transit” or have been “Delivered” or “Completed”. Not being able to track/get updates on ALL FedEx Parcelcast shipments trickles down and makes many of their features unusable.

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5. Ecwid


Ecwid provides freelancers and small businesses a quick way of setting up an online store and shopping cart into existing websites and social media networks.

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Review: PCMag

Establishing a web store requires several layers beginning with a serviceable web site. After that you need inventory and a fulfillment provider, and finally you need the ecommerce software that’ll let customers find you and buy. That’s where Ecwid comes in. Starting at $15 per month when paid annually, Ecwid is unlike most of the competition we reviewed because it’s neither overly simple nor is it delivered as a cloud-managed service. While that means some integration and ease of use difficulties that place it slightly behind our Editors’ Choice winners, PinnacleCart and Shopify, Ecwid is still a powerful platform whose customization capabilities will appeal strongly to more experienced web professionals.

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6. Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed is built for independent online retailers who want to focus on business growth and customer experience, all while working more efficiently, not more.

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Review: Software Advice

Lightspeed Retail is a cloud-based point of sale (POS) solution that is suitable for retailers in industries such as apparel, footwear, bike, jewelry, pet, sporting goods and home decor. The solution enables retailers to manage inventory and customers, process transactions and dig deep into their store’s analytics. Lightspeed offers a fully integrated, e-commerce solution that allows customers to manage in-store and online inventory, have a single view of customers and analyze multi-channel sales data.

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7.  Justuno

Justuno’s core visitor intelligence technology utilizes predictive analytics to create actionable insights that help you make informed decisions to improve sales and the customer experience, all at once.

Combining the power of your audience’s micro-interactions with billions of additional user sessions, Justuno layers strategic, intelligent data into every product and feature. Learn how our core technology can help you discover hidden segments and new opportunities for your business.

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Review: Capterra

Pros: Justuno is very easy to use. You can simply drag-n-drop in the editor and directly see how the pop-up of tab will look on your webpage.

Cons: there are a lot of features with justuno that you can use. although for someone that doesn’t have time to try all the different options for a/b testing. it would be great if justuno was able to have some sort of insight into my store and recommend which and when pop-ups should display based on my customers behavior. for instance if there are a lot of people exiting once they reach the cart, then it could recommend adding a discount code exit offer on the cart page… etc. etc. there are just so many options that it’s hard to find what is best for my customers behavior.

Overall: easy to use.

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8. Brightpearl


With Brightpearl, you will have a retail and wholesale management platform that can scale with your business growth. Learn more about why Brightpearl is the best solution for your business and how we can help you grow your business with our automated, all-in-one retail operations solution in a personalized demo from one of our business experts.

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Review: Software Advice

Brightpearl is omnichannel-native and designed specifically for retail. It is built to reliably handle peak trading, and it integrates with the full retail tech ecosystem, providing real-time trading insights. And it’s all automated so you can stay in control and manage by exception.

An in-house team is available for installation as well as tech support and ongoing business consultancy.

Brightpearl is designed for use by merchants – not IT staff. Every new feature is relevant to retail, so you know that everything is retail-focused.

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9. Xüdle


Winery Direct-to-Consumer software is fragmented. Most wineries utilize a handful of different systems in an effort to manage tasting room sales, wine club order management, running your webstore, and more. Enter Xüdle. With a single view of all customer sales in one location, Xüdle has it all.

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Review: Capterra

Pros: Not only is this software specifically designed for use by wineries, it also offers a great wine club solution and the ability to book reservations. When we were looking for a new point of sale solution many needed to have ‘add-ins’ to solve all of our needs. Xüdle does it all and offers great support when we have questions or need help.

Cons: We’re still adapting to the system after 10+ years with our old system. We were used to being able to export any type of data we could think of for slicing/dicing in excel. While we can export many reports it isn’t quite as flexible as we were used to.

Overall: Overall we’re very happy with this system, they are responsive and making regulars upgrades and improvements regularly.

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10. PinnacleCart


The PinnacleCart platform includes everything you need to succeed in selling online. From small business to enterprise – PinnacleCart has been helping companies catapult their online sales to new heights for over a decade. Our shopping cart software helps transform mundane storefronts into beautiful, marketing focused businesses.


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PinnacleCart is a leading hosted ecommerce software platform that provides a robust all-inclusive online store builder that allows you to custom design an online store, manage product catalogs, create marketing campaigns, collect web analytics and so much more.

PinnacleCart also caters for international customers since it supports multiple languages and currencies. They offer free migration from over 40 different shopping carts, as well as design and SEO services.

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